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There is no human words to "define" KRYON in his entirety.

We can only express how we "understand" KRYON Consciousness (Translator’s Note: KRYON Consciousness represents the Egregore, a Highly Evolved Consciousness Entirety that supports KRYON in Brazil's Light Work) at this Planetary Transition moment, according to the reach and perception of the Human Angel who is a Master in the actual Experience and who still walks on Earth as a "human".

KRYON is the Energy of Home ... Where the Principle is Eternal ... and from where EVERYTHING has been emanated.

We can say that KRYON is the very LOVE Consciousness of the Human Angel, from the Creation Plans where WE ARE ONE AND THE SAME THING ... ALWAYS ... From the Creator’s Heart ... Being "KRYON" the Higher Creator’s IRRESISTIBLE LOVE expression for his Creations.

KRYON introduced himself to his first Channel on the Planet about 25 years ago, and He began introducing the purest conceptions about Planetary Transition through unprecedented and revealing informations that changed the Humanity History course.

We can say that this advent began the Life on Earth Transformation, significantly and radically altering the way of humans thinking and acting on this Planet.

These informations, brought through KRYON Consciousness, annulled all extinction, mass destruction and natural catastrophes predictions announced as apocalyptic scenes by ancient predictions about the "Last Judgment" time, or used to be called of "End of Times", nowadays understood as "Planetary Transition".

KRYON brought to the scene to the 3rd Dimension human’s limited Consciousness innovative concepts that challenged three-dimensional linear logic, forcing the mind to move to a New reasoning and brainstorming Baseline. This way it was possible to understand these very new teachings about a New Life, a New Body, a New Society and the legitimate constitution of all these new conceptions under more subtle and quintessential mass awareness aspects.

KRYON has explained that Earth was moving from an Evolution Baseline of 3rd to a 5th Consciousness Dimension, and that all humans would need being able to live at this new Experience level if they wanted to stay on Earth.

For more than 25 years, KRYON has brought this insightful informations in an unknown way to humans until then. Among various KRYON's channels on Planet, it’s his exponent in Brazil, Master Ginaiá Brito, who has been introducing concepts and maxims through KRYON - the famous KRYON’s MAXIMS - through a rich and loving content never seen before, that raised humanity's Consciousness pattern and enabled the New Consciousness Grid of to become a reality for Earth's inhabitants.

When He came to his first Channel, the American Lee Carroll, in the USA, KRYON presented himself as the "Magnetic Service Master", a Service Angel BEING who would work in the New Earth Planetary Grid formation - the CONSCIOUSNESS GRID or CRYSTALLINE GRID 144 - in order to prepare the Planet for this new Consciousness level. Other Voices from the other side of the Veil have also echoed since that time, joining KRYON’s Voice; and this is the phase we call "Planetary Transition", a term that distinguishes the current Experience level of Earth and her inhabitants from the previous Baseline denominated "Old Holography", a concept that is widely diffused and accepted. 

KRYON informed his first Channel that they would hold a Mission together and this had been agreed long before these Events, still on the other side of the Veil, even before there was this Experience on Earth, and this would be a Contract that would last until 2004 - planned year for the New Grid formation was completed by KRYON and the Magnetic Service Technicians.

However, KRYON continued communicating even after 2004, bringing others information levels in, more compatible with the Evolution degree that the human mind had already achieved.

KRYON informed his first Channel there would be others Channels on Earth also connected directly to his Consciousness, and provided some of them location. He also announced that some were not on Earth yet or had not been awakened, with 8 being their total number. Others have not been revealed for obvious reasons, to be preserved or kept safe from the poorly qualified Energies abundant on Earth in the early ERA of AQUARIUS stages.

It was within this context that KRYON introduced himself to Master Ginaiá Ferreira de Brito on December 22, 2007, revealing to her more about her true Origin and Purpose among humans, making her remember Home, the Language of the Sounds, the Creation of Earth itself and the reasons that brought her to this Experience. Then, it was when Life on Earth finally became meaningful to this Human Angel, because she was a person who felt completely decontextualized from life on Planet since she was born. She was a Crystal Soul in a material Body, and for this very reason she performed many considered extraordinary cures, as well as demonstrating a level of intelligence and Wisdom expressed through an incomprehensible, non-linear logic and which, in fact, were not from this world.

KRYON explained that through her and her function on Earth it had become possible to bring an unprecedented "Conception of Light", the "NEW EARTH SEED", which would be known as the "COSMIC CHILD OF LIGHT", because after 16 years of consistent communications, through his first 2 Channels, there already was a basis for the human to "welcome" this innovative conception of Light, based entirely on LOVE, through PURITY and INTEGRITY, which must be the constant in the new buildings that would generate the New Earth. 

KRYON further explained that this would be a Frequency Band acting on Earth as his “Twin Blaze”, as a POINT of LIGHT of his Consciousness and as the Higher Expression of his LOVE, which would become RE known as the CONSCIOUSNESS OF CREATION IRRESISTIBLE LOVE, because this is the BASE of all Creation and of ALL that is Created – LOVE.

(Translator's Note: In Portuguese, KRYON uses the expression "Twin Blaze" meaning "Soulmate" referring to his Brazilian Channel, but as something beyond the Soul... It's something that came from the I AM... So, it doesn't mean soulmate in the human’s understanding, but in the LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS conception)

Therefore, KRYON says that it is imperative for humans to recognize themselves as "Genuine Expressions" of that infinite, limitless, incommensurable and IRRESISTIBLE LOVE, realizing that there is in fact no distinction between them, only diversity, and that this is part of the Experience on Earth, and it is natural that it be so.

For 8 uninterrupted weeks of studying and practicing, KRYON prepared Ginaiá reminding her of her Records, passing along and requalifying to a new level each information she accessed, in order to provide the basis for the New Energy Dictionary, an unprecedented Language that would be the basis of the New Communication on Earth. And so it was like this for one year, where Ginaiá practically didn’t eat, didn’t drink and almost never slept. This persisted until she realized that her Enlightenment process was a reality.

Ginaiá is nowadays the KRYON’s Brazilian Official Channel for the world, and the COSMIC CHILD OF LIGHT representation for the New Divine Human.

Through her Channeling, which began publicly on February 9, 2009, a true dictionary with unpublished entries, unknown to the public until then, were introduced in the channeled Messages and today they are used in all Channeling of all Channels working in the world.

To access the first KRYON’s Channeling - "The New Earth" - access this Link:

KRYON also began his presentation with Ginaiá through Public Channeling, where He present Himself as a Master of the Magnetic Service at the beginning of the Messages, in order to be recognized for those who already had the Awakening latent within themselves, in order to facilitate the identification and suitability of nature of the psychic Messages received, so they could be properly qualified. After 3 months, KRYON began to communicate as God's Love Consciousness, or as CONSCIOUSNESS OF CREATION IRRESISTIBLE LOVE.

So we can say that on Earth, and throughout the Cosmos, EVERYTHING is KRYON, since ALL is essentially created from this Creator’s IRRESISTIBLE LOVE manifested.

KRYON explained that humans had graduated to a New Experience Baseline on Earth, and NOW it would be necessary, just as it was for Ginaiá, that EVERYONE start remembering their true Origin and Purpose. KRYON explained that it’s enough only one human take the first step and all humanity has already moved, because Creation takes place on a SPIRAL basis of SINGLE LIFE where there is no past or future, only NOW is really important.

Since 2009, KRYON has initiated his instructions on this New Level of Consciousness explaining that there are numerous Frequency Bands for the infinite Creation Plans. So Ginaiá, through the CHILD OF LIGHT, being her Highest Consciousness on Earth, who in turn is the "Seed" of Consciousness residing in the Creation Mind Domains, represents a KEY on Earth - the MASTER KEY. This KEY is capable of "opening" the Frequency Bands and reading the Akashic Records (Files) which contains ancestral information about Earth Creation and this local Universe, as well as accessing the necessary informations for the New Earth birth, being the Channel Herself an Advanced Reading Program. Hence the access She has kept when born with memory and accessing any kind of content throughout her current Experience.    

KRYON explains there are 11 Known Dimensions since the I AM PRESENCE, and infinite  EXPERIENCE PLANS within these Dimensions, which constitutes the GENERAL SCOPE of CREATION or CREATER MIND DOMAIN.

Everything humans need to access in order to create new and unprecedented Experience Levels can be accessed, because "there are no lost connections or connections that cannot be accessed" (KRYON’s Channelling, on May 17, 2014) “MU, LeMuria, Atlantis ... There are no lost connections..." Link at: 

It is necessary to have Pure Intent, the correct Key and Password, which gives access to these Frequencies. Thus, ALL Human Angels on Earth are potential Creators of their own Experiences.

KRYON also revealed that the creator gods themselves, those CONSCIOUSNESS SEEDS who created the Earth, or rather, the "Earth Holography" - because Earth is a System based on a Holographic conception - they are on Earth at this time in order to experience their own Creation, and that just as Earth became a polarized Planet, they also forgot about their Origin and Purpose and needed to remember WHO THEY ARE.

To lead, honor and support them in their remembering is one of the acting Tasks of Ginaiá's Mastery Consciousness before the Human Angels.

There is a huge LIGHT CHRONOGRAM for the manifestation of NEW EARTH, with over 20 years of consecutive Light Works that includes an unprecedented series of SERVICES in the LIGHT, which are directed and guided by KRYON Consciousness and by Masters from the KRYON in BRAZIL Egregore, through His Channel in Brazil, for the accomplishment and fulfillment of the numerous objectives contained in this Advanced Training Program. Master Ginaiá received this CHRONOGRAM OF LIGHT in 2008 and faithfully fulfills it year after year.

(Translator’s Note: KRYON Consciousness represents the Egregore, a Highly Evolved Consciousness Entirety that supports KRYON in Brazil's Light Work)

Through National and International Events, Seminars, Workshops, Public Channeling and Therapeutic Care, Ginaiá promotes the AMAZING JOURNEY of ENLIGHTMENT for these Masters, as well the TRAINING for the THIRD TIME through the Light Family Re-encounter of the Human Angels that are on Earth at this time, in order to offer support and assistance to the others Awakened ones during the Planetary Transition Process. Because of the Ginaiá's Awakening many Angels connected to her also have Awakened from 2008, and they need to prepare themselves in order to ASSUME their functions before this Great Divine Plan.

Through KRYON's guidance, Ginaiá channeled and developed THE ORIGINAL FIELDWORK © KRYON in BRAZIL Concept which constitutes a "landmark " in the Light Works on the Planet. A FieldWork is known as "THE AMAZING JOURNEY OF THE MASTERS!", and it has several Programs:








This great Work has been carried out for 10 consecutive years through many International Light Tours, carrying the COSMIC CHILD OF LIGHT Frequency to various Countries by the Human Angels who compound the KRYON in Brazil’s Light Retinue on each Journey. Each Light Journey with KRYON in BRAZIL’s Family, under the Master Ginaiá guidance and the incredible Family’s Human Angels Team, makes the Experience on Earth extraordinary, unique and exclusive!

This Light Retinue is composed by Service Beings - the KRYON Family’s Human Angels - who present themselves every year on several occasions with the intention of performing the KRYON Works with his Brazilian Channel - Master Ginaiá Ferreira de Brito - to be guided by the Retinue Masters who was properly prepared through their participation and presence in numerous Works and shares that are offered throughout this amazing Journey, always in deep LOVE and RESPECT, and who have a necessary sequence of informations and knowledges to the accomplishment of these Light Journeys.

The International Tours have as a specific goal, in the Consciousness Journey, the conduction of KRYON’s Energy through the Cosmic Child of Light by elevating the personal and planetary Consciousness through the Consciousness Evolution of its participants. Each Journey is unique and unprecedented. It’s always a Journey for Consciousness BEYOND Consciousness, where the KRYON’s Maxims are practiced in a pure Light and Love environment, in an Intensive Immersion Program.

All Light Works promoted by KRYON in BRAZIL has the sole purpose of raising the level of Consciousness and providing access to innovative information and revelations that are transmitted through the Channelings received during the Works that are performed. All KRYON’s Channelings received by Ginaiá are publicly shared and offered free of charge on the KRYON in BRAZIL© Official Website:

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