KRYON, Channeled by Ginaiá Ferreira de Brito
KRYON’s Brazilian Official Channel
KRYON|Next Generation
111 Portals ~ 2017 Series
Santos, SP, Brazil
August 7, 2017


Greetings from the Crystalline Light, Masters.

The Crystalline Service came to see you tonight.

There is a Retinue full of Light, Love and Consciousness at your disposal, HERE and NOW.

Dear Master, remember, We Are One and the Same.

So it has been since the Beginning, since immemorial times, and so will remain.

There is logic in this, and there is also a spiritual science.

And all these things are far beyond the merely human and three-dimensional conceptions which you have become familiarized with.

There is much more information to be made available, just as there is a Divine Multidimensional Technology operating throughout this Process.

It is true that, at this moment, there is a Crystalline Codification in progress ...  And it comes to attend the Divine Humans who manifest a NEW EARTH demands.

It is essential, dear ones, to this process Stage occuring at this moment, and will deflagrate intense changes, that are already under way, for the NEW EARTH System.

This is Divine and has an Origin you still cannot reach ... But be sure you will understand everything in its own time and when it is appropriate.

The Saturn System favors this Encoding.

When it comes into operation, dear Human Angels, also make sure it is for your benefit.

And you are evolving beyond what you were, far beyond what you should Be as the Race of Men, for many eons.

Ten years ago, when the Retinue and I, KRYON, arrived to speak to my Brazilian Channel, for the first time, we told you, soon in the first Messages we brought from Home, that you were speeding things up ... And that some Potentials that were available for the next 30 or 50 years were being brought to your current NOW.

And, dear ones ... This has already a decade.

Look for it since the first Messages, especially you who awake NOW, and you will see that EVERYTHING has been left for you ... Because that is how the "Time Capsules" work in your reality... When you need them, they are there for you because some Master, some other Family Angel, left them for you in other times of the Eternal NOW.

This is how Messages from Masters that have already left your System, but were very advanced for their time, begin to make sense only NOW.

As Sovereign Beings, of course you make changes in the Potentials, that’s why something of these Messages need to be updated ... But there always is a crystal-clear informations base in there, and they resist time when information is true.

Dear, you are leaving the current carbon base through a transformation to silicon base.

During this Process, which you have decided to call Planetary Transition, significant changes that already are in progress in your current Holography, will be performed.


There is no return from here. Understand this very well.

So, dear ones, just allow yourselves to flow with all this Process that is happening to you, in your NOW, and be ok with it.

Thank Yourselves for allowing to move BEYOND the old biology, in a consciously and lovingly way.

Every human on this beautiful Planet is living a truly extraordinary adventure.

They are incredible times for Consciousness to reveal that YOU ARE THE ONLY CREATOR OF YOUR EXPERIENCE.

Nothing exists beyond yourself, as well as nothing exists before you, except LOVE.

Dear ones, there has always been LOVE...

And LOVE, as a rule, without any bias that can change it, ALWAYS will prevail, in many ways, in all aspects ...

The 3rd Dimension Illusion has hidden this from you.

You think yourselves different, apart from each other... But, believe Angels, your Origin is the SAME...

And the Purpose to each One of You being present in the actual Experience is simply to all Veils be withdrawn and Consciousness may be part of the incredible Human Angels’ Journey, those who once were forgetful, but who have overcome the 3rd Dimension Illusion and remembered their Divine Origin.

And from this moment on, which becomes epic and grandiose, they deflagrate a New Purpose for Themselves.

And that’s how a beautiful Transformation process begins - and is ongoing - and you are part of this great plot.

When you call us, we come ... Every time. This is something Sacred.

We welcome your call, exactly because we love you.

There is LOVE, from this and the other side of the Veil, where the other Family Angels are.

We honor every step you take in the Enlightenment Journey, because we know your Heart, dear Angel, and we know that your Intention is Pure.

Of course, if it was not in this way, we wouldn’t be here.

So, we come back to retake the second part of our Conference this month of August, 2017 in your linear time...

Because you are living a really grandiose moment ...

In this MEGA PORTAL 888 - LION's PORTAL in 2017 - a series of significant Cosmic Events will work for the Evolution of your Humanity ... And not in the previous molds... EVERYTHING is truly UNPRECEDENTED.

What is happening NOW is as relevant as the 2012 MEGA PORTAL.

It is something completely unique and unprecedented.

So, you don’t even think about being indifferent to it, or you will be dragged by the Crystalline Energy that floods the Earth right now.

All Humanity is leaving a very old Platform, which operated the Earth System for a long time. This ancient Platform operated for the old Human Portion and allowed the Duality to be part of your Experience as a Human who walks on Earth.

And this is how you are advancing BEYOND all that you conceived to BE while you were in three-dimensionality... Because your "perception" is being altered in the first place and the CHANGE occuring "outside" is only a reflection of the Consciousness System alteration.

The Crystal Beings who came to the Planet to operate this Transformation with you, they have achieved, dear ones!

They are playing their Part in the Journey, regardless of your cooperation and recognition. They know the risks of operating "inside" a Crystallized System of unconsciousness mass. But it does not affect them at all.

They are great "experts" at changing complex and highly structured Consciousness Systems, as the case of your beloved Earth.

And they know that this CHANGE can sometimes seem very slow, but it is and needs to be consistent ... They know that there are many "break even points" along the way, until a critical mass reaches a stable, balanced and consistent Consciousness state.

When you begin this Journey, you are leaving behind many misconceptions about family, affinities and, above all, about relationships ... And practically ALL the Experience on Earth is based on these things.

Some of you are part of the Group we call “Old Souls”.

Really, you are very old Souls, some of you are since the Beginnings of your beloved Planet foundation, or even long before it is a Project in the Creation scope.

But Planet Earth is much more than an Experiences and Manifestations Orb...

Planet Earth is a highly complex System, which has become essential to Life’s Evolution throughout the Cosmos.

Earth constitutes a true University for those who wish graduating in Mastery.

Perhaps you cannot comprehend the magnitude of what you are doing at this time, when you allow your Light to overcome all dissensions and the great Separation Energy that has been taken to the extreme of “negative Infinite” throughout all the Experience of the forgoten Human Angels on Earth.

But you are those Pioneer Souls who, just as you were in the Principle, the Beginnings, the foundations and the base of all that was built in HERE, HERE still remain, sustaining, RE creating and allowing a New Project to have its course in progress, even if it means to alter every previous bases that were once built with much effort by each One of you.

And you are allowing this to be done and it has its place in the Humanity bosom, because all the possibilities of Evolution, within the Algorithms created for the old System, are exhausted.


And the result to keep yourself on a Holography that does not work in progress is simply the STAGNATION.

And that was precisely WHAT happened to old Earth. It stagnated.

EVERYTHING in the Universe of Form was created for Evolution, and this is a Law of Progress guideline.

This Law applies to all Beings and created things.

You were created to EVOLVE, in a continuum of “not Time” and “not Space”, always in the Eternal Now.

Know that all Beings are emanated very simple and free, to have enriching, creative, passionate and sensual experiences.

You have lost, during the dark phase of Earth, all the primordial connections with desire, with passion and with sensuality.

You are not only humans... But you have completely forgotten your angelitude.

And beyond all your pursuits to satisfy your needs as humans, still remains active the Divine Angel’s "will", which is behind the casing of the material body.

It is true that you have evolved materially beyond all foreseen premises but, Earth itself, as a living organism that pulsates latent - and also has a heart - wishes to evolve beyond Itself.

And you are part of this because you are a symbiotic aggregation integrated with Gaia, which operates in Perfection and Equilibrium.

There was a time when you did remember all these things, Old Souls...

A time when you contributed to Evolution... When you were not forgetful about WHO YOU ARE neither about WHAT you came Here to do.

From the moment the Veil became thick, you have lost this ballast of communication from your Presence. This is what you call DISCONNEXION.

And it's very simple to understand this...

A series of noises around you - which you have created and deflagrated - began to prevent this level of communication.

And, instead of trying to RE take this Connection, leaving it Crystalline so that you could operate together with the Spirit, you chose to increase the noise around you, and thus prevent the "Voice of Love" - the CONSCIOUSNESS LOVE - manifested itself to you.

And then you decide, after a long time and a really extensive Journey through the Illusion and Unconsciousness Realms, to RE take these Connections.

And know you all, dear ones, these connections have always been where they are at the moment, they have never been anywhere else.

There never was anything "outside", dear Angels.

And now you are able to understand the compassionate and loving logic, this benevolent Spirit’s logic, operating behind all these things.
You have turned away from Yourselves, letting go your passion for performing truly unprecedented and challenging things on Earth.

You have decreed a dormancy state, where you have only tried to keep things functioning in a permanent stagnation state, just "making up" a progress state which simply became cycles within Cycles, in order to keep "more of the same", all the time.

But for the Divine Angel there are no limits... He doesn’t even understand that something has an "end"...

Because in the Realms of Absolute everything is Unlimited, everything is Infinite, everything is Complete, and the BEING is already FULFILLED... He only expresses his own Realization.

On Earth you have created a vast, extremely complex and intricate system of separation, and even though there is much knowledge, and all of them seem to complement each other in a great mosaic, you make them so distinct from each other that they apparently become incompatible.

It's not so?

As a rule , you operate from a base that always makes you separated... Always far away from each other.

In matters of diversity, you could perfectly compose a mosaic from the differences you find... Since they are many...

But you cherish, in some way, a "minimum" set of affinities...

But that's not how it works.

Look at the whole thing "base".

ALL HUMANS ARE EQUAL... Strictly equal...

It doesn’t matter what is your nationality, or the color of your skin or whatever race you belong to.

Dear ones, you are EQUAL.


There is no gender difference...

Your "preferences" are what make you unique Beings, just as your fingerprints do.

So, look...

You are much more alike than different.

There is much more equality in diversity, in plurality, than you can realize.

And now you are beginning to understand these things, because you look no further only through a single lens - the three-dimensional lens.

Because it is this focus that causes you to take the whole Multidimensional Vision and point to a single direction, pushing you away from the whole Entirety Work... Moving you away from multidimensionality.

Dear, Earth has always been, and always will be, a beautiful mosaic of different colors ...

But this does not make you different, it just makes you creative.

And it is from these colors, these multidimensional inks, that you will reveal your Divinity ... That you will RE take this path with grace and ease ... That you will raise the ANCIENT EARTH to the NEW EARTH category, and will allow yourselves to go to the Infinite and Beyond Yourselves.

Many among you have always heard the Ancestral Call to BE ALL THAT YOU ARE, to evolve beyond all measures, to break with the contrasts nuances and anchor all possibilities.

But, although many among you hear and feel the Ancestral Call, however, just a few follow this feeling...

Because you were very, very accustomed to live only trhough ONE sense.

You have never used the five senses of the three-dimensional human, and so it is incredible that at this moment you open yourselves to the Master Senses there are in each One of the Human Angels of the great Angelic Family.

Dear Ones, NOW you have found a very beautiful and very elegant way to RE create a New Holography, something realy NEW and UNPRECEDENTED that is worth to be appreciated with the Master’s Higher Vision there is in each One of you .

When you start talking about non-separation, at the beginning, the great truth, dear ones, is that this is nothing but a big fallacy ... They’re just words ... Beautiful, well placed - "strategically" put - words...  Indeed, for some, it's just a nice politically correct speech that does not include the truth about how they feel.

This is how you work to be accepted into society... To be appreciated and having the other humans affection...

Unfortunately, dear ones, this is how the three-dimensional human acts all the time, in his eternal lack for attention.

In a way, this creates other affinities groups, and it is where you begin to RE unite and this takes shape, but as time goes by - and Now, with the Consciousness arrival - this has gained an unimaginable dimension.

A new tool, through technology, is given to you interacting, and the Internet was born.

How do you interpret this?

From small groups to a global scale?

It came to serve you, dear ones!

Just like everything else will come in these New Times, as long as there is Consciousness, Respect and Love for your creations.

You create demands through Consciousness and these demands are fulfilled... That's how it works in the Crystalline Age...

The Internet was a "necessity" of connection for all mankind.

It emerged out of this need to RE connection with each other, with the Angelic Family, until through the interactions generated from this tool, and with the evolution behind these interactions, you were able to understand the Planetary Family and evolve to the Cosmic Family level.

That's why I say it again... There is a pure, crystalline and spiritual logic, there is Science behind all of this.

The basis operating this great Transformation - which is the Planetary Ascension Process - is Divine.

Maybe you don’t understand, but you are already open to receive and accept the New Times that are coming.

All Crystalline Coding is already available to you, dear ones.

The METATRONIC KEYS are an "Integrated Set" that initiates something very grandiose, which will transform Life on this Planet for EVER.

When all humans are impeccable (1st METATRONIC KEY) and they be able to work with all 9 KEYS - which METATRON delivered to humanity through my Brazilian Channel - the FUSION will be complete.

It does not matter, dear ones, how long this will take for you. Because this is from human to human.

It is only YOU who accelerates or slows down your Evolution, and no one else. EVERYTHING is at your disposal and it is you who should be interested in it. Nobody will come to Ascension you, dear human.

In Linearity, you counted in a way that only exists on Earth, in your System, the passing of this linear time.

You counted days, weeks, months and years... Because you used to worke with cycles of Life and Death.

See well… Because this is very important... And you need to understand that you went far BEYOND of an imposed Paradigm, which alter the whole way of LIVING and EXISTING on your beloved Planet.

This rupture affected ALL your Linear System and "moved" you, so to speak - as a Collective Experience - to another Experience Baseline, creating and deflagrating a deep Shift Energy, that changed even your Planet axis, which was moved.

It was THIS Energy created by CONSCIOUSNESS that deflagrated this ballast of deep TRANSFORMATION that Earth experiences.

And it came from a few humans... There were not a lot of conscious humans to do that... However, these few were in the path of Enlightenment.

On the surface, what three-dimensional humanity witnessed were tremors, erupting volcanoes, and South America as the "stage" of a grandiose, consistent Change, with the vibration and movement of Kundalini Energy ... And, of course, there was some drama involving this because it is about the three-dimensional human.

Know that the Kundalini Energy establishes rigorous and high crystalline patterns for those who work with it.

And that is exactly why, in BRAZIL, it has an exponent through this Crystal Being - this KRYON’s Channel - who represents the Child of Light’s PURITY and INTEGRITY as the Creator's expression to the new Divine Human patterns.

The Kundalini didn’t move randomly from Hymalaias to Andes Moutain Range. There is a lot of spiritual technology operating throughout this intricate process which is the Planet Earth and Gaia Ascension. Everything that happens serves a High Purpose.

This movement had a fate known by the ancient peoples that created several poetic versions about the meeting of the Eagle and the Condor Energies ... All these ancient prophecies are being fulfilled, and those who were born and lived among these peoples and ancestral cultures should understand, more than anyONE, this symphony governed by Mastery.

Through the Hamza River - which has existed since MU times (Ancient LeMuria) and runs kilometers beneath the surface of the Amazon Forest immensity, following the same course of the Amazon River - is that the Kundalini Energy, which runs through the Andean chains, crosses the north of BRAZIL and reaches the Atlantic Ocean, dripping in its waters, which lead to the oceans and seas of the whole Planet this Primordial Energy of Transformation and Holographic RE Creation to the terrestrial globe.

The arrival of my Brazilian Channel to the Planet, right in the Heart of your Sacred Amazon Forest, was the necessary "Permission" for the deflagration of a Kundalini Energy ASCENSION VORTEX in the bosom of the same Forest - which is the LARGEST Forest of the World and considered to be a Patrimony of all mankind - because at that exact Mesh 144 Nodal Point, where was born this Crystal Being that operates part of the Planetary Transition plot, Frequencies that anchor Creation and RE Creation Codes have been deposited, to be shared with all the New Humanity in the foreseen time.

Why do you think it is in BRAZIL - and precisely in AMAZONAS - that there are the LARGEST Forest in the World (Amazon Forest), the LARGEST River in the World in terms of Waters volume and extension (Amazon River), the LARGEST biodiversity (Amazon Forest) with the LARGEST number of species of ancestral flora and fauna, and also the 2 GREATERS Aquifers of your Planet (Guarani and Alter do Chão)?

Dear Ones, do you believe that this KRYON’s Channel, who is an elevated wingspan Crystal Being, could be born somewhere else on this vast Planet?

Dear Ones, EVERYTHING - and EVERYTHING REALLY MEANS EVERYTHING - it has been micromilimetrically orchestrated and architected by each One of you, with unmistakable signs that cannot leave any trail for "doubts", that you are for Planetary Ascension - as a People and as Homeland – in the same way the AIR Element is for the AGE of AQUARIUS.

Know that this System is operated with logic and precision at a multidimensional level.

In 2014, when you were in Germany, in front of the Brandenburg Gate, the RETINUE and Me, KRYON, we asked you to consider submitting 12 Enlightened Human to the Planet... And this seemed very simple at that time, considering that you are 8 billion humans on this Planet...

At least that's what your Human Portion thought about it at that time.

But you realized that very few were indeed on the true Enlightenment path, and not into the "makyos" of this process... And it was when you understood the depth of all the grandiose context that you operated as conscious Masters, and you assumed a rigorous posture before the importance of what you were doing.

It was only in June, 2015 that the 1st Enlightened Human REcognized and Assumed his Enlightenment.

Finally, after eons of attempts, a human from the Angelic Family had finally broken with the linear pattern of the three-dimensional mind, and had gone BEYOND Himself and all that this really means.

But, in fact, this only occurred when you broke with Linearity... When an energetic "ballast", that expressed the breaking of a linear pattern, was finally left behind, and sustained by each One of you, so that this Enlightened Human, who was determined to go BEYOND physical death to prove his point of view, could reach the Enlightenment.

And He did it.

He proved to Himself that He was willing to die for it...

He was not going to die for the rest of Humanity, as the old stories about the Enlightened Masters of the past use to profess... No, this Master did not want this at all.

Hence the success of the Experience.

And then, finally, after eons and eons, Consciousness overcome the Illusion.

And this happens when the first human becomes Enlightened but does not die... He remains in the Experience... He overcomes the Linearity, but He says goodbye to his Human Portion.

That's when He decides to tell this to other humans’ World... That He did not die...

And some others start listening...

And so we came to the second, the third, and many other Enlightened Ones still will come...
Believe, Human Angels, Enlightenment is for each One of you who reads and hears KRYON.

These Human Masters don’t leave the Experience, they simply break with Linearity in the most absolute and concrete way, without, however, leaving biology, but going Beyond Themselves and everything they considered BEING a human who walks on Earth ... Changing with that all the "premises" and the linear understanding on WHAT IS the Planet Earth EXPERIENCE...

Going far BEYOND the material body itself... Shifting, changing this body base from carbon to silicon... Allowing that much of what you have already read, or learned from the old knowledges about all this, to be equally altered.

And know that, since ancient times, the Mer Ka Bah is widely known, widely spread and studied in many theosophical schools, in esotericism and Mystery Schools, but what they have never taught you, dear humans, is that the Mer Ka Bah led you to the Negative Infinite Experience after the Consciousness Fall in Atlantis.

Therefore, the Mer Ka Bah, dear ones, is your DESCENTION Vehicle.

How do you imagine that you came to the Old Earth Holography?

You needed a highly efficient and coherent transport that could bring you from the Light Realms into a Material Realm.

And this was the chosen Vehicle - the perfect Light Vehicle - for you.

This Vehicle, like everything else in Life’s Evolution, also evolves in learning, understanding and comprehension.

And it evolved to Mer Ki Vah, to Mer Ka Vah and to Mer Ka Nah ...

And finally to the Mer Ka Rah - the Ultimate Vehicle, the Ascension Vehicle - the one that withdraws a Soul from this System ...

And Me, KRYON, told you, in the last MEGA PORTAL 888 in 2015… And the KRYON in Brazil Family was at Bonito, at Mato Grosso do Sul / BRAZIL, at the other side of the Border where the RETINUE and I, KRYON, told you right away in the first public communications in 2009, through my Brazilian Channel, that a Yellow ‘Rose” was deposited... In a metaphor that meant that you would find your innate, ancestral and primordial WISDOM if you followed these guidelines, and you would recover Yourselves.

In those times of little informations and understanding, you were willing to leave everything behind, leave Illusion to BE EVERYTHING WHAT YOU ARE... But, regrettably, just a few actually did it... Almost a decade later and we only have 3 dozen of Enlightened Masters on your beloved Planet.

And it's interesting for you - as much as for all of Us from our perspective - because at that ocasion, when Mer Ka Rah became available, and you were in Mato Grosso do Sul listening to KRYON live, many of you thought, "I'm going to leave Earth! Finally, I'll be able to leave the System! I will die!"

And they died... They died physically, they made the passage to our side of the Veil, dear ones... Some Human Angels left the System, but they didn’t wear the Mer Ka Rah ... They did not leave the old Biology and did not complete the Process...

As we said in 2009, many would choose to leave ... And it happened... But, don’t feel sorry for it.

They will return, dear ones!

There is much more spiritual logic in this Process than human mind can comprehend.

It is simple, it is beautiful and it is elegant that it is like this.

You need to complete your cycles... ALL CYCLES.

All the Evolution possibilities of your old System are exhausted, so it will not be the old way, as you learned in the old Mystery Schools, since you left Atlantis.

No, dear ones, it won’t be done that way.

That's why the Mystery Schools are closed.

Because the new Crystalline Technology also brings new creative solutions, suitable and appropriate for the present days of the Human Angel that is still on Earth - the one who forgot Who He was, but who is RE taking his Origin and, thus, deflagrates a New Purpose.

It is no longer the old Purpose... The old Purpose is fulfilled, dear ones.

You have RE taken Consciousness…

You have broken with the Illusion...

You have left the Veil behind... And then, from this point, all these things become possible.

And now that you are God / Goddess in Experience, we can have Conferences like this one - also accomplished in an unusual way - but completely appropriate and, above all, full of Respect and Reverence for all that you have reached.

So, allow yourself, because it's a New Stage.

It's not about the old Journey anymore... THE JOURNEY OF SEARCHING HAS FINISHED.

You already are Enlightened Humans, you are the Masters of the New Experience...

You have won death, and you are still on Earth.

And who would say we would talk about these things in August 2017? (KRYON is laughing here)
In August 2009, I, KRYON, remember very well ... We were talking about the “WHO CAME FIRST, LOVE OR CONSCIOUSNESS?” axiom.

We are talking about this in the first year of Lord Saturn's regency, in the year of the Crystalline Coding, the Year 5 of the New Earth.

It is the YEAR V, dear humans, because YOU went to EGYPT and deflagrated the MEGA PORTAL 12:12:12, and all Humanity had Reverence with that Light Work that you coordinated from Brazil.

Again, NOW you assume the reins of much of the Planetary Transition plot, and it is very explicit WHO are the Beings are ready and have empowered themselves for it, because what will happen requires a high degree of specialization, and that is why Crystal and Diamonds Beings came to support you.

Dear ones, there is so much yet to come, you are just on the Planetary Transition threshold.

The Consciousness Portals are opening their doors...

And it's beautiful...

It is beautiful to realize that the chosen place for this Conference has been from the Brazil Crystalline Deposits.

Honor that.

That you have Service Beings operating the Planetary Grids that coordinate these Operations from Earth, just as there are other Beings that are equally on Terrestrial Globe and hold all this for you, Old Souls, who did this for the Planet and for Gaya for eons.

So see, Masters, it doesn’t matter everything you did, where or at what time within Linearity you walked...

It matters HERE and NOW.

It matters YOUR IRRESISTIBLE LOVE Consciousness operating this in conjunction with your New Biology.

As an Enlightened Master, what you choose is the keynote of your Experience, and you will build YOUR New Reality.

This is what the Quantum Leap of Consciousness is about, during a MEGA PORTAL.

Energy is coming to serve you... You have a series of occurrences by the end of 2017 that are crucial to the Planetary Ascension destinies.

What happens in August 2017 between these 2 Eclipses that deflagrate Powerful Mega Vortexes of Crystalline Energy by altering the "base" and "constitution" of your beloved Earth, it’s just one of the thousands "signs" that have been and will be given along this beautiful Journey through Consciousness.

And, dear ones, this is for EVERYONE, because all of you are on a different Ascension ladder step ...

But there always is the next step, and there will always be the next Baseline.

Believe Me, you din’t come here to do this alone.

That’s why affinities united you at the beginning, only until you were able to understand that you are much more equal than different.

And that you are evolving from the first conception of a maternal cell - which was the human family - to a PLANETARY FAMILY conception.

Until when you reach this conception, there will be another great moment, another great general transformation, because then you will integrate the COSMIC FAMILY.

This is how it works, beloved ... From the Creation Realms until the Experience Realms.

And Earth is part of this context, not just as a "scenario."

Earth is a living organism that pulsates and feels like you... Just as it vibrates with your Evolution and your achievements, because it means that every cell in your Body is equally evolving.

And so the Entirety Work rises up...

And that’s why, when ONE human rises up, the whole Humanity Entirety Work of rises up with him.

EVERYTHING and NOTHING has always been, and always will be, the same thing.

This does not change.

This only applies to Creation, and how it was conceived.

And so are you...

So, dear ones, let's resume some of what we said, and let's move on.

Because, at this moment, there are many Beings who feel the Call, above all to be in the Crystalline Deposits until the GREAT MEGA PORTAL 111.11  ENCONDING - THE MASTER KEY PORTAL - in November, 2017.

Not only in BRAZIL and USA, but in other equally important Nodal Points, where there will be support and connections in the New Crystalline Grid during the great MEGA PORTAL 111.11 Enconding, on November 11, 2017, at 11:12 p.m.

The Markers, more than ever, as we said earlier, will have a crucial and important place in the current Evolution stage you are.
The Markers reflect, in the Time of No Time, Light Points in your Linearity calling your attention to something very important.

Some of you start walking to leave Linear Time behind ...

What the Enlightened Ones began to do a decade ago, all the rest of the Planet that begins preparating for a Journey that goes on until 2038, begins to take the first steps, as "small trials", to something grandiose that will still come .

2012 was the "Ground Zero", the beginning of your NEW EARTH.

That’s why you celebrate the NEW YEAR every Year on 12/12 ,... Because you are the New Consciousness Pioneers... You celebrate like those Souls that deflagrated the Ground Zero on Earth, on 12/12/2012, the 1st New Year of the New Earth Nonlinear Calendar.

And it’s at this date when the New Year must be celebrated in Angelic Family.

It is how you honor Yourselves, honor your own achievements ...

When you celebrate something around a Marker, it doesn’t mean that you are creating or reinforcing Linearity, but only REmembering the "breaking point" with the old linear structure.

So you see, that all perception about all things, and concepts that led you to preconceived and crystallized patterns that kept mankind in the Incoherence of Illusion Pattern, dissolve themselves in face of Consciousness.

Consciousness has always a different Look for all things.

It’s Consciousness that brings to you the conditions to advance far beyond what it was announced to you.

How many believed that Earth Experience would end in 2012?

And simply because a calendar was no longer written in antiquity...

So, see how it was the superstructured mind that has appointed, until very recently, until WHERE you should move forward.

Dear Ones, when a decade ago we told you that everything would be dissolved, everything meant EVERYTHING endeed.

Mankind's way of thinking will evolve in such a way that you won’t recognize yourselves in your old linear lifes.

Ask an Enlightened Master HOW He used to be... And He will answer that "that" old Human Portion was not "He" ... And He will add ... That was in "another life"...

And that's why some are understanding how important it’s letting go the old ways of counting Time: clocks, schedules and appointments with date and time set.

Because three-dimensional compromises are completely different from Cosmic Markers...

They were created by humans to maintain the status quo of all things operating without any alterations. They prevent creativity of working with you. Because creativity is one of the Master's Senses, and keeping everything under the rigid control of Linearity keep you in the "Focus" - which is the only Three-Dimensional Human Sense.

We can even affirm that "Focus" - which professional human life values so much - is the compilation of the Linear Human 5 Senses and serves just to keep you under strict crystallized patterns in Linearity, without any possibilities of big changes.

Cosmic Markers come exactly to dissolve all Energy existing around this control system.

Of course, when you come to a consensus about overcoming Time, many get up and, in certain way, boldly let their Linearity go.

And look for alternative ways to revise and expand your own Time...

And then, when you realize that time is no longer being counted in the old molds, the seconds become eternal, and you open great Windows of Time, which are also great Windows of Opportunity through which pass creative and associative manifestations, because you connect to the NOW Time.

And it’s when you are present in your Experience because there is joy, because there is happiness, because there is sensuality, and this is how you fall in love with Life again.


Dear Ones, there is much more logic in this whole Process than you can conceive.

NOTHING is by chance.

And you are benevolent Beings who have forgotten that you must do good to Yourselves in the first place.

How can you "dare" conceiveing the common good when you are so cruel to Yourselves?

How can you say that you’re in love with each other when you judge yourselves as you do, when you believe you are so wounded and have so much to heal that you spend a lifetime behind all these cures and the healers behind them all?

Dear ones, the only cure is LOVE, and you are the Love revealing itself before your Humanity.

This is the essence of I AM...

Love exists in Consciousness, my dear ones...

And Consciousness brings to you an extraordinary Life, where Love, being the Essence, is also the "base" of all your Creations.

And the end result of this is that you always live in a passionate way, you don’t give up!

However great the Journey challenges and that it is always RE starting, it’s no longer a Journey of searching anymore, it is a legitimate Experimentation, Permission, enjoyment, pleasure, Fullness and Realization Journey.

See the immense difference of how your old self - the old human who inhabited your material body - conceived things.

For your old Human Portion everything was difficult, everything should be conquered with sacrifice and effort...

And, for LOVE, to understand that it is not necessary to do this way, you allow Consciousness comes to create magnificent Experiences.

And this is how you find your new affinities, not through old ways...

And this is how, regardless of the Evolution steps in which all those who form the Planetary Family are, you are able to sustain and inspire each other.

Dear Ones, the Master inspires through his Light, his Wisdom, but above all, through the examples He gives to all those who are able to SEE.

For the very first time, you have "dressed as human" Masters walking among you.

The true Master doesn’t carry stereotypes, He doesn’t have a garment, He doesn’t wear a robe, He doesn’t wear a turban on head, he is not subject to millenarian practices that were imposed by the old molds of living his Mastery.

The Master is FAITHFUL to HIMSELF and no one else.

He is HIS own TRUTH and WISDOM.

Dear ones, understand... You are in the FREEDOM and CONSCIOUSNESS ERA.

Does your Consciousness point to something that will come or something that has already been?

Do you want “more of the same” or do you want something really NEW?

It's quite simple to notice...

You don’t need a big genius to understand these things... Actually, it's quite simple.

The understanding of WHAT IT IS TO BE FREE simply liberates you from all the stereotypes and crystallized patterns which have been imposed as a way to achieve the Spiritual Elevation.

You are not bound by the old practices, by stereotypes and ways of doing your old gurus things... And that’s why they came down from the altars...

That’s also why you are on this side of the Veil and are Masters, have become Enlightened...

Just as your ancient gurus are on the other side of the Veil, and not all of them have become Enlightened...

The great, the vast majority of them did not reach Enlightenment, dear ones ... They were bound by practices that created crystallized systems where Themselves were imprisoned...

Many will return to Human Experiences still in biology... They departed from Linear Experience without completing their cycles.

However, those who Ascended are unconditionally supporting you, exactly by making you let go the old three-dimensional conceptions of in order to live the Fullness of the Age of Aquarius.

How can you be free with so many impositions and practices, which served only the old Holography?

New Age deals with CONSCIOUSNESS and nothing more.






Dear ones, create new forms of Connection.

You are Sovereign, you have Consciousness and, above all, those who live in the power places where there is this abundance of Crystalline Energy happening, as you in BRAZIL having Vortexes at your disposal to change every body cell.

Look for those Human Angels who are Masters, and who know how to deal with it, to support you... Do not follow those who still are Self-Seekers ... A Seeker creates more searches, more of the same, and you just will be dragged to be part of this...

And you can get stuck in it for a long time and, when you realize it, you lost the New Consciousness Train because you were not at the station on time.

And yes, it’s needed to know the technology behind all these things, and that's why the Crystal Beings are on the Planet for.

All of you dance at the same rhythm, and it is not frenetic.

But there is great joy when you allow yourselves to express your Light together in great celebrations.

I don’t refer to the amount of people in any way, this is something very three-dimensional and linear... This is to live longer the old paradigms limitations. Since when quantity means quality? Almost never.

Dear one, you may even be alone, and never will be.

The I AM is FULL, is EVERYTHING, so you are in the Fullness of BEING.


And just when you are alone, being ALL THAT YOU ARE, you have an overwhelming desire to share your Light.

And, when you radiate this Light, other Beings that harmonize with Light grasp your Light and feel Compassion, feel your sensuality, feel the desire of sharing similar experiences.

And that is how you create these highly evolutionaries moments, as well as REvolutionaries, and you alter everything around you and rise the Experience up.

This is what you do during a MEGA PORTAL.

That’s why you unite, that’s why you celebrate, that’s why you go to unimaginable places, where no other Human Angel has dared to go.

And that’s why, dear ones, you will move on a Journey of Joy, on a Journey full of Weightlessness ... And believe me, there will be Weightlessness from beginning to end.

Simply access your Child of Light, this Divine Child existing in the Creative Heart of each One of you.

When one cycle closes you will realize that another cycle will be open, and you will realize that so it is successively and BEYOND.

And on the date of MEGA PORTAL 111.11 there will be many Angels celebrating, and more Enlightened Masters on the surface of your Planet - who also have not left the human body - who have overcome the death stigm and who have understood that death is a lie, is a deceit ...

That there always been more levels of Life, and so it will remain.

You have in your Country the Crystalline Vortexes that will receive very specific Codifications, and not only on this date of MEGA PORTAL 111.11... There will be others.

You have a path to the 2038 MARKER where many CONSCIOUSNESS PORTALS will be opened and will offer unique opportunities for Humanity Evolution and Elevation.

You have the Crystalline Beings who have been brought into your Experience in order to reveal to you a high and advanced technology which you do not remember, but many of you are carriers.

And this is how, when you unite, you operate great miracles and magic happens to you, and this benefits the whole Entirety of Work created.

Until the MEGA PORTAL MIRROR on 02/02/2020, you will go through many relevant PORTALS, with very specific Energies and Codifications, and if you are able to keep all Activations up to date, you will have a holographic quality of spectacular Creation, especially in face of the Biology Change.

Even if times are challenging, persist in Consciousness and collaborate for Change.

Dear Ones, it is true... Nibiru is interfering in the Gravity System of your beloved Planet, keeping all things very cohesive, the old things, the old Energies very "glued", in a way to speak, to your gravitational reality field.

And for some who might have already done, but have not chosen to do this before, even though they have had many opportunities, know that doing this at this time requires a certain degree of discipline and discernment - and some effort indeed - because they are still stuck in the old ways of doing things.

So it is time, more than ever before, to let go of everything that binds you to Linearity, which reinforces this Linearity, which makes you to be this merely three-dimensional human.

Dare, dear human... DARE!

Go Beyond Yourself in everything you can!

Do not give up on Yourself.


This recommendation will apply to the entire period of Planetary Transition, as long as there is a single human who has not reached the Consciousness stage yet.

So there is still a lot of work to do... 2012 is Ground Zero, it's the "Starting Point", it's a NEW BEGINNING.

And you will always be RE starting, because cycles will be smaller more and more, even though you live big Cycles...

That’s why you should look at the Markers you have left for Yourselves...

Even though, within these Cycles, there will be smaller cycles, cycles that are fulfilled in your Experience, but which give you the possibility of Consciousness Leaps and, during these Leaps, many significant Changes occur in your Reality.

When the Leap ends, all Reality is already altered.

There will be big Leaps for many of you who compose the Angelic Family, and who have awakened to these things as New Consciousness Pioneers.

But still, the work continues, and you are those Beings who will serve as a living example for a New Model of Humanity.

Remember this.

And more... As you walk and form what you call, in popular New Energy jargon,  "Family of Light", remember that you must not enforce Separation Patterns or the old family systems and consanguinity bonds of the three-dimensional human.

You are much more alike than it may seem to you.

You should not work in a combative spirit, but open yourselves to all those who are missionaries, who are bringing a New Light to the Planet.

The Authentic Beings will not come to you or will do this by promising you trips in spectacular spaceships, because that would dishonor all your Evolution and all your Process.

You are on Earth to have a legitimate and sensual Experience and, as humans, REmember your Origin, REtake your Sovereignty and Elevate all your Experience.

How this look like for your Sovereignty, if there is another Being - that "seems" above you - and comes to help you but, instead of supporting and sustaining you, he does everything in your place?

Where is your merit?

Where is Consciousness?

And where is your achievement in this act?

If this Being is in position to do it for you, then HE IS God in Experience, NOT YOU.

Then, EVERYTHING we've dealt with for a decade makes no sense at all to any of you, if you're still waiting for a spaceship or a Savior.

So think hard before you do not apply the Discernment filter in everything that comes to you, especially on free internet times, dear Angel. Be careful, conscientious and elegant with what you allow yourself to access.

Understand that some humans get excited about certain possibilities, because it is easier a dishonored escape than to remain on the "battlefield".

But know the battle is not outside...

Remember that IT’S ALWAYS YOU WITH YOURSELF, and the battle ceases when you accept that YOU ARE DIVINE.

This is how you open yourself to a path that leads you to FUSION with the I AM, and allows the I AM to operate your Experience.

But you, before Consciousness, do not look for another Being in some corner of the vast Universe to do these things in your place.

And no Being, since it is a legitimate agent of Consciousness, offers to do it in your place dishonoring your Journey on Earth.

So, dear ones, put aside those childish, puerile and frankly senseless conceptions of complete escape from reality.

They never took you anywhere, and this is how it will remain.

Because there is no sense in this.

And be careful because wherever you place your attention, whether in positive or negative Experience aspects, it will happen to you and you will have unpleasant moments with these proposals based on false spirituality and/or pseudo consciousness.

So remember that Discernment prevails during the Planetary Transition, especially with the informations avalanche coming uncoordinated all the time and that are within your reach.

Dear Ones, all these things are brought to you always in deep respect, but we do not advance with any kind of information if you are not ready for it.

And believe Me, there are no privileged groups receiving highly confidential, secret informations, as if that could promote them to a next Baseline.

What promotes them to a next Baseline, dear Angel, it’s always Consciousness. Only that and nothing more.

It is always what aligns you to what you do, what you say, how you think and, especially, how you "feel" all these things.

It is always YOUR Truth that prevails.

Because the expression of your Love for your Creation is something Sacred, keep that in mind.

Dear Ones, it was with great honor, pleasure and respect that we came here to reverence and honor you on this MEGA PORTAL 888 eve, on August 2017, which takes place between the two Moon and the Sun Eclipses of unimaginable proportions and importance.

LIFE and EXPERIENCE on Earth will not be the same after these Cosmic Events.

This day is a mark, and there are many more important events coming to you, to transform you forever.

You are Sovereign Beings, you decide on all these things, and you choose how you wish to walk.

But believe Me, all the things have been provided no matter what your decision is, everything is available to you.

So do not allow judgment, incoherence, Illusion, and old perceptions to distance you from your Creations.

Understand that each One, as all of you, are moving on a Sovereignty and Permission Journey.

This makes you open to elegant and increasingly Higher Levels of Consciousness.

And Consciousness changes EVERYTHING.

All Crystalline Light that is coming to Earth was predicted.

You knew it would be like this.
That’s why you have come to Earth - in this Time and Place - because you are the only Beings within all Universe of Form capable of dealing with it.

You have done this before, you are only remembering how good you are in what you are specialists.

It is you, dear ones, leaving an old base where you were not ALL THAT YOU ARE and advancing to a new model of BEING, where you are FULL, COMPLETE, ENTIRE and FULFILLED.

I have already told you before, PERFECTION IS YOUR BRAND.

So be content with it.

You are the best.

Now I leave, but not really.

You know, I Am less distant than a breath.

If you call me, I will come.

I Am KRYON, and this is the Crystalline Service ...

And it’s been a long time since we have been connected to all of you.

Let it be in Love.

And So It Is.



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