KRYON, Channeled by Ginaiá Ferreira de Brito
KRYON’s  Brazilian Official Channel
KRYON | Next Generation
Portals 111 ~ 2017 Series
Minas Gerais, Brazil
August 22, 2017


Greetings, Masters!

I greet you from an Unconditional and Irresistible Love Vector of Creator Consciousness.


And today is a day for you to celebrate your Light, your Purpose and your Magnificence in a full and authentic way!

That Golden Angel seated on the Throne of the Undifferentiated - who represents your CONSCIOUSNESS, your LOVE and your LIGHT - reveals, from this moment on, all your Sovereignty.

We can say that you are in a New Earth ... And, you are indeed!

And this is the Year 5 of this New Creation.

Nothing you do can change that, because that is something that has been decided many and many eons ago, since you dreamed of this moment...

Ever since Atlantis, since Lemuria - and long before that, even before being in this System - you dreamed of Evolution, and Life in all its nuances, breaking the limits of what seemed impossible.

The "Creator Breath" finally takes place within your Creation, and this is a very unique moment.

We can say that you are living from within your Linearity that what your mind conceives as being Time, but which is something completely outside of all parameters that the linear and three-dimensional mind could even dare to conceive as a possible reality.

In fact, it’s a very new, instigating time and "maybe, only maybe" for the average human "it looks like" there is no definitive change. Because the ordinary human doesn’t reach the Consciousness Eye, because he is restricted to the three-dimensional human’s limited vision.

But you are the ones who will look from the Highest to OUTSIDE and will see humans walking INSIDE their own holographs, living their own creations.

And it will be clear to you what each One of them has deflagrated for Themselves in this unique moment of Human Experience, in the 1st Year of Saturn’s Regency on Earth.

Because for humans who are Angels and who belong to this great Angelic, Planetary, Cosmic, and Universal Family, something has happened indeed... Something grandiose ...

And this has changed the course in a way that you will still understand ... Maybe not in current, linear NOW but, believe Me, you will understand... In the exact time this will come, and will be for you ALL, without distinction, and the Potentials point out it will be soon and that it depends more of "Permission" for your advancement, on an individual and collective level.

And, at the time it comes - because when that happens you will still be on Earth - these other humans will still live with you, but in parallel Time Lines ... And you will remember each One of them ... And, when this Time comes to them, they will equally remember the Pioneer Souls, those who paved the way for all.

Know, dear Masters, that many who today have not, will still have immense Reverence for each of these brave Souls who paved the Planetary Ascension path, and almost all of them will regret not having made the way beside them.

Dear Human Angels of the immense Planetary Family, you are in a Time Vector that considers days, months and years as being "past," "present," and "future."

This makes you conceive Creation out of God's Algorithm Time, which is the Eternal NOW. And this puts you in Timelines subject to intersections with other Creations happening at the same time as yours. This, at the same time that puts you in contact with other humans and their creations, also limits you terribly by the circumstances existing due to linearity that is subject to the 3rd Dimension formatting: width x depth x height.

When you don’t live in NOW, know, dear ones - and this is the first time I, KRYON, speak about it - YOU are not being part of Creation Equation.

Without living in NOW, no human on this Planet is actually being part of the Divine Plot.

Everything that is happening, happens because it was foreseen, but it is in the absence of those who are not living in God’s Algorithm, in the Eternal Time of NOW, for those living in a "delay" of this time ... The best vision we can offer to you who live attached to what has passed, or to the eminence of what is still coming, is that you live "delayed" in eternal anxiety... You are always "out of time", and in this case synchronicities cannot occur, and you don’t have any kind of interference over any kind of event, you're just being dragged by them. Look at this.

Know that in this Manifestation Realm it is YOU, and no one else, the expression of CONSCIOUSNESS, and when you don’t express yourself in LOVE and LIGHT - and believe, LOVE and LIGHT have nothing to do with how you, in your Human Portion, currently conceive this - CONSCIOUSNESS is not part of this manifestation, it is only your Human Portion using his old fallacies system.

It is only, once again, the old Human Portion "chattering" in your mind, trying to "customize" the whole thing, making arrangements to keep things as they are, making it “seems” like you sound different, but just struggling to keep everything in the place created by the Ego for this Human Portion to live.

Dear Human Angel, pay close attention to what is being said in this last part of KRYON’s MEGA PORTAL 888 CONFERENCE, in August 2017, Year 5 of your NEW EARTH, because you will come back HERE many times if you do not move from WHERE The Ego put you ... And you will read this Message again and again, but not because your life has changed, but because you did not allow the CHANGE to occur.

So, breathe deeply, and open your Heart to notice all the triggers that favor your creativity manifesting in your favor.

You are living the repetition of something that your Ego has created and recreated countless times, but you are not living the CONSCIOUSNESS CREATION.

The overwhelming majority of humanity still lives the last Holography remnants in terms of its linear structuring. Everyone is attached to the Agenda, the schedules of commitments, the priorities of material life. No merely three-dimensional Human comes first in his own Linearity.

Look, dear ones ... Let's talk about Ego, Egoism and Egocentrism ... And let's take a MEGA LEAP of CONSCIOUSNESS with that! I promise each One of you that at the end of this Message, most of you will be completely ready to DEFINITELY CHANGE your own personal Holography ... Your way of BEING, LIVING, THINKING, ACTING and EXISTING will already be altered completely.



Egocentrism, is a vision presented to the world that introduces the concept of the Human Portion centered in himself, being the CENTER of EVERYTHING as the ONLY thing that matters ... With "everything turning around him", as if it were man and his Planet the center of the known and unveiled Universe.

Well, this is what the EGO has made all mankind believe ... But, on this date, POST MEGA ECLIPSE of August 2017, let's CHANGE this ... Let's END this distorted Vision, let's knock this misguided view down in order that you understand that ALL it was presented to you as TRUTHS are nothing more than "half-truths", and moreover very misunderstood.

Just like, one year ago, we overturned Death Paradigm, in this act we will overturn the Ego Paradigm.

Believe Me when I, KRYON, tell you that “NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS TO BE” ...

You will understand that "HALF-TRUTHS" ARE ENTIRE LIES!

This will be the GREAT MAXIM offered by Lord MELCHIZEDECK for each Angel of the Family, on this glorious day for the NEW HUMANITY, which is the POST MEGA LEMURIAN SOLAR ECLIPSE of August 2017.

Dear Ones, each One of you has been led to believe that Ego, as an exclusive creation for the Men’s Race, tends to regard the individual as the CENTER of CREATION. He places only the Human in creation and considers no one else in its priorities. Hence you consider Humans to be severely selfish.

Well, this is a huge "HALF-TRUTH" ...

And that is why I, KRYON, tell you that E.G.O. is a brilliant, insightful and highly sophisticated System ... And I've been saying this to you for almost a decade, and I always repeat this through my Brazilian Channel, because she's a Crystal Being, she's a "Consciousness Systems Specialist" and this is part of her Agenda with you, so, believe Me, she knows you much better than many of you could assume to know yourselves at this stage, where you still are.

The whole search Journey for a human is concentrated in self-knowledge. All of you are prodigal in saying that self-knowledge is the true Evolution path... That it’s through self-knowledge that you come to deeply understand Yourselves and even "reach" Enlightenment, it’s not like this?

Ahhhh ... Dears ... I love you so much ... You really are Magnificent Beings when you believe in these things ...

How could God think like this? There has to be something very well worked out, created, very well built, structured, for God pretending to be a mere human.

And this is you, just pretending to be what you are not ...

Dear Angel, WHAT do you really want to know about being in a Material Realm that YOU - as God / Goddess in Experience - does not know yet, and which is able to CHANGE EVERYTHING in this Experience?

Dear, being in a Material Realm, there is only the Material Realm itself to be unveiled ... EVERYTHING you already know, you created it by yourself - though, I know that at this moment you don’t remember it or refute it as Truth - still, it's so IT IS!

Your misperception as a mere human cannot change ANYTHING about it!

This doesn’t change, because yourself took charge of creating Immutable Laws that reflect just YOUR own PERFECTION ... Laws that are Created PERFECT, and therefore don’t need to be changed.

Believe, dear, in the Realms of the Absolute EVERYTHING is INFINITE for this reason, EVERYTHING is FOREVER, IT IS UNLIMITED... It doesn’t change.

And that's why Earth is so interesting ... So exciting! Itself configure as a constant changes scenario.

EVERYTHING in it can be changed ... It can be UN Do, RE Created, Altered!

It’s not wonderful for the Creator having a Magnificent Experience with His own Creation?

And even more...

A big challenge for a Creator who "pretends" being only human... And besides he is forgetful...

Dear ones, the E.G.O. serves you, believe in it. He’s a great STORYTELLER.

The GREATEST and BEST there is.

It creates magnificent stories, with plots that are pure expression of genius in order to keep the secret about WHO you are and WHAT you have come to do on 3rd Dimensional Earth.

Of course, and in this E.G.O. is perfect as a system!

After all, E.G.O. was raised by WHOM?

By WHO, dear ones? But for the greatest Creator Gods of Beautiful Experiences?

It has repeatable algorithms working perfectly - although they have a lifespan because of the Material Realm characteristics and they are subject to the same three-dimensional limitations of height x depth x width that permeate everything in Three Dimensional Creation ... Then, because of this limitation - that works like a "counter in turns" programmed with a "limit" - one day, simply the stories cease, there is no longer a new and unpublished one to be told.

Dear Human Angels ... Pay attention to this ...

Just realize that it's as if all songs have already been composed ... So what it will exist is just a compilation of all of them, melodies combined and recombined patches, but NOTHING will really be UNPUBLISHED... You will not hear a really NEW song ...

At some point, EVERYBODY will realize this ... But only AFTER SOME have already perceived BEFORE, when it seems that EVERYTHING is repeating itself, incessantly, without stopping ... When there seems to be a search "mechanism" in Creation making the associations "looking" new, but that are only traces of known old patches already manifested of already lived plots of eternalized moments...

Dear ones, that’s how you feel at this moment ... The overwhelming majority of you live a great “déjà vu” IMPRESSIONS.

That's because your friend / foe STORIES COUNTER has exhausted its resources ...

It finally Fulfilled Itself within its Creation!

The time has come for the entire humanity to close EGO’s Cycle as a control and manipulation system, because the 3rd Dimension is no longer the NEW EARTH reality.

But, in no time, know that true Egocentrism has happened ... This was the GREAT LIE that your STORYTELLER made you believe.

Probably a LIE as big as DEATH.

And you even come to believe that It did all this to keep you alive, since you were kept as the "center" of everything, but you were not ... Never were, dear ones ...

Although it almost killed you to paralyze you where you were innumerable times, just to keep you "safe" in FEAR PARADIGM ...

What a great axiom looks like to your Human Portion, doesn’t it? How does something, developed to keep you alive, almost kill you?

No, it's not an axiom. Believe Me.

It is only Ego believing, and making you believe, that anything - no matter how odd it may be - is BETTER THAN CHANGE!

I have promised you that at the end of this Message, with Permission, you will have gone far BEYOND Yourselves ... Because going BEYOND Yourself is the ONLY CONSCIOUSNESS goal... And that is why Ego opposes it.



And in panic preferably, believing the world will end if you take a single step!

Dear, if there was EGOCENTRISM you would have already discovered that YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS.

It's that simple.

Imagine, dear, only for a moment, that YOU - and NOBODY ELSE - is the CENTER of EVERYTHING THERE IS in your Human Experience ... This really means disregarding everything else and BEING exclusively THE ONLY Being that matters.

What would happen?

Breathe and feel for a moment ...

Well, the Retinue and I, KRYON, will tell you what would happen ...

EVERYTHING, absolutely everything, it would CHANGE in your Experience!

You would provide yourself with EVERYTHING a Human deserves to have ... You would preserve yourself, all the time ... You would guarantee the best condition of BEING, LIVING and EXISTING for Yourself to the detriment of everyone else within your Holography ... NOTHING, really NOTHING, would even matter more than you ... Because you would not consider any other priority, always YOU - and NOBODY ELSE - would come first.

And it would be so in all situations, in all processes.

It wouldn’t matter what happened to ANYONE else, do you understand that?

So, there would never be a single discussion about family, friends, relationships ... At any level ... Simply none of these would matter, you would be focused, all the time, solely and exclusively, on offering yourself an extraordinary Experience ... AND ALWAYS would do this to Yourself, you would never do to other ... So why should there be any discussion?

But ... This doesn’t seem to me being the humanity three-dimensional reality, much less in the Human Angels Family...

And then, you say ... "KRYON, that’s why We have overcome Egocentrism and we have gone ahead, we have gone Beyond!"

Ouch! Ouch! ... Human Angel, whom I love so much ... NOW is that moment when I, KRYON, tell you that you are not so interesting anymore completely forgetful ... Careful, dear, with the quick answers!

Never, at any time, there was truly Egocentrism. Never.

The world and the Universe were really understood and perceived by you with you in the center of EVERYTHING, but you NEVER "considered," or "treated" yourselves, as the CENTER.

What there ever was at all times, at least while you were completely separated from your Divine Portion, it was E.G.O. telling and creating stories and you believing them, because it was convenient not having CONSCIOUSNESS and having to question EVERYTHING it was imposed on you as TRUTH.


This is precisely one of them.

You are not horrible self-centered Beings ...

You are somewhat immature, unsuspecting, inconsequential, mistaken ... You are still forgetful of your DIVINE ORIGIN ... Well, it is part of the development possibilities of your nature as a human ... Just this ... Do not judge each other and do not condemn yourselves forever ... Forever is a long time, dear ones.

You who read and listen to KRYON, only from NOW are truly ready to understand WHAT the Pioneers Group built on their path and which allowed them - as an integrated WHOLE - to advance BEYOND all self-imposed boundaries by Illusion. You are ready to understand WHAT “GO FORWARD” MEANS.

From NOW on, a large portion of humans actually begin to "realize" WHAT THREE-DIMENSIONAL ILLUSION IS... Dears, simply EVERYTHING you see, believe, perceive, intuit and / or heard about, is not REAL ... No ... It's not ... It's not even "close" how things can be before Creations in the name of CONCIOUSNESS.

In fact, God is the CENTER, just as He / She IS ALL THAT THERE IS, and this is TO BE ALL AT THE SAME TIME at ETERNAL NOW.

EVERYTHING goes through Him / Her.

He / She NOTHING retains, but experiences EVERYTHING that comes in His / Her own Work and Creation enjoyment.

He / She ALLOWS everything comes, because He / She KNOWS that EVERYTHING He / She created is PERFECT.

God is open to all Experiences and, for this reason, to "God’s Mind ", in his / her Algorithm, there is NO REPETITION!

God does not live the tedium involving the same Creations being constantly deflagrated.

If there was EGOCENTRISM, as you have long believed there was, you would have found the way out from the labyrinth that yourselves created to keep Ego controlling the whole Experience, in a way you had a "justification" to keep it in charge.

See what an interesting thing ... EVERYTHING that happens on Earth is EGO’s fault and work... Ego was the Creator in the Old Earth FEAR PARADIGM, instead of God I Am.

E.G.O. ALWAYS was in the CENTER of CREATION, and not the I AM, but never your Human Portion was the CENTER, because if she was, she would have been privileged in that position.



Human Angels, how can you consider yourselves as selfish Beings, if you prioritize ALL in matter but Yourselves, under all circumstances?

If you put your I Am away from the Experience knowing that He provides EVERYTHING for you?

You are ALWAYS looking at OUTSIDE, never at WITHIN Yourselves, which is WHERE truly are your greatest treasures.

Always the human family who live with you come first, everything and everyone comes first, your finances beliefs, your relationships, the struggles for usages and customs preservation, EVERYTHING is more important and NOTHING of that really includes YOU as the SINGLE Essential Being of your Hologram.

The Ego telling stories is a beautiful device to keep Linearity functioning, dear ones, until the moment of CHANGING this foundation presents itself, as it does NOW.


Have you ever considered this?

You have always considered ALL commitments to other humans as normative, from marriages, unions, partnerships, societies to signed and revised contracts, many and many times in your current lifestyle as humans interacting with each other and everything ... This was taken to the institutional level, pacts are made between Nations ... Everything is properly recognized and attested, and has material value to you.

You sign trade agreements all times when you consume any resource on Earth, always committing to pay for it, for the life structure it is designed at the moment, for food, for housing, for clothing ... You have commitments with EVERYTHING surrounding you in the Holography of your NOW, but none of you have ever signed a FORMAL CONTRACT WITH YOURSELF, ensuring that your ESSENTIAL SELF be part of all of this and that extraordinary, unimaginable, enchanting Experiences come with Him.

Then, why?

Why not?

Why not NOW?

Dear human, you still behave as if Creation were deflagrated in your absence, as if NOTHING of what happened on your Planet was the fruit of your direct interference, and this posture no longer makes sense in the ERA OF AQUARIUS.

It is the exact moment of letting go of the tremendous Illusion that YOU are not your reality CREATOR on a personal and collective scale.

Darling, this completely distorted view no longer fits your Current NOW.

The "Humanity Entirety Work " which I, KRYON, have been referring to for almost a decade, is the understanding you need to acquire about it in order to find the dynamic balance that will lead you to creations that lavish a sense of coherence.

You chose some paths, some Potentials that you thought appropriate to deflagrate the CHANGE before the context in which you were inserted. One of this POTENTIALS was to deflagrate a kind of understanding, of "spiritual" understanding about all things ... A kind of broad, new, creative, outside linear patterns vision and this is part of YOURSELVES’ COMMITMENT in the Planetary Ascension collective context.

A few among you are in this group, others, the vast majority, did not adhere to this proposal. This Proposal includes putting Yourself first. What you do through the path you choose to tread must be a priority in your New Life during the Planetary Transition. And that is something coherent. It is part of the context of BEING, THINKING, FEELING, SPEAKING and ACTING expressing YOUR Truth.

Know that you, dear Angel, are the ONLY Light Work that matters to be fulfilled. Then, comprehend that this understanding about "spirituality" is not yet the "ideal" one, but it enables the RE encounter with Yourself, with your Divine Portion, which in turn elevates you to another Baseline from where you’ll be able to make better choices. That’s why this Way is honored and considered Sacred on your Earth, it is also an extension and part of your Commitment to Yourself in the first place.

Know that this was ESSENTIAL to the Pioneer Group, and it will be FUNDAMENTAL to begin achieving the definitive CURE of this putting yourself always at the "end of the line” pattern. Human does matter, but not in the way you understood him. Just as EVERYTHING concerning this Human Portion really matters, from the moment you consider your humanity in this grandiose context.

Dear, it’s the time and the moment for you to change your 3D priorities by the REALIZATION, the CONSCIOUSNESS priorities, where YOU - and NOBODY else - is the ONLY Light Work that really CHANGES the history of your Planet. If THIS conception comes first in the context of your present perception, YOU WILL ALWAYS COME FIRST, because this is something great that you do ONLY for Yourself but that includes the entire Experience for the WHOLE You represent!

Honoring this Commitment in the face of all other things will be indispensable, and it will be a new crystalline pattern to be shared through LOVE and CONSCIOUSNESS New Mesh, where each Human Angel who evolves with this Commitment to Himself will adopt.

And it is there, at this point, that lies the BEAUTY and the SOFTNESS of whole thing ... And that involves all this New Creation ...

Know that never leaving Yourself for LATER will include putting all Human Angels in perspective, including them just in the first place with you ... This is part of the "Message" that each One of you sends to the New Mesh, and it does part of your legacy to the New Earth Planet that is just being born ... When you do it for Yourself, you do it for the WHOLE!

Keep that in mind.

And from this point, dear ones, each One of you must remember that it is a Journey, so it matters a lot HOW you live it, every second matters, everything counts for it to be really incredible ... In fact, it doesn’t matter the rest, nothing else matters but this, it does not have ONE second more important than other, there are priorities as an extension of the top priority that YOU are and these priorities, properly positioned, redesign your history contours ...

You will still live in Linearity, but walking into the REALIZATION FREEDOM when NOW is your Experience keynote.

This is you.

It's just you being the Gods / Goddesses in your New Earth Vacation Experiences on Full Time Consciousness!

Dear Human Angel and Master on the Way, this is about you, solely of you becoming ALL THAT YOU ARE ... This requires the appropriate treatment of all material resources that make up this current Experience ... Go to the "end of the line" is to abdicate your SOVEREIGNTY, of the natural state of BEING ALL THAT YOU ARE in your Most Authentic and Magnificent Self. And prioritizing what does not make up this scenario constitutes an immense escape from the New Reality that you say you are building.

Your REALIZATION and YOU must Be One and the Same. This will bring the FREEDOM state that will lead you to another Experience level.

Know that WHAT you prioritize in your Experience is simply a reflection of what you do to Yourself, HOW you treat Yourself.

Just consider this in the face of the choices that are coming.


You are the "Convergence Point" of this crossing, dear Angel.

It is in you the parallels find the "Common Point" that generates Beauty, Harmony and Balance, giving origin to a NEW CREATION you call NEW EARTH.



From where I speak at this moment, you live this New Creation.

You have created cycles within Cycles from this singular moment that deflagrated a whole new Being and Existing conception for the beloved Planet Earth.

You have evolved beyond all preview possibilities.

You have achieved all the expectations of experimentation on your little Orb, which is the Blue Planet you love so much.

But you were far BEYOND all of this ...


It reacts and responds assertively to your emanations.

You are "weaving" this Irresistible Love Mesh with new textures.

Which textures are these?

These are the Messages that only you are able to print in the New Mesh. These are choices and perceptions with which you are redesigning your way of BEING, HAVING and DOING things. It’s the crystalline "coherence" aspects - not the "divergence" aspects - that you imprint on your Creations, that make the New Grid to answer your demands from within the Hologram.

The New Mesh is extremely "sensitive" to your emanations and responds to your DNA, which is in complete mutation.

This is exactly why, some years ago, we are urging you to develop a high sense of DISCERNMENT and change from the FEAR CULTURE - which leads to separation and extremes - into the IRRESISTIBLE LOVE CULTURE, which attracts all LOVING Beings.

Dear Ones, then let’s clarify a crucial point in your relations at this moment, when you begin to chant the first notes in your Personal Symphony of IRRESISTIBLE LOVE.

Let’s clarify why there is a huge distortion in how you "interpret" LOVE on Earth, even though you have evolved it on the human Love basis, but there are also distortions in how you understand the explanations through your human words, which are limited to support the understanding of something that is the fruit of the Consciousness awareness.

CONSCIOUSNESS and LOVE do not separate each other.

Believing that there is a collective UNITY that feels and thinks in the same way, in the contrasts and Duality Land, it’s a lamentable misunderstanding, because this thought doesn’t express coherence. Earth is not the Consciousness Home yet, dear ones. In all created things essence it’s necessary to understand that there is FREEDOM, where all of you are FREE BEINGS par excellence, but without CONSCIOUSNESS as NOW, in the contrasts Land, you are not, because FREEDOM needs RESPONSIBILITY.

In the ERA OF AQUARIUS, you will gradually understand that there is a "composite" that enables the CONSCIOUSNESS manifestation, which enabling you to impregnate the New Grid with LOVE, in order of ALL Creations equally based on LOVE may be possibly shared.

There is a way to go in order this happens and there are Potentials you have left for Yourselves along this path that will need to be deflagrated in successive Steps of your Journeys.

But, with this, we are not saying that at this NOW you are bound to old relationships or interaction modes, or that you must maintain close personal or material - or of any kind - relationships, with those who harass or antagonize you, or that have no condition yet to wish you only the GREATER GOOD. Dear Ones, this would not be consistent for the Self that is still human, and would violate the LIBERTY principles of the ERA OF AQUARIUS.

What we recommend is that - while you let go of the old baggages, knowledges, the characters and their commitments with their unchanging agendas and align yourselves with the evolutionary stages in the FREEDOM that your Soul Plan includes - you treat each other with absolute RESPECT and ETHICS, regardless of how each One thinks or behaves in relation to it or to the Planet Ascension. May none of you make or encourage any kind of difference between this or that forgetful human, under no circumstances, simply because you are those who perfectly understand that each One is the fruit of the Consciousness of Creation Love.

You are those special Beings who came from the Creation Consciousness Primordial Home to support this process, Beings who are compassionate and benevolent, and who are unable to wish or cause any kind of adversity to another human under ordinary conditions of Experience simply because he is wrong or chose another way, because that’s a distorted form of RESPECT for Yourself.

So it's a moment of mass releases, and this on a global scale. Globally, your borders are being moved, and even relations between Countries are seeking new points of mutual balance.

Those among you who have advanced a lot along the way - the Pioneer Souls’ Group - are those who understand the sense of preservation without oppression. To desire that the other suffer or pay, or be curtailed unjustifiably, does not denote any kind of Consciousness. That is why certain attitudes in the named "Lightworkers" group are completely incoherent with the ethical and moral principles of this new age, and do not reflect the Creator's Love for his Creations.

However, for you still exists the sense of self-preservation and collective preservation, just as there is order for all things as the changes come in and align to correct distortions in your beloved Planet in this regard, making some rules more flexible while create new dynamics of interaction between people and governments, for example.

You are quickly reinventing yourselves. New ways of understanding the meaning of life and of social relations are emerging as a way of advancing, breaking down barriers, changing installed paradigms which are in force by the society understanding, or still imposed by the old systems of ancestral control. Globalization itself, as an Aquarian Age phenomena, is also evolving into a New Baseline.

All this means a complete RE evolution in the broadest sense that can be achieved.

CHANGE will reach all levels of understanding, until the Old Earth old building has collapsed. And this will require cooperation, but not from one minute to the next, everyone will "instantly" come to LOVE UNLIMITEDLY on the Free Will Planet. Do not nurture this kind of expectation, because there are billions of individual Experiences in ONE Collective Experience, on ever smaller scales happening at the same time, and you will be frustrated because that is not the CONSCIOUSNESS understanding for Ascension occurring.

The contrasts will be preserved, dear ones! This is FREEDOM!

You are UNIQUE in the Form Universe and you are special for that!

Your role is not to antagonize, nor should you become points in common "hunters", trying to crowd human around another common idea to all, this will be mere distraction, dear ones ... Your Job is inside so you can act naturally, with Softness and Grace, allowing Evolution to reach its climax in your own histories so they can be shared.

And of course, in the middle of the "customization era" turbulence, you must preserve yourselves, but do so without fear, without extremism, without unwarranted security reserves, but never fail putting yourself first because this proves there is SOVEREIGNTY as an achievement to be preserved - not as a materially misguided selfish understanding state - but through a deep understanding that WHEN YOU ARE THE CENTER, YOU ARE THE CREATOR, then absolutely EVERYTHING manifesting around you will include all Divine Blessings and miracles  from this Creator for his Creation.

It is only in this way that you will keep the Maximum: ALL IS PERFECT IN ALL CREATION!

Because the Creator KNOWS that he emanated in CONSCIOUSNESS and LOVE state!

And this involves the deep understanding that the CREATOR does not need to deal with - as does an old three-dimensional human - with senseless concerns about who he does or doesn’t include in his creations, who he considers or not in his creations, if he does or doesn’t certain thing. The True Creator KNOWS that he has already included ALL. He doesn’t need to "think" about it. He FEELS, and as a FULFILLED BEING, He satisfies Himself. Dot.

The New Mesh involves the Planet and draws from you the best emanations, those ones that are pure, altruistic and elegant. So be sure that even those who don’t understand the whole thing or insist on customizing it, or are distracted by the plots they have created around it, they also contribute, at one time or another, with EVERYTHING what is being manifested.



Masters, you have created new conceptions of this same Holography ... Many and many of them ...

And all of them happen simultaneously in the Eternal NOW, where the Mind of Creation Domain loves each one of them.

Maybe right now you don’t understand this yet, but you have accomplished something UNIQUE on this Planet ... Something that has changed the History of the Universe course.

As you walk by remembering how you did it, we - from the other side of the Veil, from our perspective - honor every step you take ... Each One of you ...

And it is with joy that we have come - the Retinue and I, KRYON - because you’re under the GREAT GOLDEN MASTER CRYSTAL radiance, originated in Lemuria, one of the two great Crystalline Deposits of your Country, Brazil.

You have two MASTER CRYSTALS which were drained from Atlantis before the final hecatomb. One of them is from Lemuria, forged in Atlantis, as Me, KRYON, had already revealed to you a few years ago, it’s in the Minas Gerais Southern Region, here where you are, which is the GOLDEN MASTER CRYSTAL OF HEALING AND CONSCIOUSNESS REGENERATION.

It is fundamental to the reception and Transmission of DIVINE CODING that arrives from the Great Central Sun to format the NEW EARTH, with you evolving your Carbon-based materials bodies to Silicon, and your understanding of the operation mechanics of this new Experience Material Level.

This CRYSTAL is in an immense area within a Coded Crystalline Energy Field.

The other BRAZIL MASTER CRYSTAL is in Bahia.


Its irradiation modulates the frequency of the DIVINE CODES. Together they operate in conjunction with the other CRYSTALS of the Planet and, above all, with the EMERALD MASTER CRYSTAL from Arkansas region, in the United States.

And you, Masters, are those Souls who moved here, passionately ...

You were drawn to this place through Irresistible Love in a sweeping way.

When the Retinue and I, KRYON, asked you, through my Brazilian Channel, to carry out this Mission and you came here for the first time, you brought with you an Energy of RE starting based on ruptures, on letting go everything what no longer served, those old Human Portion old molds to live her own history.

And that's how you deflagrated a RE birth for this SELF still human, but who has definitely assumed his Divinity and his Light.

This Energy will remain HERE, because it’s the Principle for many Transformations for ALL Humanity.

It was deflagrated in PURE INTENTION and, as I explained to you, it is how you emanate your Creations to the New Grid 144 (Translator’s Note: 144 refers to the 144,000 Angelic Families that originated Life on Earth). They don’t come from "space," dear Humans, they come from you only.

You did it, Masters. It’s how you "imprint" your creations on the Earth Crystalline Mesh, which is captured and shared among all the humans on your beloved Planet.

You have lived these Creation fruits long BEFORE the rest of incarnate Humanity, because you have REmembered - as Creators You Are - how the New Grid would work after 2012 when it was fully activated, when all the dormant Atlantis CRYSTALS - strategically positioned in the Planet - were back to operate creating a NEW POSSIBILITY OF HOLOGRAPHIC RECRIATION.

You are compassionate and extremely benevolent Beings ...

And, as Masters, you understood that your Journey needed to be shared.

And know, dear ones, this is what happens when you come to a Crystalline Energy Vortex, when you - in Pure Intention - gather and celebrate the great Spirit ... You bring all Home Energy, all Ancestral and Primordial Energy that you carry and it’s with you to be deflagrated in this process, which is the Energy that is intimately involved with all of this, in this current context and is the PERFECT and necessary Energy for this moment. 

And that’s when you create something very new to your Experiences.



But as I, KRYON, told you, you are compassionate and highly benevolent Beings, then you do it in the right place, at the most appropriate time, with all those people who have committed to it from the Highest Realms of their Souls because, when you do this, you share that moment with the Humanity Entirety Work. Energetically speaking, it’s your gift to the Planet.

Dear Ones, this is how the whole Humanity captures everything you deflagrate through these specific Crystalline Grid 144 Nodal Points. And, precisely for that, I gave you a LIGHT CHRONOGRAM in 2009 through this Channel, when you truly demonstrated you wanted to overcome the 2012 Marker, and I introduced you my Brazilian Channel dynamics, the Crystal Being that was hired to take on this Mission with you before the Planet and  your NEW EARTH Creation.

And that is why when you - as Masters - choose and decide to do it, and there is a Crystal Being with this Commitment by your side, you simply radiate a Thousand Suns Strength to the entire Planet.

This lasts for milliseconds in your linear time, but it is sufficient for all the Earth Globe 4 points to receive the irradiation of that Pure and Crystalline Energy through Energy Waves that spreads quantically, exponentially.

So you have to be passionate about what you ARE.

It is necessary to love "BEING LOVE" and to express your Truth in an unequivocal way.

You - as your Experience CREATOR - cannot have doubts about WHO YOU ARE, neither about your CHOICES.

A convicted Being is the CONSCIOUSNESS PRESENCE in the world.

Because, dear ones, the ancient, three-dimensional, linear and limited Human Portion had many problems expressing his desires, his Truths, his wants ... He had no convictions at all.

The Human Portion was not in love with Himself ... No, he was not ... Not your three-dimensional ancient Self ...

He loved matter, only loved what he could see around him, but he was unable to comprehend that the Origin, this Love Core, was always in himself, in a place impossible to reach for his human vision.

When you lovingly prepare to serve in a crystalline way, as you have done for a decade in this Work with KRYON as a great Light Family, and you travel all over the World going to all these Power Points - these alive and latent Crystalline Energy Vortexes pulsating in your beloved Planet Chackras - you take with you a RE Creation Holographic Energy.

When you leave these places, EVERYTHING is already transformed.

No matter what your three-dimensional Human Portion see at that moment ...

Your Divine Presence - the I AM, the Consciousness that You ARE - what He / She sees is very distinct from the limited view of your Human Portion eye.

Dear Ones, there is a lot of Love involved in all this for you ...

Certainly, for each One of you HERE and NOW, reading or listening to this Message, there is a massive amount of Crystalline Energy being made available.

You, Masters who are HERE, live during this channeling, were certainly the first ones to receive this Encoded Energy during the Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017, in your linear count, because you were on the GREAT GOLDEN MASTER CRYSTAL OF HEALING AND REGENERATION irradiation at Minas Gerais, Brazil.

But, knows everyone, at the time of MEGA ECLIPSE of August 2017, something grandiose happened to you on Earth as a Human Entirety, as a Planetary Family. 

Because when you, throughout the world, stop - for a moment whatsoever - all your daily activities ... When you change - even for brief moments - your Linearity ... And when this is done on a global scale by many people - and this is precisely what happened on MEGA ECLIPSE SOLAR date - the Universe in you understands the Truth that exists in this posture Change, which seems small to Matter eyes, but which is immense to Spirit Eyes.

Because it is not common for humans to stop their activities, or break with the linear pattern of their daily agendas ... So know that, when it happens, this constitute a GREAT EVENT.

Many people around the world have prepared to observe, feel, celebrate this brief moment of the MEGA SOLAR ECLIPSE of 2017 ...

And when it reached its apex, its heyday in North America - and it doesn’t matter if it lasted only 2 minutes to you - each One of those thousands of Human Angels’ "feeling", who looked up to the heavens amazed and raptured by the great spectacle of the Cosmic and Universal forces, as they didn’t use to for a long time, each One of them was being "touched" by this highly reflective Energy massive Wave.

And, without realizing it, the whole Entirety Work was being Coded in a Divine way, still incomprehensible to you in the current evolution stage where you are. But it was a very enriching moment for your current Experience and it has proven that, even with the differences, you are able to work together when you focus on Yourselves and on your wants and desires, your dreams and fulfillment.

The MEGA ECLIPSE Encoded Energy has been received by the Vortexes that are responsible for capturing and transmitting Energy to the entire Planet through Crystalline Deposits and, you know, the main Planet Crystalline Deposits are in Arkansas and Brazil.

North America and South America have long held an ancient prophecy, that one day the Eagle and the Condor would meet, hold hands and fly so high together, in a completely harmonious way, to live a great adventure to the Infinity and Beyond.

I will tell you that the Eagle and the Condor meeting was scheduled for this MEGA ECLIPSE of August 21, 2017, and this flight will be reinforced by many Cosmic Events that is going to happen in sequence, still on the 2nd Semester of Year 5 of the New Earth, which in your Linearity is year 2017.

2017 ends the Year 1 Frequency, it is the Year of New Beginnings ... And we have been dealing with this in detail for two years now, because what you deflagrate in this period will be lived through a Full Cycle with Saturn Energy for 36 years.



But, on your New Earth it’s Year 5, it’s the Quintessence Year and so it’s the PERMISSION YEAR.

It’s YOU who allow yourselves to subtilize (Translator's Note: to make it quintessential) all of your Experience, and NOBODY else.

Within the Form World, you are the ONLY Creators out there.

It’s you who raise a set of probabilities that become powerful potentials determining the New Humanity fate.

It’s you who create these Potentials, but you choose only a few of them to deflagrate. And all this is sent to 144 CRYSTAL GRID to be shared with other humans who are part of the Creation New Experience. EVERYONE indistinctly will live this Creation on some level, being aligned with it or sensing its effects.

You have created a Harmony, Beauty and Balance Wave - the Frequencies that sustain the Cosmic Child of Light for every human on this Planet - on the MEGA ECLIPSE date, of August 21, 2017. 

Today, when this Message arrives for you, is August 22nd of Year 5 of your New Earth ... August 22nd is celebrated, for many of you in New Age culture, as the " Enlightenment Day".

But you, in KRYON’s Family in BRAZIL, usually celebrate the Enlightenment Day on Portal 222 day - always on February 22nd ... Because this date marks the Ramses ascent to the Throne as God Incarnate, as the 1st Human to consider himself as Divine and to erect a Throne for Himself alongside other Deities.

In Ramses II - the GREAT - you have the PRINCIPLE ENERGY and you already know, based on one the Maxims I gave you in foreseen time, that "THE PRINCIPLE IS ETERNAL!"

Well ...

Imagine that these Frequencies are parallel - that they are the SAME Frequency - and that these parallel lines run side by side ... They tend to infinity and "it seems" they will never touch.

But, consider that YOU - the New Experience Masters - that YOU are the ONLY constant remaining in these two lines ...

You were there on the Enlightenment Day at Abu Simbel, on February 22, 2017, on the date when the Human Angels celebrate with a Great Festival, that gathers people from all over the world, the Great Ramses II Incarnate Enlightenment, considered the GREATEST Pharaoh of your Ancient Egypt, the one who was considered a God still in life.

That’s because in ancient EGYPT you still have reminiscences of ancient Atlantis, even in the New Matrix Corps created by MELCHIZEDECK with the necessary alterations in order you don’t access the memories of Pain for the Earth "Paradise Loss" and the surface degrease into the underground world after the hecatomb flied at your Planet after the Atlantis sinking.

And that’s why you don’t forget those times of EGYPT glory and apogee ... EGYPT represents a "mark" in the RE birth culture and therefore the whole humanity is attracted to the unfathomable mysteries covering this civilization, who are just yourselves in another Holography, at Eternal NOW.

And that is why, just because some of you have access to these memories that some have stayed, even after EGYPT, to support and sustain those who would need these preserved memories by some among you if the Ascension time was fulfilled and you win, as a COLLECTIVE of SOULS, the 2012 Mark.

So do not fear. Earth is not going to end and is not being threatened by ANYTHING, except for the childish minds dominated by your STORIES TELLER friend. There are no evil Beings trying to dominate your Planet or antagonizing you to capture your Souls ...

Dears ... Until when?

NOW, look at Yourselves and watch, for a moment, HOW truly is your own Creation happening, dear human ...

This is an excellent example and illustrates this very well.

NOW, from where I am speaking to you, you are HERE at Southern Region of Minas Gerais, Brazil - so you are thousands of miles from EGYPT, the present Great Cradle of your civilization - and you are on the GREAT GOLDEN MASTER CRYSTAL OF HEALING AND REGENERATION celebrating, without realizing it, the Enlightenment Day, as many use to do in New Age culture, this new culture.

But that was not what you came for, was it?

You are HERE, in this place, because the LEMURIAN SOLAR MEGA ECLIPSE advent of August 2017 called you to listen to this Message.

You are the SINGULARITY, dear ones!

Do you understand that?

It’s YOU who "touch" two distinct Time Lines and, at the same time, so close together.

You make all these things happen!

It’s you and no one else, because you are the Enlightened Masters of this great Experience.

You are willing to go BEYOND Enlightenment ...

You are the Pioneer Souls who didn’t leave the Planet, didn’t return to the other side of the Veil, didn’t say goodbye to the carnal vessel.

You are the ones who let the characters go ... You came down from the stage ... You left the Illusions compound behind ...

And who are day after day living the grandeur of the Incarnated Enlightenment Experience.

You have overcome Death.

That's why you’re HERE and NOW.

Just over a year ago, exactly HERE on this Crystal, I told you Death is a big lie, that you do not walk to Death, you walk to more levels of Life instead - more elegant, subtler and incredible.

The Enlightenment Journey is extraordinary, but only the one who does it will know.

Dear Ones, I have always told you, " It’s as far as a breath!"

And you said, "No, KRYON, it’s as far as a half-breathing!"

Well, dears, then it is done. It’s already fulfilled.

Because you have decided for all these things, and it was not in this current Experience.

None of you have decided these things from within your Human Portion limitations.

So you see that long ago, and in a very Sacred way, you have left these Potentials to Yourselves as a "gift."

The choice, in the present Experience, for the whole Humanity is only if they will or won’t deflagrate them ...

But the Potentials were all there!

You, Masters, are the ones who deflagrated them ...

You are the ones who turned the POTENTIAL into an IMPLEMENTATION.

You have brought the parallels that tended to Infinity to a SINGLE Convergence Point, generating a SINGULARITY that did NOT EXIST ... And this Convergence Point is CONSCIOUSNESS.

And CONSCIOUSNESS only express itself in this Realm through YOU.

You are the FUSION that binds and shapes the New Experience.

Nothing exists BEYOND you, except YOURSELVES.

And when you assume that YOU ARE LOVE, then nothing exists BEYOND LOVE except itself.


THIS is precisely what Incarnated Enlightenment is about.

This is what you have come to do on the Planet.

You have come to provide LOVE and CONSCIOUSNESS marriage, dear ones, in a way they live as ONE AND THE SAME on this Experience Realm.

This is your FULFILLMENT!

And know that this union has already changed the Universe History, and changed ALL that had already been created and everything that will still be created, at the same time.

From a human perspective, you count linear time ... You consider what you call "Past" and prepare yourselves for what you call "Future" ...

But, what is the future for the Self - who is only "Human" - if not the past revisited? Otherwise the same past repeating itself? Because if there is no effective, overpowering Change, capable of forever transforming destinies of that Being who lives linked to Pain and Drama, in Despair, capable of generating a great Imbalance, that is only what this three-dimensional human will live multiple times, cycles within Cycles until he/she reaches the Evolution Law.

So, dear ones, the answers are not "outside".

If you look outside, you will see only what Matter presents to you ...



The media prepares you every day for chaos, for an endless sea of disaffection, for fear, for frustration, for a permanent feeling of helplessness, of incapacity ... As if all abilities and skills joint of the most senior and graduate human being was unable to overcome the disorder that presents itself.

That's why you do not look at these things ...

That’s why you should only BE CONSCIOUSNESS and LOVE.

The more of this magnificent Fusion you express on your beloved Earth, the faster the Duality will dissolve.

It’s like I said at the beginning of this Message, many will choose still living moments of much personal Pain ...

But unlike before the date of this LEMURIAN SOLAR MEGA ECLIPSE, these people - these humans who still live the Illusion and who are still in the Duality context - can no longer radiate it to other humans.

They will live this in their own personal holography.

So, dear ones, the Eclipse of August 21, 2017, on New Earth Year 5, served to show that the Sun will always be the Sun ...

The Sun will never cease shining all his Light and, even if the Moon conceals him, in these rare moments, the Moon will not cease being Who She Is nor will the Sun cease Shining his Light.

But, from the standpoint of a merely human perspective, a shadow was created ...

And everyone stopped to look at this shadow.

See what wonderful symbology you have with it.

The humans stopped to look at the Shadow.

They had Reverence with this, without realizing it...

They were touched by the spectacle provided by the Universe grandeur.

And, in just 2 minutes, many humans were charmed by that and celebrated when it was over.

And when the Sun returned to shine these humans were far happier than when they prepared to observe all this happening to them.

The Sun did not stop Shining ... The Moon didn’t stop Being Who She Is ...

But, at that moment, a 3rd Energy was created, dears ... Unique, rare and special ...

This is your New Earth.

This’s what this Message is about ...

Duality doesn’t cease being Duality, just as the Sun doesn’t cease being who He Is, nor the Moon ...

But you make this Creation a Third Creation, another moment ...

Duality deals with the opposites, with polarities that are considered extreme, from the 3rd Dimension point of view.

You took these polarities and converged to another point ... Where the parallels touched each other...

This other point is the Cosmic Child of Light ...

Where there is no gender, no polarity, no opposites ...

There is only the Crystalline Energy expression, Pure, Transcendental, in complete Transparency, in a Crystalline form ... Something that is unknown to Humanity, at this moment in the current course of your compiled and made History in Linearity.

This NEW CREATION is what will change your Planet direction and conception.

You still have a series of very significant events up to MEGA PORTAL 111.11 - the Deep Transformation Portal of Quintessence - where you will celebrate the Child of Light birth that was deflagrated during the Eclipse of August 21, 2017, New Earth Year 5, and where you all celebrated, even without understanding WHAT you were celebrating.

You won’t forget this date, because it’s a Marker ... It comes following the MEGA PORTAL 888 and the Lunar Eclipse of August 7, 2017.



Until its effective realization, MEGA PORTAL 111.11 is the next Humanity Great Marker.

Consider that and prepare yourselves for it.

You’ll have the 4th Wave of Energy coming to the Planet ...

It will come sooner than expected because, as always, you have speeded things up ...

In fact, for some, it’s already HERE.

But you’ll live each day of this New Creation and you’ll realize how unprecedented it is.

And don’t worry, you’ll live your own Holography ... There will be no interference.

Those who make different choices will simply live the fruit of their own choices.

And this is appropriate, dears, that's how a Great Transformation begins.

You cannot pass lives after lives being dragged by the emotional swirls of those who live their lives as if they were volcanoes erupting with every breath.

In September of 2016 you had the extraordinary MEGA PORTAL 999 Marker, and in 2018 you’ll have "part" of this Energy once again, on 09/09/18, repeating itself for those who were not still ready or even awake back there.

Until then, some will have leaved the Experience without being Fulfilled, others will decide to make up for lost time, some will find their way or REdiscover it, others will simply align themselves because they’re already feeling the "call" to this New Time ... And as in all times of this beautiful Process which is the Planetary Ascension, there will be the unconscious ones and those who completely ignore these things.

But, NOW, you already know how this works for you.

And as I, KRYON, promised you at the beginning, you come to the end of this Message farewell even more of the "half-Truths" that are whole Lies, which were accepted and welcomed by you at all times, until NOW.

Once again you give an incredible "Leap of Consciousness" with it, dear humans!

Walk still as humans but don’t forget that you are Angels, that you have Wings and you have come to show to Humanity that YOU CAN FLY.

IMPOSSIBLE IS A CONDITION THAT DOES NOT EXIST ... You are living proof of this!

You have overcome Death, you will overcome Illusion!

Celebrate, dear ones ... It's a New Earth and it's a New Time.

And you came to shine ...

Being Who You Are, please, we ask you to express the FUSION of LOVE with CONSCIOUSNESS ... And be the Light of this New Dawn.

That's why the Retinue and I, KRYON, have come to tell you this...

It's a UNIQUE moment, enjoy it.

Walk with conscious steps, knowing that you are in the best direction because it is God I AM’s direction.

And he KNOWS always - and always knew - WHAT'S most appropriate for you.

Dear ones, now I leave, but not really.

Here I stand within each Angel’s Heart who chose to celebrate the magic of BEING LOVE and CONSCIOUSNESS in perfect and complete FUSION.

I'm still in love with you all.

And So It Is.



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