KRYON in English



There is no human words to "define" KRYON in his entirety.

We can only express how we "understand" KRYON Consciousness (Translator’s Note: KRYON Consciousness represents the Egregore, a Highly Evolved Consciousness Entirety that supports KRYON in Brazil's Light Work) at this Planetary Transition moment, according to the reach and perception of the Human Angel who is a Master in the actual Experience and who still walks on Earth as a "human".

KRYON is the Energy of Home ... Where the Principle is Eternal ... and from where EVERYTHING has been emanated.

We can say that KRYON is the very LOVE Consciousness of the Human Angel, from the Creation Realms where WE ARE ONE AND THE SAME THING ... ALWAYS ... From the Creator’s Heart ... Being "KRYON" the Higher Creator’s IRRESISTIBLE LOVE expression for his Creations.

KRYON introduced himself to his first Channel on the Planet about 25 years ago, and He began introducing the purest conceptions about Planetary Transition through unprecedented and revealing informations that changed the Humanity History course.

We can say that this advent began the Life on Earth Transformation, significantly and radically altering the way of humans thinking and acting on this Planet.

These informations, brought through KRYON Consciousness, annulled all extinction, mass destruction and natural catastrophes predictions announced as apocalyptic scenes by ancient predictions about the "Last Judgment" time, or used to be called of "End of Times", nowadays understood as "Planetary Transition".

KRYON brought to the scene to the 3rd Dimension human’s limited Consciousness innovative concepts that challenged three-dimensional linear logic, forcing the mind to move to a New reasoning and brainstorming Baseline. This way it was possible to understand these very new teachings about a New Life, a New Body, a New Society and the legitimate constitution of all these new conceptions under more subtle and quintessential mass awareness aspects.

KRYON has explained that Earth was moving from an Evolution Baseline of 3rd to a 5th Consciousness Dimension, and that all humans would need being able to live at this new Experience level if they wanted to stay on Earth.

For more than 25 years, KRYON has brought this insightful informations in an unknown way to humans until then. Among various KRYON's channels on Planet, it’s his exponent in Brazil, Master Ginaiá Brito, who has been introducing concepts and maxims through KRYON - the famous KRYON’s MAXIMS - through a rich and loving content never seen before, that raised humanity's Consciousness pattern and enabled the New Consciousness Grid of to become a reality for Earth's inhabitants.

When He came to his first Channel, the American Lee Carroll, in the USA, KRYON presented himself as the "Magnetic Service Master", a Service Angel BEING who would work in the New Earth Planetary Grid formation - the CONSCIOUSNESS GRID or CRYSTALLINE GRID 144 - in order to prepare the Planet for this new Consciousness level. Other Voices from the other side of the Veil have also echoed since that time, joining KRYON’s Voice; and this is the phase we call "Planetary Transition", a term that distinguishes the current Experience level of Earth and her inhabitants from the previous Baseline denominated "Old Holography", a concept that is widely diffused and accepted. 

KRYON informed his first Channel that they would hold a Mission together and this had been agreed long before these Events, still on the other side of the Veil, even before there was this Experience on Earth, and this would be a Contract that would last until 2004 - planned year for the New Grid formation was completed by KRYON and the Magnetic Service Technicians.

However, KRYON continued communicating even after 2004, bringing others information levels in, more compatible with the Evolution degree that the human mind had already achieved.

KRYON informed his first Channel there would be others Channels on Earth also connected directly to his Consciousness, and provided some of them location. He also announced that some were not on Earth yet or had not been awakened, with 8 being their total number. Others have not been revealed for obvious reasons, to be preserved or kept safe from the poorly qualified Energies abundant on Earth in the early ERA of AQUARIUS stages.

It was within this context that KRYON introduced himself to Master Ginaiá Ferreira de Brito on December 22, 2007, revealing to her more about her true Origin and Purpose among humans, making her remember Home, the Language of the Sounds, the Creation of Earth itself and the reasons that brought her to this Experience. Then, it was when Life on Earth finally became meaningful to this Human Angel, because she was a person who felt completely decontextualized from life on Planet since she was born. She was a Crystal Soul in a material Body, and for this very reason she performed many considered extraordinary cures, as well as demonstrating a level of intelligence and Wisdom expressed through an incomprehensible, non-linear logic and which, in fact, were not from this world.

KRYON explained that through her and her function on Earth it had become possible to bring an unprecedented "Conception of Light", the "NEW EARTH SEED", which would be known as the "COSMIC CHILD OF LIGHT", because after 16 years of consistent communications, through his first 2 Channels, there already was a basis for the human to "welcome" this innovative conception of Light, based entirely on LOVE, through PURITY and INTEGRITY, which must be the constant in the new buildings that would generate the New Earth. 

KRYON further explained that this would be a Frequency Band acting on Earth as his “Twin Blaze”, as a POINT of LIGHT of his Consciousness and as the Higher Expression of his LOVE, which would become RE known as the CONSCIOUSNESS OF CREATION IRRESISTIBLE LOVE, because this is the BASE of all Creation and of ALL that is Created – LOVE.

(Translator's Note: In Portuguese, KRYON uses the expression "Twin Blaze" meaning "Soulmate" referring to his Brazilian Channel, but as something beyond the Soul... It's something that came from the I AM... So, it doesn't mean soulmate in the human’s understanding, but in the LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS conception)

Therefore, KRYON says that it is imperative for humans to recognize themselves as "Genuine Expressions" of that infinite, limitless, incommensurable and IRRESISTIBLE LOVE, realizing that there is in fact no distinction between them, only diversity, and that this is part of the Experience on Earth, and it is natural that it be so.

For 8 uninterrupted weeks of studying and practicing, KRYON prepared Ginaiá reminding her of her Records, passing along and requalifying to a new level each information she accessed, in order to provide the basis for the New Energy Dictionary, an unprecedented Language that would be the basis of the New Communication on Earth. And so it was like this for one year, where Ginaiá practically didn’t eat, didn’t drink and almost never slept. This persisted until she realized that her Enlightenment process was a reality.

Ginaiá is nowadays the KRYON’s Brazilian Official Channel for the world, and the COSMIC CHILD OF LIGHT representation for the New Divine Human.

Through her Channeling, which began publicly on February 9, 2009, a true dictionary with unpublished entries, unknown to the public until then, were introduced in the channeled Messages and today they are used in all Channeling of all Channels working in the world.

To access the first KRYON’s Channeling - "The New Earth" - access this Link:

KRYON also began his presentation with Ginaiá through Public Channeling, where He present Himself as a Master of the Magnetic Service at the beginning of the Messages, in order to be recognized for those who already had the Awakening latent within themselves, in order to facilitate the identification and suitability of nature of the psychic Messages received, so they could be properly qualified. After 3 months, KRYON began to communicate as God's Love Consciousness, or as CONSCIOUSNESS OF CREATION IRRESISTIBLE LOVE.

So we can say that on Earth, and throughout the Cosmos, EVERYTHING is KRYON, since ALL is essentially created from this Creator’s IRRESISTIBLE LOVE manifested.

KRYON explained that humans had graduated to a New Experience Baseline on Earth, and NOW it would be necessary, just as it was for Ginaiá, that EVERYONE start remembering their true Origin and Purpose. KRYON explained that it’s enough only one human take the first step and all humanity has already moved, because Creation takes place on a SPIRAL basis of SINGLE LIFE where there is no past or future, only NOW is really important.

Since 2009, KRYON has initiated his instructions on this New Level of Consciousness explaining that there are numerous Frequency Bands for the infinite Creation Realms. So Ginaiá, through the CHILD OF LIGHT, being her Highest Consciousness on Earth, who in turn is the "Seed" of Consciousness residing in the Creation Mind Domains, represents a KEY on Earth - the MASTER KEY. This KEY is capable of "opening" the Frequency Bands and reading the Akashic Records (Files) which contains ancestral information about Earth Creation and this local Universe, as well as accessing the necessary informations for the New Earth birth, being the Channel Herself an Advanced Reading Program. Hence the access She has kept when born with memory and accessing any kind of content throughout her current Experience.    

KRYON explains there are 11 Known Dimensions since the I AM PRESENCE, and infinite  EXPERIENCE REALMS within these Dimensions, which constitutes the GENERAL SCOPE of CREATION or CREATER MIND DOMAIN.

Everything humans need to access in order to create new and unprecedented Experience Levels can be accessed, because "there are no lost connections or connections that cannot be accessed" (KRYON’s Channelling, on May 17, 2014) “MU, LeMuria, Atlantis ... There are no lost connections..." Link at: 

It is necessary to have Pure Intent, the correct Key and Password, which gives access to these Frequencies. Thus, ALL Human Angels on Earth are potential Creators of their own Experiences.

KRYON also revealed that the creator gods themselves, those CONSCIOUSNESS SEEDS who created the Earth, or rather, the "Earth Holography" - because Earth is a System based on a Holographic conception - they are on Earth at this time in order to experience their own Creation, and that just as Earth became a polarized Planet, they also forgot about their Origin and Purpose and needed to remember WHO THEY ARE.

To lead, honor and support them in their remembering is one of the acting Tasks of Ginaiá's Mastery Consciousness before the Human Angels.

There is a huge LIGHT CHRONOGRAM for the manifestation of NEW EARTH, with over 20 years of consecutive Light Works that includes an unprecedented series of SERVICES in the LIGHT, which are directed and guided by KRYON Consciousness and by Masters from the KRYON in BRAZIL Egregore, through His Channel in Brazil, for the accomplishment and fulfillment of the numerous objectives contained in this Advanced Training Program. Master Ginaiá received this CHRONOGRAM OF LIGHT in 2008 and faithfully fulfills it year after year.

(Translator’s Note: KRYON Consciousness represents the Egregore, a Highly Evolved Consciousness Entirety that supports KRYON in Brazil's Light Work)

Through National and International Events, Seminars, Workshops, Public Channeling and Therapeutic Care, Ginaiá promotes the AMAZING JOURNEY of ENLIGHTMENT for these Masters, as well the TRAINING for the THIRD TIME through the Light Family Re-encounter of the Human Angels that are on Earth at this time, in order to offer support and assistance to the others Awakened ones during the Planetary Transition Process. Because of the Ginaiá's Awakening many Angels connected to her also have Awakened from 2008, and they need to prepare themselves in order to ASSUME their functions before this Great Divine Plan.

Through KRYON's guidance, Ginaiá channeled and developed THE ORIGINAL FIELDWORK © KRYON in BRAZIL Concept which constitutes a "landmark " in the Light Works on the Planet. A FieldWork is known as "THE AMAZING JOURNEY OF THE MASTERS!", and it has several Programs:








This great Work has been carried out for 10 consecutive years through many International Light Tours, carrying the COSMIC CHILD OF LIGHT Frequency to various Countries by the Human Angels who compound the KRYON in Brazil’s Light Retinue on each Journey. Each Light Journey with KRYON in BRAZIL’s Family, under the Master Ginaiá guidance and the incredible Family’s Human Angels Team, makes the Experience on Earth extraordinary, unique and exclusive!

This Light Retinue is composed by Service Beings - the KRYON Family’s Human Angels - who present themselves every year on several occasions with the intention of performing the KRYON Works with his Brazilian Channel - Master Ginaiá Ferreira de Brito - to be guided by the Retinue Masters who was properly prepared through their participation and presence in numerous Works and shares that are offered throughout this amazing Journey, always in deep LOVE and RESPECT, and who have a necessary sequence of informations and knowledges to the accomplishment of these Light Journeys.

The International Tours have as a specific goal, in the Consciousness Journey, the conduction of KRYON’s Energy through the Cosmic Child of Light by elevating the personal and planetary Consciousness through the Consciousness Evolution of its participants. Each Journey is unique and unprecedented. It’s always a Journey for Consciousness BEYOND Consciousness, where the KRYON’s Maxims are practiced in a pure Light and Love environment, in an Intensive Immersion Program.

All Light Works promoted by KRYON in BRAZIL has the sole purpose of raising the level of Consciousness and providing access to innovative information and revelations that are transmitted through the Channelings received during the Works that are performed. All KRYON’s Channelings received by Ginaiá are publicly shared and offered free of charge on the KRYON in BRAZIL© Official Website:

In order to receive the Invitations to participate in the Events promoted by KRYON in BRAZIL© and to register yourself in our Mailing List, send your personal informations to the e-mail:

In order to access the updates and keep yourself connected with us, follow us:












* By Master Portia


Ginaiá Ferreira de Brito is, par excellence, a Crystal adult.

We can tell you that She IS the 1st of a Series, just as Earth It Is.

This SERVICE BEING was born in the Amazonian Forest Heart, surrounded by the Highest Crystalline Light Frequencies of the Planet, among the Elemental Kingdom and the GREATER Biodiversity existing on your beloved Planet Earth, giving her this unique and unparalleled Frequency - the MASTER KEY 111.11 - in which she expresses the COSMIC CHILD OF LIGHT splendor.

According to KRYON, she is the very first Crystal Soul on Earth, since immemorial Times.

Her coming to the Planet has been programmed, and "micromilimetrically" calculated (as KRYON appreciates so much to declare) to benefit the Indigo Souls’ arrival - the Crystal, Violet, Diamond, Emerald and Rainbow Beings - who would support the PLANETARY TRANSITION PROCESS accomplishment. In this way, She acted as a powerful "Incoming Supporting Energy Source " within the Earth Holography. Her Geometric form, according to KRYON, is an "ICOSAEDRO". This is the SAME Geometry found in the Crystal molecule and in the Geometry of the Ancient Earth Electromagnetic Grid.

Ginaiá was an exceptional Child, gifted with great powers of Healing since the earliest childhood.

Her simple Presence changed everything around her and everyone yearned for her Energy. For this reason, She lived a big part of her life alone. She always was a "healer", and this cost her extra doses of Energy and a great physical and mental strain. From childhood, She foresaw a New Age birth, and spoke to all people that the Human Being would evolve beyond all expectations, contradicting all the prognosis and chaos predictions that man himself would do, and that the Earth, after much suffering, would become a "Paradise" for all who chose to stay, and that it was why She was on Earth, in order to support the Humans who wished to be part of that Process. She would be a LIGHT before the crisis and darkness days.

She was born with her Akashic Register memory, and knowing the Planet Earth Akasha as well. She showed an unprecedented MATURITY, and never spoke beyond what it was allowed, so as never to interfere with the Individual or Collective Free Will Realm, and never used the informations she accessed to gain any kind of personal advantage.

Thus, She has always known, with clarity, what she came to do on Earth, having a genuine and inexplicable facility to access any knowledge of any subject. Still, she has shown incredible patience and generosity by regularly attending academic life, where she graduated 5 times, having many degrees she nowadays prefers to completely ignore, of postgraduate studies, Masters and MBA degrees, in several areas of the Human Knowledge.

She seemed, through everyone's eyes, simply to have a profound KNOWLEDGE, which she never hesitated to share ... A KNOWLEDGE that, in fact, did not belong to the Earth ... This posture that Ginaiá adopted throughout her current Experience is completely incorruptible, and very coherent, even about New Energy - where NOTHING EVER is what it "seems" to be ... And, although She had never heard about KRYON before this RE encounter with the LOVE Consciousness of Creation in 2007, She simply KNEW there was a grandiose Plan for her Experience.

On 2007, December 22, KRYON came into her Life and transformed it, causing a true revolution. KRYON trained her intensively for a consecutive Year, when she practically didn’t eat, drink or sleep, and, thus, He prepared her gradually to ASSUME her MISSION as she fulfills her ROLE before the GREAT DIVINE DIRECTOR PLAN.

Gradually, KRYON brought back the "Home" old concepts, which were still asleep for this Crystal Soul, and, over just a Year, She had already remembered pretty much everything she needed to fulfill her PURPOSE of Raising Brazil - the BLESSING CELLAR Country of HUMANITY -  to STAND UP and FULFILL ITSELF as a SPIRITUAL NATION, just as She was doing with her NEW Life!

The BRAZIL and GINAIÁ’s Destinies are as ONE AND THE SAME ...

This is what We - the Masters from this other side of the Veil - can say to each One of you who have been interested in this KRYON’s Channel ... And know you all that, since She has ASSUMED her Role as a legitimate New Energy Exponent, your Country has received all the Energies for the Awakening with deep INTEGRITY Energy.

So, my dears, do not be surprised at ANYTHING! Because what will come is far from being what you think it is!

KRYON has already explained to Ginaiá that BRAZIL is like the HEART of the NEW EARTH, radiating Crystalline LIGHT and LOVE Frequencies, 360 °, in all directions, to all Peoples and Nations of Earth Globe ... That this Country was " Chosen " as the CHILD OF LIGHT’s CRIB for being the one with GREATER number of Masters and Lightworkers on the Planet with possibilities of AWAKENING, and that this was part of a Great Divine Contract. In time, all of Them would meet again, reunite and celebrate this HONOR, with REVERENCE and GRATITUDE, and they would found the NEW EARTH.

And then, We, the ASCENDED MASTERS, would come in profusion, to talk to you in diverse, inexplicable ways, and through different Frequency Bands, so each One who Awakens to his/her Purpose FULFILLS HIM/HERSELF, within the Grandiose Plan of GENERAL AWAKENING of HUMANITY.

We have already prepared you for many decades, centuries and millennia, so the ERA of AQUARIUS fulfills itself in your Hearts and Destinies. But know that it is not an easy task. It asks for renunciation of your Old Human Portion, and many from the Angelic Family will insist on keeping their Characters and masks until they are completely dissolved, by not allowing themselves to go BEYOND the old “power dispute” culture ...

KRYON explained to you that Brazil has a unique "configuration" to have the 2 BIGGEST AQUIFERS of the WORLD - GUARANI and ALTER DO CHÃO - as well as the BIGGEST Fauna, Flora, Biodiversity and the LARGEST River of the World (Amazonas River), and yet the GOLDEN MASTER CRYSTAL OF HEALING AND REGENERATION and the VIOLET MASTER CRYSTAL OF SOUND - both saved by the Underground Tunnels System before the Atlantis sinking. Know that gives to Brazil many RESPONSIBILITIES as the New Energy Nation that represented the CRIB for the CHILD OF LIGHT’s Birth.

With KRYON’s arrival, Ginaiá left her Companies, Career, Degrees, and used all her assets and personal resources to fulfill her Purpose of entirely dedicating herself to KRYON. Empowered, and being encouraged by KRYON with every breath, she sought to form the 1st Light Family of NEW EARTH - the KRYON in BRAZIL’s LIGHT FAMILY - formed by Human Angels, related, equal, brothers in Light and Love people, who understood the Family "concept" BEYOND the three-dimensional parentage and consanguinity patterns.

Then, it was that many Angels were "hearing" and "feeling" the IRRESISTIBLE LOVE Vibration... And, in a short time, hundreds of Souls attended the Light Hosts Call, and KRYON IN BRAZIL's Works began.

Ginaiá received from KRYON a LIGHT SCHEDULE, also micromilimetrically "detailed", with a exclusive Light Content, that was supposed to be performed from the KUNDALINI ENERGY ASCENSIONING in the BRAZIL COLUMN of CHACKRAS. This is how the Family reunited again, thanks to many Calls and appeals to participate in the National and International KRYON in BRAZIL’s Events, with Seminars, Workshops, Lectures and Light Journeys all over the world.

In almost 10 Years, Ginaiá is the only KRYON’s Channel to go to more than 33 Countries, taking with herself ALWAYS the SAME KRYON in BRAZIL Family’s RETINUE of LIGHT, of Human Angels and Masters of the New Energy.

It is the 1st KRYON’s Channel to Channelling KRYON in the MIDDLE EAST, EGYPT, INDIA, BHUTAN, NEPAL, HYMALAIAS and IRAN.

Ginaiá has taken KRYON Energy to more than 450 Cities/Coutries, including Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Tcheka Republic, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Iran.

During tireless Journeys, with almost 50 uninterrupted days of Ligth Works, Ginaiá has tried FELMLY to fulfill the LIGHT SCHEDULE that was given to her by KRYON in 2008/2009.

In December 2017 - on SUMMER SOLSTICE DAY in the Southern Hemisphere - Ginaiá will complete a DECADE of Light Works dedicated "officially" to KRYON, through this Light Family that has been formed around her Energetics, always demonstrating an irreproachable, unblemished and totally appropriate conduct in all her Light endeavors through the Planet.

It is 10 years of Works dedicated to Light, in absolute INTEGRITY, where KRYON granted her the HIGHEST MISSIONS.

She was in charge of the OFFICIAL OPENING OF THE 12:12:12 PORTAL, held in EGYPT, one of the most significant Light Works already performed in favor of PLANETARY ASCENSION and the CONSCIOUSNESS RISE on the Planet. After the advent of 12:12:12, the Earth began to celebrate a NEW CALENDAR, for a NEW EARTH that was born on that date, at 12:12 p.m. directly from the HEART CHACKRA of the ANCIENT HOLOGRAPHY. It was around this Channel’s Energy that this was possible to be accomplished.

Ginaiá has been in unspeakable places of inestimable Energetic value to the Planet ... She has been in Conflict Zones, in Volcanoes Craters, in Archaeological Sites dating back over 10,000 years, in the middle of Tropical Forests, Channeling KRYON in the middle of the nature forces exuberance...

We might say that Ginaia is the KRYON’s Channel that is practically rewriting, in name of KRYON's IRRESISTIBLE LOVE ENERGY, ALL the compiled and made History of Humanity. It is an elegant and innovative way of printing "NEW LIGHT FOOTPRINTS" in every place she goes with the RETINUE, going as far as NO OTHER AWAKENED HUMAN ANGEL DARE TO GO ... AND ALWAYS takink with her the SAME RETINUE OF LIGHT of KRYON IN BRAZIL’s FAMILY, creating a kind of crystalline PATTERN, through the COMMITMENT signed with AWAKENED SOULS of High Vibration, who ASSUMED their LIGHT and declare, in this way, that their LOVE for the New Humanity cannot be valued!

KRYON has revealed through Channellings, that He is so close to Ginaia, that she can feel him with every breath, as an abundant, loving and full of magic Energy, and this deep "feeling" makes Her look like his "Twin Flame on Earth". And this is clearly perceived from our Side of the Veil, as from yours as well. We, from our multidimensional perspective, can say that She looks more like an erupting Volcano shedding "Blessed Flames", so incandescent that they can warm up even the colder Heart of the still forgetful Angel...

(Translator's Note: In Portuguese, KRYON uses the expression "Twin Flame" like a "Soulmate" refering to his Brazilian Channel, but it’s something beyond the Soul... It's something that came from the I AM... So, it doesn't mean soulmate in the human's concept, but in the LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS undestanding)

Through Ginaia, KRYON brings UNPRECEDENT REVELATIONS in each Channelling, even repeating some timeless concepts that still have not been "absorbed", but the "content" and "substance" of his Channellings are, in fact, precious to the human genre.

Thus, we can safely say that Ginaiá is the unique KRYON’s EXPONENT, who stood out for her COHERENCE with her Purpose and Mission, never stopping before the obstacles for ANYTHING and ANYBODY! She will always accomplish what is SCHEDULED, regardless the circumstances surrounding her. KRYON and the Human Angels know that they can count on Her at any time during the Ascension Process.

On February 9, 2018, it will take 10 years since the first time Ginaiá channeled KRYON PUBLICLY, before an audience ... In 2018 it will be a decade since KRYON and Ginaiá have merged, as One and the Same... And this is a privilege for the world.

In 2017, after celebrating the MEGA PORTAL 999 in INDIA on 09/09/2016, the humanity faced many overwhelming ENERGY WAVES, which was shaking the old System foundations and making them be completely revised! 2017 is a Year in which you had another unique opportunity to celebrate the MEGA PORTAL 111.11 JOURNEY – the KEY MASTER PORTAL - after the TIMELINES changing in the KRYON’s CONFERENCE in MEGA PORTAL 888 and in LEMURIAN SOLAR MEGA ECLIPSE Events.

We, from the Light and Love Realms, are in UNION, from the Eternal NOW, with ALL who dedicate themselves to this GREAT CAUSE of BEING CONSCIOUSNESS in a NEW EARTH!

Ad So is fulfilled in LOVE!






Human beings who AWAKENED because they are Human Angels of our Angelic Family and seek, through self-knowledge, to align themselves with the serious informations resonating with their inner Truth, in order to advance with their Journeys in a NEW CRYSTALLINE ENERGY, always through IRRESISTIBLE LOVE!

People who feel the Call to turn their eyes in other directions, trying to see reality from another perspective, under new guidelines and willing to reinvent Themselves.

Human Angels who reconized themselves as MASTERS, and are willing to challenge their current beliefs and perceptions in name of their personal evolution, moving from the Baseline where they are towards an UNPRECEDENT EVOLUTIONARY EXPERIENCE BASELINE!

Any Human Angel’s Heart that is integrate, inspired by the Pure Intention to align itself with the Spirit’s Plans, with its own Soul, and fulfill its personal Mission in this Experience Realm that rises to a new Dimension.

We advise that only people who are completely willing to ASSUME their TRUTHS and their own CREATIONS should access the contents here made available in deep LOVE and RESPECT for your Evolution!

We don’t take responsibility for your Creations from this access ... We just want they are extraordinary!

The K. Family

© KRYON in BRAZIL 2017. All rights reserved.



Chegamos ao o PONTO ZERO!

O PONTO ZERO é o PONTO de FUSÃO e INTEGRAÇÃO de um caminho, íntimo, pessoal e profundo onde o MESTRE compila toda a sua Experência com a Terra, desde a sua fundação no Coração do Criador.

É onde a história da CRIAÇÃO está sendo RE+contada, a partir dos Anjos Humanos - os SERES com ALMA - que criaram o Universo da Forma, os Mestres que realizaram uma Jornada única e sem precedentes para compreender a interação entre CONSCIÊNCIA & ENERGIA, e que estão abrindo um NOVO ESPAÇO SEGURO no Seio da Criação movendo toda a Experiência para um próximo nível.

Trata-se da MAIOR e MAIS importante MUDANÇA em toda a HISTÓRIA da CRIAÇÃO!

É quando a dinâmica da ENERGIA realmente MUDA definitivamente, e isso é algo para ser celebrado em TODOS os CORAÇÕES dos SERES CRIADORES!

A partir do PONTO ZERO o mistério que envolveu a intrincada correlação entre CONSCIÊNCIA & ENERGIA (SAMKHYA) está desvendado. A CONSCIÊNCIA integra toda a ENERGIA e não há mais Dualidade ou campos opostos. 

Podemos afirmar que neste momento do AGORA Eterno, estes Anjos Humanos, que se tornam MESTRES ENCARNADOS, MESTRES da ENERGIA, estão às portas da REALIZAÇÃO, quando se tornam os "MERLINS", os MAGOS da ENERGIA... Eles estão ASCENSIONANDO, mas sem deixar, contudo, a Experiência terrena, e estão ancorando sua CONSCIÊNCIA neste AQUI e AGORA, eliminando o fator "Tempo/Espaço" de suas realidades, a fim de CRIAR um NOVO DESIGN com a ENERGIA a seu SERVIÇO, em um contexto realmente inédito, que nunca fora alcançado antes!

O "Ritmo" que esses MESTRES CRIADORES deflagram em suas Experiências passa a ser definido pela intensa VIBRAÇÃO da PAIXÃO, que se expressa e pulsa em êxtase pela sua própria CRIAÇÃO!

É para esses MESTRES, que estão às portas da REALIZAÇÃO, que criamos a Série "PONTO ZERO 2020", porque é a partir deste MARCADOR extraordinário que Eles se tornam altamente conscientes da ENERGIA como sendo a "parte" inerente de Si Mesmos mais fundamental que há como derivado da CONSCIÊNCIA - o puro REFLEXO de TUDO QUE É - e é assim que ENCERRAM a sua participação na Experiência limitada da vida cotidiana da Antiga Terra - a Terra "Clássica".

Como definido por KRYON, o PONTO ZERO é, sem dúvida, o marco de suas Jornadas, o PONTO aonde o CRIADOR e a CRIAÇÃO se encontram para desabrochar em um NOVO NÍVEL de CRIAÇÃO totalmente consciente, que é NOVA SALA da ENERGIA!

O 1º PORTAL da "SÉRIE 2020" acontece de 02/02/2020 e segue até 20/02/2020, ele tem 18 dias no seu 1º CICLO. Outros MARCADORES, igualmente fabulosos, seguem esse momento espetacular na história humana! Porém, é importante salientar que, por essa "PORTA", só se passa uma única vez! 

Uma vez realizada a "travessia" entre um estado de Consciência inconsciente se Si Mesmo (estado de NÃO RE+Conhecimento da Energia a seu SERVIÇO), a outro (completa Consciência da interação da CONSCIÊNCIA com a ENERGIA a SERVIÇO da sua própria LUZ em 111%), não há mais volta. 

Por esse motivo, 2020 se configura como o ANO MAIS IMPORTANTE de toda a Trajetória dos Anjos Humanos que vieram para a Experiência da Terra para desvendar SAMKHYA.

Este AGORA magnífico é um CONVITE maior para ASSUMIR a VIDA VIVA™ em um CORPO de ENERGIA VIVA, com a ENERGIA completamente a seu SERVIÇO, em um estado autêntico de LIBERDADE!

Este PROJETO é para os que desejam DESFRUTAR da VIDA VIVA™com outros SERES com ALMA que alcançaram este nível e são capazes de CRIAR Novas Realidades em múltiplos Planos de Experiência, mas que se comprometeram a VIVER intensamente esta NOVA ETAPA simplesmente SENDO TUDO QUE SÃO como CRIADORES que vivem em PERMISSÃO!

Os encontros deste Grupo ocorrem a partir de um NOVO NÍVEL de EXPERIÊNCIAS PREMIUM, através de Experiências únicas, autorais, com uma curadoria excepcional, rica em detalhes, com um sofistacado nível de Beleza e Graça que envolvem Seminários e fuem para as Jornadas de Consciência e FIELDWORKS™ KRYON Next Generation que ocorrem pelo mundo afora e contemplam momentos singulares e únicos em Países e locais icônicos.

Faça parte deste momento épico conosco!

Executive Coordinator
Official Channeler: Ginaiá F. de Brito

*Highlights para 2020* Premium Experiences

Turma ZERO: 1º Seminário 2020 BRASIL 
São Paulo, SP, Brasil
De 30/01 a 02/02 - Regime de Imersão "Full Time"


  • Faça a sua Inscrição se você sente que está pronto para ACEITAR que é o ÚNICO CRIADOR da sua REALIDADE e que só existe VOCÊ na sua respiração.
  • Se está alinhado à Proposta de KRYON no BRASIL™ de se permitir VIVER PLENAMENTE o EXISTIR através de uma VIDA VIVA™
    EXTRAORDINÁRIA, sem os limites da Holografia da Antiga Linha de Tempo da Velha Terra - a Terra "Clássica" 3D - se propondo a ter uma VIDA REALIZADA, ABUNDANTE, PRÓSPERA e SEM LIMITES.
  • Se realmente entende que o único processo que existe é a CONSCIÊNCIA, e que você É um Ser LIVRE para Criar e Manifestar uma NOVA REALIDADE neste AGORA, que se expanda cada vez mais ao INFINITO e ALÉM, a partir de Si Mesmo.
  • Se quer avançar de onde está, aceleradamente, para níveis sutis e elegantes, disposto a efetivar TODAS as MUDANÇAS necessárias à composição de uma NOVA VIDA como um MESTRE SOBERANO, a fim de passar a VIVER o EXISTIR REALIZADO em uma NOVA HOLOGRAFIA.


Nome completo; Endereço do seu Perfil no Facebook com o Link da sua Página; data e local de nascimento; endereço residencial completo com Cep; fones residencial e comercial (fixo e celular) com DDD e/ou DDI.

Mencione sua formação, mencione sua atividade atual, mencione as Redes Sociais que frequenta e os Perfis que possui e se tem endereço de Site na Web. Favor mencionar se tem páginas ou grupos próprios.

Caso seja membro, ou acompanhe algum grupo de estudos ou práticas de cunho holístico/espiritual/integrativas, favor descrever a natureza dos Trabalhos que frequenta/administra/divulga. Enviar junto com a sua Solicitação de Inscrição um breve "Relato" de suas buscas e Jornada Espiritual.

Este Relato Pessoal é FUNDAMENTAL para sua admissão neste Projeto, não importa para qual dos Seminários ou Jornadas esteja se inscrevendo, ou quais Seminários já tenha participado. Este é um momento ÚNICO na sua VIDA!

Por gentileza, seja absolutamente transparente, íntegro, detalhado e pontual em suas informações. 
Este Relato será avaliado por uma Equipe, e passará por uma triagem antes de ser encaminhado aos Mestres do Trabalho e aos Coordenadores - deste, e do outro lado do Véu.

Todos os Relatos (sem exceção) são submetidos a uma avaliação prévia antes da admissão no Programa que estiver vigorando no ato da sua Inscrição.

A Coordenação se reserva o direito de recusar Inscrições que não estejam de acordo neste momento, ou julgar que não estejam alinhadas com os objetivos deste Trabalho de Luz, ou sejam dissonantes do "CÓDIGO DE ÉTICA E CONDUTA DOS EVENTOS KRYON", ou de pessoas que tenham violado o Código de Ética em Eventos anteriores.

KRYON no BRASIL tem em sua política de atuação com a CONSCIÊNCIA critérios realmente sérios e autênticos, pautados em valores que servem unicamente à CONSCIÊNCIA e lidamos com a Jornada preciosa de cada Alma que está em "viagem" por este Planeta. Orientamos que cada Alma primeiro busque um alinhamento e tome uma DECISÃO antes de buscar esse caminho. Por esse motivo, caso a solicitação seja recusada neste AGORA, considere que é para sua preservação e para o seu MAIS ALTO BEM, e que pode ser solicitada no próximo Evento da Série.

Quem tiver a INSCRIÇÃO recusada, pode novamente solicitar a ADESÃO no próximo Evento, caso seja esta a recomendação.


Os valores são definidos de acordo com a DATA da sua INSCRIÇÃO e variam, a partir do dia 10/01, quando se encerram as INSCRIÇÕES com DESCONTO para os participantes frequentes, entre 10 mil e 15 mil reais, de acordo com as escolhas de acomodação dos próprios participantes.


Este Trabalho de Luz foi "micromilimetricamente" Co Criado, Manifestado, Permitido e Construído, neste Plano de Experiência, com um Propósito muito Sagrado.

O RESPEITO infinito com as regras da Organização e com as Orientações da Egrégora são fundamentais para o sucesso de cada Evento, garantindo as práticas amorosas e os resultados consagrados de KRYON no BRASIL™ em 12 ANOS de Trabalhos de Luz dedicados à Criação Consciente de uma NOVA TERRA e à ILUMINAÇÃO ENCARNADA.

Somos SERES LIVRES e SOBERANOS, Mestres Iluminados, Facilitadores de Energia Cristalina, Anjos Humanos e Mestres do Caminho que fuem ÚNICA e EXCLUSIVAMENTE através da Consciência. Somos SERES AUTÊNTICOS que - como Mestres - DESPERTARAM para o COMPROMISSO SAGRADO de MANIFESTAR uma NOVA TERRA sem deixar o Veículo Físico e, desse modo, ASSUMIRAM sua LUZ e seu AMOR pela humanidade em Si Mesmos.

Desejamos partilhar estes momentos genuínos em completo estado de GRAÇA, LEVEZA e SUAVIDADE, com FACILIDADE e RESPEITO, com Seres que também desejem, ardentemente, e se permitam, SER TUDO QUE SÃO, EM TODO LUGAR, O TEMPO TODO, e escolhem verdadeiramente, AÇÕES efetivas e materiais para o PROJETO NOVA TERRA, assumindo COMPROMISSOS e RESPONSABILIDADES PESSOAIS, e em GRUPO, como SERES SOBERANOS.

Este é um Trabalho de Luz verdadeiro, sério, exclusivo, primoroso, sem precedentes e completamente RE+inovador, exclusivamente voltado para o "MESTRE" que existe em cada Anjo Humano. Certifique-se de que sua INTENÇÃO é PURA antes de nos acessar e desejar caminhar ao nosso lado.

Nossos encontros visam, UNICAMENTE, a LIBERDADE e a CONSCIÊNCIA para desfrutar e VIVER uma VIDA VIVA™, onde nos permitimos SER TUDO QUE SOMOS como CRIADORES PRIMORDIAIS de nossas próprias Experiências. Não usamos as Máscaras dos Personagens, ou subimos no palco da 3D - de onde já descemos - e exatamente por isso Somos altamente qualificados para executar este Trabalho de forma absolutamente competente, transparente e eficaz.

Não admitimos em nossos Eventos pessoas que tenham outro intuito que não sejam os Propósitos de SERVIR e COMPARTILHAR sua LUZ e seu AMOR, e se Elevar, cada vez mais, para níveis mais amorosos e sutis de Consciência Expandida, para CRIAR e MANIFESTAR uma nova realidade iluminada no Planeta, SEM DEIXAR O VEÍCULO FÍSICO.


Este Trabalho possui Direitos Autorais e está definido de acordo com a Legislação Vigente. É terminantemente PROIBIDO copiar ou adulterar o seu conteúdo, no todo ou em parte, bem como divulgar "trechos" do conteúdo sem a prévia autorização do Autor, ou ainda utilizar seu Conteúdo como "base" para desenvolver qualquer outro Trabalho, com ou sem fins lucrativos. Estas práticas se constituem em crime grave com penas previstas na Lei Humana e Divina.


©KRYON NO BRASIL NEXT GENERATION 2020. Todos os direitos reservados.