THE “RIO” IS OF “JANEIRO” (“Rio de Janeiro”, in English, means “January’s River”)
KRYON, Channeled by Ginaiá Ferreira de Brito, KRYON’s Brazilian Official Channel
4th Masters School Seminary of
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil


Greetings from Light beyond Light, and Love beyond Love.

Today’s a perfect day, and you are here.

The Family once again meets and, this time, there is much more than Irresistible Love filling all this Space ...

Because you - the Human Angel, the Master - ACCEPT, WELCOME and allow yourself to BE Divine in the ONE’s Heart.


And here I came with this beautiful Cortege - full of Light and Glory - to celebrate the splendor of a great achievement.

It's not every day that we see, from this other side of the Veil, where I Am, a Pioneers Souls Group elevate - in Vibration and Frequency - to a new and unprecedented Level.

Nor it is every day, in your linear time, we see a so harmonious group of equal, sisters and related Souls, which reunite and gather each other systematically, with the same definite Purpose - as a Group of Highly Evolved Consciousnesses - allowing yourself to be what YOU ARE, seeking to bring more and more Light for the Co Creation and the conscious manifestation of a New Earth.

And what is this New Earth?

What does It mean for the Human Angel that becomes Divine?

And why this place is so important to the Creational Group of new values, which will extend to all Humanity?

You have to go back in your time ... You have to go back eons in your linear time to understand what we have come to offer ...

It’s necessary to go back to some periods of your compiled and made History.

And also to a period that is not recorded on your books, on your records, even on the records that your explorers, at their various excavations, have been found along the Eras ...

All there is HERE, in this Sacred Space, to be revealed it is not registered at any time ...

We - the Cortege and I, KRYON - We can say that HERE, this Space is Perfect and Secure because the Most Sacred Energy, that emanates a Very Pure Heart, has found here the perfect levels to manifest itself.

This Energy permeates All That Is, since the Core of Creation, because it belongs to the Creator's Heart, and it precedes all His Creations.

You call it LOVE, and I, KRYON, represent it.

From the beginning ... From the Origin ... From what you can no longer reach ...

But I, KRYON, I have told you that this Origin is Eternal and anything that you may have lived, at any time and at any moment, in this or another Dimension of Consciousness, it is lost.

Because all Connections converge to Consciousness and, when Consciousness manifest itself, instantly, in a way that we can say is "almost" automatic, you are connected to All That Is through yourselves.

There is no "place" to arrive ... For this reason, we can say that "there" is a place that does not exist ...

So you're not moving to a determined "place" ...

No, dear Angel ... To think like this is not appropriate ...

On the contrary, this kind of thought demonstrates the tremendous "limitation" of the three-dimensional mind, which not conceive itself out of the height / depth / width 3D parameters.

No... No, dear Angels...

"There" is definitely a place that does not exist ...

And, then, I KRYON tell you: You have already arrived where you should come because, in fact, you never left!

You CAN NOT get out of Consciousness ...

And, even if you have forgotten, there's a part of you infinitely more beautiful, which is completely filled with the CREATOR’s LOVE.

This powerful Energy, the GREATEST of all existing Forces - that existed before and always will - It will remain operating beyond all things.

Even when a Human Angel leaves an Experience Plan, like Earth - that it is in a Plan of Density at a 3rd Dimensional Consciousness - still LOVE remains.

All LOVE you felt, that you experienced, which was emanated by yourself, remains involving all your Creations.

So, this LOVE is Eternal because it never changes.

No way you could leave the Experience and carry something that the Consciousness brought to the Experience itself.

Consciousness is Omnipresent, it is everywhere, all the time - even if you do not realize it, even if you do not remember it ...


And it can not cease to EXIST, because it is Eternal as the Creator itself.

You, a Group of Souls - some very, very old in this System - go together for eons of Experience...

And, in a way, there are Connections, bonds that are indestructible because they are the result of the Creator Consciousness LOVE.

You manifest Me where YOU ARE ... ME, KRYON, because I AM this LOVE...

And so, in this moment you decided that the Hologram of Earth should be completely restructured, elevated to a New Baseline, which could reach the new level of Experience for which the Human Angel, with Consciousness, decides - from  your Inner Planes – to manifest, we can say that you converge all your Experiences to this point in particular.

You have created the "time markers", due to the linearity, which are submitted in this Plan of Experience, where you are.

And more, we can say that, in a way, all this time since the Harmonic Convergence - that you so ingeniously engineered, although in Illusion and Unconsciousness ... Still, all of you - Souls very, very old in this System - decided in unison, at a much more elegant and higher level, and which one you are looking for since "the Fall" ...

From that level you decide that, when this time came, when this blessed time presented itself in your linear Experiences, you would create the most beautiful of all Vibrations, the most sublime and powerful Energy, due to the ascension of this Vibration ... And, finally, you would manifest a New Baseline in the Experience.

The New Earth is a space for the Practice of Consciousness.

That's where, finally, that forgetful Angel who remembered of Home of Consciousness of the Creation - the Primordial Home – he decides to bring it to his Experience and, through a Conscience Act after another, he manifest a new and unprecedented Reality.

And despite all the illusions, all the pain, all these records you hold - materials taken from moments in which these Experiences occurred, and in which ones you were acting unconsciously as participants / authors from this same story – even so, at this moment, you ACCEPT that you will be, definitely, the Creators of these new episodes.

This never had been tried before ...

Hence the exceptional and magnificent character this Experience translates to a Linear Plan.

Even if you count time as an agent of changes, internally you separate yourself from it ... You begin to understand beyond the imposed limits by counting - progressive or regressive - the perception of time which you are subject, in your Consciousness Dimension.

The whole Experience is resignified and, in this new level, all these characters who once acted in the Unconsciousness on the life stages - staging dramas, epics, disasters, catastrophes ... All these characters are compiled into a SINGLE Ancestral Quantum Memory, containing the "Imemorial Registry" of this experiences result, in Quantum Energy.

And, than, all leaves the linearity terrain ...

And you feel you no longer have to account for the time, because all History Records simply transform you in large Knowledge and Consciousness stores.

You have a "virtual library" at your disposal, within Yourselves ...

And you can access all these Records, at the appropriate time.

But, all that was created for these characters Experience, and from them, the whole context and content, you name Emotional, is removed, is extracted from these Akashic Records.

And this is one of the beautiful work you have undertaken, as Masters who conceived themselves within the Experience ... Like those masterminders, those teachers, those facilitators who present themselves so all these new and unpublished knowledges be available to all those who, asleep, start AWAKENING.

You brought within yourselves the Cell of Creation.

You also brought the Potentials within those Creators Cells.

You have a Thousand Suns Force because, only then - in the Light of a New Consciousness - those Potentials can be triggered.

So, you can understand that, when you limited yourselves and walk between lines of dark scripts – that you created to live and experience Pain - those Potentials cannot happen to you.

This is the unpublished part of KRYON’s Message for today.

Look ... You are in an exuberant location!

It has already been revealed that this site exists because the Masters decided it would exist.

You decided this not only the other side the Veil ...

And this is precisely the beauty of this context ...

And it's so surreal, that you need to walk a long time until you can host your own Magnificence as a Creator.

Well, in your linear time, we can say that recently - since its "discovery" - you had to walk 515 years to allow yourselves to understand how you created this Capital in Brazil, and named it Rio de Janeiro.

Well, it seems an axiom because I, KRYON, told you in December 2014, in your linear time, that THE RIVER RUNS TO THE SEA ...

And, here, your exploiters - yourselves in another time - you found not "only" one piece of Rio (River) in January ... (KRYON refers to the name source of the 2nd Brazilian Capital - Rio de Janeiro, or “River of January”)

But rather an immense Sea, blue pool, beautiful, reflected today in many postcards that make the world wayfarers want to come here ...

Why, when you, Human Angel, speak about this place anywhere in the World people can identify that there is, right here, a point of common interest?

And what's so special among the exuberance of this landscape, its magnificent and natural beauty and the context of "Incredible Journey of the Masters" who walk on the Earth?

Why the "Sleeping Giant" metaphor involves this landscape as a "National Consciousness Symbol", in your Country?

WHO is the GIANT that truly WOKE?

There is a lot, dear ... There is much more that you can even "conceive" to imagine ...

You walked through Illusion without realizing that your steps, now decided and then faltering, would describe a scenario where many characters still would come to Manifest the Glory of Creation!

For this scenario remained untouched until your arrival, at this moment - as Awake and Aware Masters - many agreements and many associations have been made, in many levels ...

You have in your Country - BRAZIL - a COLUMN OF CHAKRAS as I, KRYON, revealed to you in one of my first Messages through my Channel in Brazil, in 2009.

And only after many years walking through the EARTH CHAKRAS, fulfilling your Purpose in the Experience with the KRYON Consciousness, and preparing yourselves, you - who call yourselves, and are known as the KRYON Family in Brazil - decided that the "Incredible Journey of the Masters" should move you exactly across this magnificent energy context, which is accumulated for eons in your Country Force Centers.

And you started a Walk - into the Incredible Journey that you perform in the whole World - that would lead you to amazing discoveries and major revelations, that have brought a new scenario to your reality as Homeland, as People and as a Nation.

When I, Kryon, have chosen my Channel in Brazil - and this is a very, very, very Sacred Contract - celebrated between a Crystal Soul with high Vibration and Consciousness, working with a 3rd Dimension Holographic Project, which rises through the performance of her own Consciousness in an Experience Plan of Density, and polarized in less infinite ...

When all agreements and associations were ready, so this Soul could be inserted in this context and could be born for material life at the greatest exuberance place of your Planet, undoubtedly - the Amazon Rainforest Heart - from this moment on, the context of your entire Experience was also being triggered to a new level as People, as Country and as Nation.

Many knew about this moment and many were waiting.

A long time ago you KNOW, and this is in your Ancestry Records - and consists in many contexts of the Old Holography – that a Child of Light comes to Earth - at a determinate moment ...

What you didn’t understand is that is not centered on a "person" but in a specific Frequency, which works as a kind of KEY - the MASTER KEY - that opens up endless possibilities for the Child Creativity born in each Human, so allow to CHANGE your reality from CONSCIOUSNESS ACTIVITIES.

ALL this what you see manifesting itself in your NOW, it is the result of a great idealization of yourself - in other Consciousness and Light Dimensions - whose Origin and Purpose predate, in large part, the current context of your Evolution on Earth.

There is something just extraordinary happening, exactly HERE in your Country at this time ... Something that will rise and will change the destinies of Earth that you knew, in which you had the most exciting Experiences.

All the Energies of Earth CHAKRAS will be balanced in the COLUMN of CHAKRAS of your Country - the BRAZIL.

Because the Kundalini movement did not start when the Harmonic Convergence have begun.

Gaya counts billions of eons of Experience, and all this was "millimeter" calculated to happen someday ...

When the Kundalini Energy moved to South America and established itself along the Andes Cordillera, it simply would flow through something that had not been revealed to you yet, until December 12, 2010, when I, KRYON, through my Channel in Brazil, revealed to you that there was a huge underground river, similar to Amazonas River - which is the WORLD'S LARGEST RIVER in volume of water and extension - running in alignment with this, however, kilometers below the same surface.

This river symbolizes ALL that you have lived along the Column of Chackras of Ancient Egypt, dear ones ...

So extensive in length as in width ... Just where the waters fountain of Alter do Chão Aquifer, one of the two largest aquifers in the World, is in the Amazon region.

I, KRYON, revealed to you, in that occasion I offered to you this unpublished information, that this River, in its depths, guards much of Holography and the Human Angels Saga on Planet Earth.

As it’s registered to you - by the 2010/12/12 Channeling - when the KRYON’s Channel in Brazil invited you to take KRYON until the Amazon Rainforest Heart, and was the 1st time in eons that God’s Consciousness of Love returned to act in that place, which is considered a true energy and potential fullness "sanctuary".

At that time I, KRYON, revealed to you - and it was the very 1st time you have accessed this information on your Planet – that the Amazon River, the whole Forest and all you see manifested in that Northern Region of your Country, is the result of an "overlay" which was carried out after the closure of MU, Lemuria and Atlantis Experiences.

Just over the three Continents "lost" from your records on Earth, that needed to be accessed in order to have your Experience revered, at the beginning of Collective Ascension Process of Humanity.

I, Kryon, only speak of this subject through this Channel, and there is an obvious reason for it to proceed in this way. This information is accessed directly from the Akasha of the Planet, through a Frequency that is not available yet, so this information remains "Crystal as the Source" and cannot be the result of any kind of ego mind manipulation.

This is appropriate for this moment.

The Amazon Rainforest is an Energy receptacle, because it keeps the Earth's Primordial Ancestry.

The first beings, the first researches for the whole exuberant Life there is on this Planet could be carried out on the Experience, concretely, they born among what you see as the Amazon Rainforest.

But in the early days of Life, as you conceive it today, the Amazon Rainforest was part of another Holography, which went through many stages to become one of the most important Atlantis colonies, to the point of 2 the Great Master Crystals stored in Atlantis (including one from Lemuria) were leaked direct towards South America, for your country - Brazil – because of the Atlantis extinguishment.

Masters, listen carefully, because you begin to remember Who you are ...

Many of these trials were conducted in Earth "outsider" laboratories.

There still is a lot to be revealed, as you access more about yourselves and give us permission

And, on Earth, even at the Atlantis culture time, you – the scientists, the researchers - were those who sang songs that made the molecules vibrate, in the Rejuvenation and Regeneration Temples, so they were sent, through the Sound, to their own Source, and avoid you to get old ... All this technology was very simple, and also very complex, because everything depends on Crystalline Energy.

I, KRYON, I'm not encouraging you to bring all this and do it again ... No ... Quite the opposite! This you already did! EVERYTHING has changed and is getting a new meaning in your current Experience.

You have a New Earth, that went through endless and profound Transubstantiation and Transformation processes in her bases, changing the whole LIFE in a different way of HOW it was previously designed. These Experiences do not fit into your current process of RE + evolution. You will develop new ways of acting with Consciousness.

You have evolved, but you did it from a valid and "preterit" choice, and that was carried out in the course of your Experience. This is so undeniable, as honored.

The crystals provided to you (during many periods of your Existence, during the various Earth Holograms – in this so remote and not counted past) all needed Frequencies so that you could, as Masters, have access to the Purest and Primordial Energy that exists, and it is available.

Masters ... There are no missed Connections ...

And part of ALL you have lived and experienced, was stored in this piece of land you call COUNTRY OF THE HEART - the BRAZIL.

For the entire Planet, this Country is a very special place, and that’s why I told you at the beginning, when communications began, that many would come here on the pretext of access these Energies.

I, KRYON, affirm that the same context occurred in the advanced Cosmos Laboratories, happened in fact (and it was real) in Earth's laboratories - where the first trials with DNA and the genetic changes led to GNA - giving origin to Genetically Altered Beings. These tests happened exactly where your Amazon Rainforest are.

And, as there is no missed Connections and the Principle is Eternal ... The "Original" Energy generated part of you see.

So I, KRYON, tell you that you keep this Memory in such a veiled way and, at the same time so real, that the ALL World Countries sign agreements and treaties, through their governments, creating protection laws to what they call "Lung of the World".

You know, dear, I'll tell you one thing ... Because nothing is what "seems" to be ...

They can cut all trees, and it will not miss the air to you ... This is not even possible ...

But, it’s necessary a "great excuse" to threatens them, so the humans beings respect some things that are much more than Holy, because they are an important part of the Angels’ Divine Experience, when they conceived  themselves as ONE, in the Creator’s Heart.

The Amazon is not the "Lungs of the World" because it provides "air" for humans - your precious oxygen – not at all ... Not even consider this.

It is because it contains the Records Energy that will lead you to the Aquarian Era "AIR":


Because when you acquire all knowledge and have access to all information - with Consciousness - the entire context will have already changed.

When you look at something with Consciousness, the Experience has already changed, Master.

Because you, Human Angel, is the Creator.

You are a Master, and it's you WHO decide when it is time to elevate yourself to a New Baseline.

When I, KRYON, revealed to you through my Brazilian Channel that there was a river below the Amazon River (which one, months after this announcement, was discovered and named RIO HAMZA) whose importance would be unthinkable for the future destiny of your Country , I, KRYON, at that time, began to "draw" for the whole world the importance of you - as People, as a Country, as a Nation - to the new scenario that you call NEW EARTH.

Exactly two years after the date of this announcement, on 12/12/2012, you were in EGYPT fulfilling one of the Higher Light Purposes for New Humanity at the 12:12:12 PORTAL OFFICIAL OPENING. At the time of this announcement, you were precisely anticipating the all Crystalline Energy redemption and performing the most beautiful connections with the Consciousness, which would be triggered for Humanity from 12/12/2012.

This Underground River (nowadays, it is an underground river, after the last "overlap") leaves the Andes, where all the fundamental Kundalini Energy is deposited, and this river, the HAMZA, flows exactly over the SACRO CHAKRA of your Country, which is located at the Amazon Watershed.

Well, this is not a coincidence ... It is not a "godincidence" - as you say – it is the result of your creations and conceptions, "millimeter orchestrated" for eons of time.

We need a little bit of cosmic mood in here, to illustrate this moment!

Come on, you are the Creators! You left an "Energy Signature" in that place. 

How would you not recognize your own "work"?

And, yes, dear Masters, it is very true ... "Rio (Hamza) flows into the Sea."

By the way, have I , KRYON, ever already cheated here?

Yeah... I don’t...

You even take a while to realize ...

And it is very true that eons and eons of time have passed ...

In the past, Hamza River cut across all the place - which nowadays you call Hydrographic Amazon Watershed - and it was navigable.

The Atlantis used it to reach their South America colonies.

By HAMZA, it was possible to access other veins and secondary rivers from this ancient River-Sea region.

It was through this River that it was in part possible to build the complex "tunnel system", which served to drain the 2 ancient Atlantis Master Crystals - Atlantean and Lemurian - to Brazil.

One of them was strategically positioned on the GENESIC CHAKRA, and it is located in Bahia.

You call it VIOLET CRYSTAL OF SOUND. And, that Atlantis Crystalline Energy is there, waiting to be incorporated as a Great Wisdom.

And why is it Violet?

Because this Crystal would only be activated again when the Grand Master’s VIOLET LIGHT, who governing the Aquarius Era, and came from the Tien Temples in Atlantis (Master Adamus Saint Germain),  had been released from his prison, Ascended and, after his Enlightenment, he returned to the Principle, that is Eternal, sharing his Experiences with each one of the Human Angels.

And, with the VIOLET LIGHT assigned to him – of deep TRANSFORMATION - he resonated ALL THAT HE IS, for all Grid Frequencies ... For that the Light and the Glory of Sovereignty of Men’s Race was finally redeemed for a New Era, where Love could express itself FREE from the old concepts and conceived connections.

Because only then men would conceive themselves FREE for CREATE again ...

The other Crystal was, in a way, deposited in a region that contains the irradiation of three of your Chakras - SOLAR PLEXUS, HEART and LARYNGEAL CHAKRAS.

And why did you name this region as Minas Gerais (General Mines)?

And why there is so much wealth in this region basement, and there are so many crystals?

Why was it necessary to dig kilometers and kilometers to reach the veins of stones, in the caverns underground, to find all the wealth that was deposited there?

And I, KRYON, tell you that the Energy is still there. And, a part of it that was sterilized, it’s ready to be TRANSCENDED.

The gold extracted from Minas Gerais does not represent the invaluable True Gold – the GOLD of AQUARIUS ERA.

But, it was there, in this region of your Country, that your people’s movement for Freedom was carried out, when one of the great Masters and Avatars was there.

The GOLD’s Energy of AQUARIUM ERA - FREEDOM - is present in every inch of Minas Gerais floor, and contains the Principle of irradiation of 3 Brazilian Chakras- HEART, LARYNGEAL and SOLAR PLEXUS - that fighting for harmonizing there.

Dear ones, you contain in your Country - the BRAZIL - every human history contexts, since MU, because you are from much earlier than Lemuria, as I've told you through this Channel for over 6 years. But, there are still many traces of Atlantis and Egypt in your Energy.

For this reason, you are accessing the Most Powerful and Primordial Energy, which creates EVERYTHING that you see expressed in this Experience Plan, where your are listening and / or reading this message through the Energy Crystal. You have already lost yourselves before, by accessing and manipulating with this Energy in Atlantis and, AGAIN, you will have a chance through LOVE to sublimate a past act.

And my Channel couldn’t be born elsewhere, but at the Amazon Rainforest Heart, otherwise all the New Earth Co Creation and manifestation work would not be possible to be carried out through the Crystalline Energy.

A Crystalline and not corrupted Being is required, as an Energy of a Crystal, capable of operating the changes, in deep Reverence and Love, for everything to be carried out the way it was planned.

It is necessary that this Crystal BEING has a specific molecular geometry, which can manifest in your Plan.

In Atlantis you knew that, and you held all WISDOM of handling with the Energy contained in Crystals.

It is exactly the same Energy that radiates now on Earth, came from the Great Central Sun ... It is the Alcyone’s Photonic Belt Energy, composed of Crystal Cosmic Dust - hence the name "Crystalline Energy".

In ALL you see manifested there is a Purpose. And, so it is fulfilled, there are also many agreements and contracts that are carried out.

You work with Vehicles that brought you to Earth one day - as the Merkabah - and you need to create other Vehicles to leave the Earth Old Holography, towards the Ascension Process.

But, some of you have decided that, when Enlightened, would remain on Earth ... Then these, among you, would have other Vehicles at their disposal, as the Merkivah, the Merkavah and Merkanah ...

And then they stop because if you put on the Merkarah - the 24 cusps Star – you just leave this System.

So, according to this Purpose, you would work in building this New Light Vehicle to, once again, spinning the most rapidly possible the orbits of your electrons, so you could put on the Merkanah Vehicle – the 20 cusps Polyhedron Star - and keep yourselves within the Experience.

How this 20 cusps Star would be constituted?

Of 4 perfect Pentagrams, so of 4 Stars with 5 cusps each.

Each one of these Pentagrams represents one of 4 Elements (Water Pentagram, Earth Pentagram, Fire Pentagram and Air Pentagram) with whom you have worked on Earth since your arrival ... Since you came from Plans of Infinity for this great Experience of forgetfulness.

These 4 Pentagram together form a 20 cusps Star, which is a stellate Polyhedron, and each cusp radiates Crystalline Light.

And this is the ICOSAHEDRON form, which is the crystal molecule format.

And, then you have the explanation of everything that I, KRYON, have revealed to you during these six years, through my Brazilian Channel, about the importance, legitimacy and validity of ALL you perform for the context of the New History of your Planet.

And all this occurs as from your Country - BRAZIL.

Let's move, then, there is still a lot of information in the lines and between lines of this Message ...

Just after SACRO CHAKRA, located in Amazon, you have the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA along the BRAZIL COLUMN CHAKRAS, in the place that you call BRASILIA, the Brazil’s Capital, the Union Federative Headquarters.

From there, through the issued POWER Energy exactly from your Country Political Headquarters, which home the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA  of the BRAZIL COLUMN CHAKRAS, the Brazil’s Energy was directly connected to the ANCIENT EGYPT COLUMN CHAKRAS .

This connection occurred linking TEBAS (the ancient Capital of the POWER at ANCIENT EGYPT) to Brasilia (the current Capital of the POWER in current BRAZIL’s scenario, as Federative Republic).

We can say this is a updated holographic representation of the entire Experience you have lived at ANCIENT EGYPT, 7000 years ago.

When you - the Masters - moved leaving Egypt, also brought with you these old connections, without releasing the Experience that was not elevated.

So, all of those times characters and contexts were moved to Brazil ... Or they positioned themselves off, in order to compose this same scenario, now updated.

Today, you are ready to RAISE the whole Experience with you, and the same Energy that connected TEBAS and BRASILIA, since the Great Pharaohs time, also asks for a New Connection, as you moved to the CARDIAC CHAKRA on this occasion.

In TEBAS, part of the ANCIENT EGYPT POWER has been corrupted. 

But at Amarna - the ancient Akhenaten Empire Capital - the Energy of a POWER and LOVE ALLIANCE was celebrated. And that man, in an unquestionably way, breaking with traditions and paradigms of his time, he allowed himself to inaugurate a New Time by moving the Power of an Ancestral Empire to beyond self-forced limits.

Exactly what you are doing now, but adding an extra dose of IRRESISTIBLE LOVE to all this conscious movement.

And, of course, being Brazil a very young Country, with only 515 years of History, you had to go through and live a whole Illusion and Forgetfulness period at the Old Continent, of where the Masters came from, and where the Master who governs the Aquarius Era and has a DEEP love for EACH of you, Enlighted himself.

And you have developed incredible passages there!

Many characters, who are in your books, are celebrated in these contexts.

And, thanks to them, you filled all Earth's History pages of amazing adventures ...

Despite the dramatic contexts, you have lived great Experiences that are translate into mankind epics.

Dear Angels, Masters, that's what trained and qualified you to live the 5th Dimension of Consciousness and Beyond ...

"There" is a place that does not exist ... You have already arrived "there" a long time ago ...

The point is that you did not remember that. So I, KRYON, arrived a little before that for you. You slept in Illusion until the very last "timed" minute.

You didn’t allow yourselves to remember before the 2012 "time marker", and you, to co create this marker, set the clock for a while before 12/12/2012.

On 2009, 9th February, I, KRYON, assert the Sitting on the Throne of Undifferentiated Golden Angel Contract - the ALLIANCE WITH GOD - celebrated with you - the Masters, Avatars, Designers, Human Angels - through my Brazilian Channel.

This is part of the Agreement we have celebrated since Higher Regions of the Spirit of GOD'S LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS, very long before you arrive here.

This is part of the Collective Agreement of Mankind History as it is conceived for its REvival ... And that’s why many voices from heaven sounded before, preparing some of you for when "the trumpets sounded" the GENERAL AWAKENING, each One at his time could accept his part in this grand Divine plot.

And when you heard KRYON for the 1st time, in your own language, you were SURE this Agreement, this DIVINE ALLIANCE, had not been corrupted ... One to One you were called, and a few ACCEPTED the "call" - from your own Souls - to compose this perfect moment.

The CONSCIOUSNESS VOICE had summoned you, and many waited anxiously for one of most celebrated epic moments in ALL current Mankind History: The 12:12:12 PORTAL.

Finally, the CLOSING and OPENING of a NEW EVOLUTIONARY CYCLE for the Men’s Race History.

And, then, that's how you and my Brazilian Channel - this Crystal Soul – recovered each other, overcoming all obstacles that the linearity had imposed for eons.

In December 2012, there were you and KRYON's Brazilian Channel , on EGYPT - fulfilling and celebrating a LIGHT and LOVE Agreement - leading 66 Souls of 66 Masters (that had this Commitment) in Duality Experience ...

Masters who lived much of these contexts, much of these Experiences, which were still completely forgetful and deluded, attached to the Unconsciousness meshes, about Themselves.

Still, overcoming the limitations that the Illusion, in the 3rd Dimension, sternly imposes, and silencing the second voice, which does not represent the IRRESISTIBLE LOVE Voice, there they and you were, on 12/12/2012.

And so were the Grand Masters – the Creators of this unique moment - scattered around the World, connected as NEVER BEFORE, since the Atlantis Consciousness falling, resonating in unison ...

All connected, being as ONE ONLY VOICE ECHOING ON EARTH - a SILENT VOICE - inaudible to the human hearing parameters, because the HEART VOICE is not always heard or noticed ...

These Connections were crystal clear ... There was no other Purpose but to celebrate Consciousness.

And so, many Humans REunited, around the entire World, with all of you who went to EGYPT in 2012, led, conducted ,guided and orientated by the CHILD OF LIGHT.

And I, KRYON, for the first time, I will tell you that without even knowing each other or having met before, ALL of you who participated of this context, directly or indirectly, have a Luminous Connection with this New Light Seed that came to Earth, and it was triggered at that moment.

Because there is no lost Connections, and no Connections that cannot be accessed. But anybody can never manipulate with all these things ...

You and KRYON Consciousness, which introduced itself publicly to you in 09/02/2009, in BRAZIL – the Barn of Blessings Country for NEW EARTH - celebrate together and WE PERFORMED (as yourselves decided and according to your "perception" about Ascension) the GREATEST of all "boundaries" in the Evolution of Consciousness History of a NEW HUMANITY.

Maybe you take years to ACCEPT ... Or it may be in a breath ... But you are the ones who HAVE TAKEN ON this function and many are still wrong about their participation in this scenario.

No, dear ones, the Illusion is not out, either the Unconsciousness ... It is in the fact that you are completely wrong about WHO you ARE, and about WHAT  you came HERE to do...

It’s about the fact that you conceived yourselves from a misperception, that came from a human eye that, one day, you took as being "limited" Beings ... And, The fact that you have forgotten that YOU ARE the Creators of the Primordial Experience.

And then, in this Agreement - which celebrates this Divine Covenant by the "Golden Promise" - which says that, when a single Angel remembered, all God's Love Spirit would inundate with Consciousness this whole Experience Plan, so you live a new epic.

But, this time, it will be wonderful! It will be indescribable, magical!

You REturn to Light with a New Consciousness!

You will love your New Earth, because you will write on it pages, unpublished chapters of a new History ... And this new History, in spite of all your memories, all of your Experiences on Earth are very honored, you will write it with the Awareness "Gold ink", on behalf of FREEDOM.

It will have very beautiful Chapters and, at the end of every page, will be written: "They lived happily forever!".

And, "ALWAYS" is the Eternal Now!

And your beautiful History will not end on Page 2!

This I, KRYON, I assure you.

It is part of the "Golden Promise" we have with each other, and with all these Beings that act on Earth on behalf of Conscience, bringing their own voices to the humans, from the other side of the Veil ...

Beings who are very honored and respected, when they bring Consciousness to you.

All of you, in this great context, must and can celebrate ... Because there is always a NEW START ... Every day ...

Because there is huge difference between simply wake up in the morning, in what you call "autopilot", under the Ego’s old and failed structure control, and the AWAKENING, every day, to a new possibility of Light and Love, in the infinite Experience of the Eternal Now.

These are not just words, beloved Human Angel.

This is Consciousness working on a Plan they call "matter".

And, for the same reason, on behalf of Consciousness, you already use as Light Vehicle, in this work, since the arrival of the KRYON in BRAZIL Light Entourage, for more than five years, the Merkanah, as Light Vehicle.

You knew from the beginning, that you would remain in the Experiment to manifest a New Earth… Because you are the Pioneers in practically everything ... And because are you here for millions of years ...

Yes, because you're here much before the Earth transform, dissolve, reborn, transform and, again, REborn ...

But, this time, you are who will REborn, not the Planet ... It's Gaya who leaves!

You - as cells and Children from her body - take the Divine Light in conducting the Planet destinies, and in conducting Yourselves.

It is an acting of Consciousness!

And I, KRYON, tell you:

"The River is of January ... And from February to December too ... No matter HOW, no matter WHEN ... The River always flows into the Sea!"

Very soon, you will have many Atlantis news in your reality - and in your time - because you have provided all the signs, all the triggers, since the Awakening and during the Enlightenment Experience.

You wouldn’t come until the Creator's Heart, in Yourselves, to forget once again WHO YOU ARE.

So, Consciousness is not simply your guide.

You ARE the Consciousness acting, Here and Now, on behalf of IRRESISTIBLE LOVE!

This is what KRYON’s Entourage and I came to tell to your People, once again: "BE ALL YOU ARE!".

You have a sublime Mission in this context, as spiritual Homeland and Nation.

You must shine with a thousand Suns strength, and radiate this Primary, Primeval and Powerful Energy - the KUNDALINI - with all LOVE YOU ARE, for the entire Globe.

The whole Planet will receive your emanations, through the New Mesh.

Do not worry about all you have heard about it, which is derived from the "2nd Voice" - the Unconsciousness voice - because you were already prepared long before KRYON comes to you, in this more updated "version" of Yourselves.

You have been blessed with a New Time, and that’s why you are the World Barn, at this point ... Like so many others People and others Homelands, in the past, have already lived their grandiose contexts ... And many others will still live this context, in what you call "future".

But, in the moment of Eternal Now where you ARE, allow yourselves to BE, and SEEM TO BE, because only BE is no longer such appropriate.

Dear ones, allow yourselves...

Let life flows ...

And be aware, in every breath.

Congratulations, Masters, you are creating a new Light Way, through LOVE and Consciousness.

And we can say that it started HERE, in the CARDIAC CHAKRA from the COUNTRY of the HEART.


Here I came because you called me ... And I never leave ...

You and I Are One and the Same.

So it has been from the Beginning ... So must remain, and will remain.

Let it be in Love.

And So It Is.



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