Loving Sharings of Energy 2017
Portals 111 ~ Series
By Ginaiá Ferreira de Brito
KRYON’s Brazilian Official Channel
São Paulo, SP, BRAZIL
October 21st, 2017


See what a beautiful spectacle the heavens send us on October 21, 2017, plus a DATE OF FREQUENCY 111.11 again, always in unlimited LOVE, RESPECT, and extreme BENEVOLENCE for the human condition on this Planet!

THE ORIONIS PINK-GOLDEN FRATERNITY comes on stage to be part of the ANCORAMENT show of the FEMININE DIVINE on the Planet ... You didn’t know that, did you, dears?

The Energy flowing through ORION come to support us in this moment, in order to anchor within US the COMPASSION and FLEXIBILITY that exist undoubtedly - and which are very dormant - as a beautiful and harmonious set of latent faculties that are part of the Innate Wisdom of all Human Angel who chose Evolution through this Planet.

ORION and SYRIUS have always played a key role in the history development of the terrestrial humanity. The ancients knew that ... In EGYPT, and in many cultures that emerged from the 4 GREAT GROUPS which formed after the departure from DIVINE EGYPT, their Energies joint, combined, or even separated, were always present in our folklore.

In ORION we have the ORDER of MARIES ... And they represent an Energy that was very present in this Planet history. This is one of the Energies whose irradiation, in the past, supported the Yeshua’s House, through its representative on the Planet, and had in Mary Magdalene one of its greatest exponents.

This Rain of Meteors will be visible almost from the entire Planet Earth, what suggests that we get closer, connected, making us understand that we are all involved.

The astronomical fascination the Comets provoke on our Planet makes many to devote themselves to their observation, and the fact of many sciences have been developed to analyze them is because of our Innate Wisdom. We know and recognize the depth of the meaning of each Event that Heaven brings to us ...

They all are a gift in favor of our Evolution, and always, however the consequences seem incomprehensible and many tragedies occur after the occurrence of something related to them, we cannot deny their effects. Even though Cleanness seems relentless to us, we know that much could have been accomplished by avoiding extensions, and it was not.

Humans need to be aware that they are in charge of Mother Earth Ship. The Time ignoring our responsibilities before Evolution is over.

As Sentient Beings, HERE we are to BE CONSCIOUSNESS and we are not victims of ANYTHING and NOBODY, nor even of what seems "natural", because nature reacts to our actions. And it’s time to celebrate this and do not to fear WHO WE ARE. IF we made mistakes, let’s change quickly and try to do it right from now on. There’s no need any drama involved in this, because it’s all about CONSCIOUSNESS.

And believe that ALL these Events are a true "gift", and they represent a moment of INTEGRATION of many Aspects of the Human Portion in their extensive Line of Individuated Expressions since the I AM PRESENCE, not only on Earth, but in several parallel lines where we coexist in different Dimensions.

And however this is completely ignored by your current Human Aspect, the I AM magically coordinates all this multidimensionality operation, considering that ALL your Aspects that were part of your human trajectory are in this integration process, and they also receive in WHOLE - which is YOU Complete and Entire - these Dispensations that arrive on Earth in a completely unprecedented way, through Cosmic Events that seem to be a constant.

This Event is much more than a relevant Astronomical Event, it brings a CRYSTALLINE ENCODE of High Frequency that will be DECODED according to the CHOICES we make this moment. Where each ONE puts itself is WHERE it will line up, and this won’t have a long way to go ... Believe that it’s already HERE.

Therefore, this powerful and significant MOON in LIBRA brings us to the CENTER, in order we create the DYNAMIC BALANCE of all FORCES at the ZERO POINT of each Mesh - where there is no gender or polarity - in order to calibrate, in the unique possible place that is in Ourselves (that's why it's within our Mesh), consciously, these resources that come to us and that will change the course of many lives FOREVER...

We are “Jumping” from a Timeline to another completely UNPRECEDENT, due to the MEGA PORTAL 111.11 occasion.

We are "jumping" to a NEW SET OF INTEGRATED REALITIES, which means a NEW DIMENSION that is completely ready, which does not require any kind of creational "effort", it’s simply already there, we will only become aware of the High Permission Levels that are needed to LIVE a new, five-dimensional reality.



And you must be wondering, but WHAT HAS CHANGED?

Well ... EVERYTHING changed, except YOUR perception ...

This is so TRUTH, at this moment - a RELATIVE TRUTH, but it is your Relative Truth - that you still act, behave, react, think and create mental programs that lead you to repetition, as if you were still on the OLD EARTH.

And this is how the “looping” Effect is still part of your Experience.


And precisely because of this, the DATE PORTAL 111.11, on 11/11/2017, offers a KEY for you to effect your REAL CHANGE, leaving the Creation Domains of the Lower Mind forever behind, from IN to OUT.

In other words, it’s up to YOU only.

We could write 100 books about it but, in fact, there is no time ... And we could long talk about the subject ... Which would only take us three-dimensional "time", and we don’t have it any more ... So it's old stuff, outdated ...

This is a very old CALL, you've heard it hundreds, if not thousands of times BEFORE, but you have not answered it ...

So, it was done only with some’s PERMISSION, who were OPERATING in FULL COMMAND OF THEIR OWN CONSCIENCES ... They were respected in their DECISIONS.

And that is exactly why so many ignore WHAT IS ALREADY DONE and still live AS IF they resided, lived in 3rd or 4th Dimensions ... In fact, there are billions of people over the connecting 3rd to 5th Dimension "Bridge" right now, and the intense traffic is like rush time ... If everybody goes out together, there are not enough ways to leak everyone in time, so there's a huge traffic jam, in this case, an energetic one.

Energy accumulates over this BRIDGE that will take them from one Dimension to another, that’s why it doesn’t seem to flow, it seems everything is slow and the "synchronicity" is lost ... But this is not the HIGHEST VISION of the whole thing...

It's just traffic ...

There are too many people over the BRIDGE at this moment, people who have belatedly realized that they could have made the CHANGE movement and hurried away ... But a certain condition is necessary to organize the crossing, and that is what the PORTALS do, they create "Energy Corridors" that help the traffic flowing ... It's kind of like opening an "additional track" on the road to smooth the flow to facilitate traffic ...

And if yourself are already on the way, if you are on the road, obviously if you had come BEFORE, when your Soul called you, you would already be "there" in "such a place that does not exist", but that you have created for Yourself. This beautiful Perfect and Safe Space for expressing yourself would be ready, and you would be "there", but you are not ... However, keep in mind that you are on the way to your creation ...

See the Beauty that exists in this!

How much can you still learn from this crossing? How many can you still meet, find, rediscover ... There are so many unprecedented things to share that you have always ignored, isn’t that right? So, you have no idea they exist, but they are all really there, at your disposal as you cross the bridge.

Everything is simply PERFECT! Please, do not ignore the multidimensional logic of Creation ... IT IS how IT IS ... And your Human Portion won’t understand it, so do not even try!

So, just understand that for Us, that have already cross it, it is not "Safe" to go over the BRIDGE with you all, we would only make the traffic even more chaotic ... Therefore, We encourage you to continue, to advance, NOT to distracted by the road or ANYTHING you find on it.

We walk ahead exactly for LOVE ... It didn’t mean we wanted to get rid of you ... We just needed FREEDOM to create this for Us in the most disruptive and outrageous possible way. And, of course, some’s Human Portion, who thought knew us, resent with it ... We are not who we used to "seem to be" ... And neither are you "who you seem to be" ... We are not, nor ever being, just "humans" ... So, "THAT ONE WAS NOT ME".

The Master KNOWS that.

Your WISDOM reveals that YOU will come to this conclusion too, after all no one else on this Planet can do it for you.

We were the first because ourselves committed doing this, in BEING the real HEADLIGHT, that one who is INTEGRATED with its TRUTHS, without any kind of imposition ... After all, as KRYON reminds us, nobody returns to thank the Headlight for the Light it emanates to guide the travelers through the dark night ... Nor does the Headlight stop shining, or resent with it.

The Headlight IS what IT IS, and Fulfills itself in IRRESISTIBLE LOVE!

And that’s why we choose TO BE the PIONEERS, and we use for this nothing more, nothing less, than our own Linear and Three-Dimensional Mind, in the time when we took this DECISION ... We just did it ... We listened the Call in the EXACTLY time, not a second more or less, because we UNDERSTOOD the urgency that would require ...

So, when the Call sounded, we leaved EVERYTHING behind - and EVERYTHING means EVERYTHING - and we took the Path toward Ourselves ...

We wanted this reencounter with our Souls more than anything!

And we were willing to DIE for this!

And that was ALL the difference!

And, during the journey over the Bridge, We sang, celebrated and honored the wonders on our Way, recognizing that we were the ONLY Creators of our Experience ... Never, for a second, do we believe that another human held his power over Us, or could interfere ... The challenges came, and We kept on the Path ... We never stopped, even before all adversities.

We made the journey and crossed the BRIDGE believing in our TRUTH, that We are the ONLY Creators of our Experience.

ARE YOU willing to DIE for what you believe?

We were, and that's why we won FULL LIFE!

Even if EVERYTHING and EVERYONE held us back for not move ahead, or tried to persuade us to stay where we were, still, WE DID NOT DETAIN FOR ANYTHING, FOR ANYBODY AND NOT EVEN FOR OURSELVES!

We knew this would be our LEGACY for all of you, our Divine Heritage, and that’s why we crossed before you, it is only "as we wanted to demonstrate" (Q.E.D.), lovingly, that it was possible to do it and no one dies leaving everything that is material behind, or letting people, places, situations and scenarios go, no matter how seductive and wonderful they seem to EGO’s Eyes ... Because to the true MASTER’s EYES - which is in each One of Us - it is NOTHING!

Breaking limits doesn’t kill anyone!

On the contrary ... Look at how interesting this thing is ...

Made us revive ... Thousands of times, countless times, every day giving us a NEW day, completely UNPRECEDENTED and nothing obvious!

It's a NEW TIME, beloved ones!

Celebrate the road, every step, every breath, do not complain of the chaotic, intense traffic ...

Honors have chosen THIS moment for you ... Think that "maybe, just maybe" you wanted to be together on the road, maybe you even like the challenge of being in the flow with so many Souls ... Discover it, let yourself discover it ... Do not judge yourself... This is the WORST time to do this ... Do not blame yourself or anyone ...



When, in YOUR time, the BRIDGE is crossed, and there are no more battles to be overcome by your Ego, you will see many arms and hands waving at you, ready to welcome you after the long and difficult crossing ... There will be music, celebration and many unimaginable joys ...


For now, enjoy the Bridge!


And So It’s Fulfilled In IRRESISTIBLE LOVE.



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(Translated by Alessandra Marques and Raquel Goy)




Chegamos ao o PONTO ZERO!

O PONTO ZERO é o PONTO de FUSÃO e INTEGRAÇÃO de um caminho, íntimo, pessoal e profundo onde o MESTRE compila toda a sua Experência com a Terra, desde a sua fundação no Coração do Criador.

É onde a história da CRIAÇÃO está sendo RE+contada, a partir dos Anjos Humanos - os SERES com ALMA - que criaram o Universo da Forma, os Mestres que realizaram uma Jornada única e sem precedentes para compreender a interação entre CONSCIÊNCIA & ENERGIA, e que estão abrindo um NOVO ESPAÇO SEGURO no Seio da Criação movendo toda a Experiência para um próximo nível.

Trata-se da MAIOR e MAIS importante MUDANÇA em toda a HISTÓRIA da CRIAÇÃO!

É quando a dinâmica da ENERGIA realmente MUDA definitivamente, e isso é algo para ser celebrado em TODOS os CORAÇÕES dos SERES CRIADORES!

A partir do PONTO ZERO o mistério que envolveu a intrincada correlação entre CONSCIÊNCIA & ENERGIA (SAMKHYA) está desvendado. A CONSCIÊNCIA integra toda a ENERGIA e não há mais Dualidade ou campos opostos. 

Podemos afirmar que neste momento do AGORA Eterno, estes Anjos Humanos, que se tornam MESTRES ENCARNADOS, MESTRES da ENERGIA, estão às portas da REALIZAÇÃO, quando se tornam os "MERLINS", os MAGOS da ENERGIA... Eles estão ASCENSIONANDO, mas sem deixar, contudo, a Experiência terrena, e estão ancorando sua CONSCIÊNCIA neste AQUI e AGORA, eliminando o fator "Tempo/Espaço" de suas realidades, a fim de CRIAR um NOVO DESIGN com a ENERGIA a seu SERVIÇO, em um contexto realmente inédito, que nunca fora alcançado antes!

O "Ritmo" que esses MESTRES CRIADORES deflagram em suas Experiências passa a ser definido pela intensa VIBRAÇÃO da PAIXÃO, que se expressa e pulsa em êxtase pela sua própria CRIAÇÃO!

É para esses MESTRES, que estão às portas da REALIZAÇÃO, que criamos a Série "PONTO ZERO 2020", porque é a partir deste MARCADOR extraordinário que Eles se tornam altamente conscientes da ENERGIA como sendo a "parte" inerente de Si Mesmos mais fundamental que há como derivado da CONSCIÊNCIA - o puro REFLEXO de TUDO QUE É - e é assim que ENCERRAM a sua participação na Experiência limitada da vida cotidiana da Antiga Terra - a Terra "Clássica".

Como definido por KRYON, o PONTO ZERO é, sem dúvida, o marco de suas Jornadas, o PONTO aonde o CRIADOR e a CRIAÇÃO se encontram para desabrochar em um NOVO NÍVEL de CRIAÇÃO totalmente consciente, que é NOVA SALA da ENERGIA!

O 1º PORTAL da "SÉRIE 2020" acontece de 02/02/2020 e segue até 20/02/2020, ele tem 18 dias no seu 1º CICLO. Outros MARCADORES, igualmente fabulosos, seguem esse momento espetacular na história humana! Porém, é importante salientar que, por essa "PORTA", só se passa uma única vez! 

Uma vez realizada a "travessia" entre um estado de Consciência inconsciente se Si Mesmo (estado de NÃO RE+Conhecimento da Energia a seu SERVIÇO), a outro (completa Consciência da interação da CONSCIÊNCIA com a ENERGIA a SERVIÇO da sua própria LUZ em 111%), não há mais volta. 

Por esse motivo, 2020 se configura como o ANO MAIS IMPORTANTE de toda a Trajetória dos Anjos Humanos que vieram para a Experiência da Terra para desvendar SAMKHYA.

Este AGORA magnífico é um CONVITE maior para ASSUMIR a VIDA VIVA™ em um CORPO de ENERGIA VIVA, com a ENERGIA completamente a seu SERVIÇO, em um estado autêntico de LIBERDADE!

Este PROJETO é para os que desejam DESFRUTAR da VIDA VIVA™com outros SERES com ALMA que alcançaram este nível e são capazes de CRIAR Novas Realidades em múltiplos Planos de Experiência, mas que se comprometeram a VIVER intensamente esta NOVA ETAPA simplesmente SENDO TUDO QUE SÃO como CRIADORES que vivem em PERMISSÃO!

Os encontros deste Grupo ocorrem a partir de um NOVO NÍVEL de EXPERIÊNCIAS PREMIUM, através de Experiências únicas, autorais, com uma curadoria excepcional, rica em detalhes, com um sofistacado nível de Beleza e Graça que envolvem Seminários e fuem para as Jornadas de Consciência e FIELDWORKS™ KRYON Next Generation que ocorrem pelo mundo afora e contemplam momentos singulares e únicos em Países e locais icônicos.

Faça parte deste momento épico conosco!

Executive Coordinator
Official Channeler: Ginaiá F. de Brito

*Highlights para 2020* Premium Experiences

Turma ZERO: 1º Seminário 2020 BRASIL 
São Paulo, SP, Brasil
De 30/01 a 02/02 - Regime de Imersão "Full Time"
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  • Faça a sua Inscrição se você sente que está pronto para ACEITAR que é o ÚNICO CRIADOR da sua REALIDADE e que só existe VOCÊ na sua respiração.
  • Se está alinhado à Proposta de KRYON no BRASIL™ de se permitir VIVER PLENAMENTE o EXISTIR através de uma VIDA VIVA™
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  • Se quer avançar de onde está, aceleradamente, para níveis sutis e elegantes, disposto a efetivar TODAS as MUDANÇAS necessárias à composição de uma NOVA VIDA como um MESTRE SOBERANO, a fim de passar a VIVER o EXISTIR REALIZADO em uma NOVA HOLOGRAFIA.


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Mencione sua formação, mencione sua atividade atual, mencione as Redes Sociais que frequenta e os Perfis que possui e se tem endereço de Site na Web. Favor mencionar se tem páginas ou grupos próprios.

Caso seja membro, ou acompanhe algum grupo de estudos ou práticas de cunho holístico/espiritual/integrativas, favor descrever a natureza dos Trabalhos que frequenta/administra/divulga. Enviar junto com a sua Solicitação de Inscrição um breve "Relato" de suas buscas e Jornada Espiritual.

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Por gentileza, seja absolutamente transparente, íntegro, detalhado e pontual em suas informações. 
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Os valores são definidos de acordo com a DATA da sua INSCRIÇÃO e variam, a partir do dia 10/01, quando se encerram as INSCRIÇÕES com DESCONTO para os participantes frequentes, entre 10 mil e 15 mil reais, de acordo com as escolhas de acomodação dos próprios participantes.


Este Trabalho de Luz foi "micromilimetricamente" Co Criado, Manifestado, Permitido e Construído, neste Plano de Experiência, com um Propósito muito Sagrado.

O RESPEITO infinito com as regras da Organização e com as Orientações da Egrégora são fundamentais para o sucesso de cada Evento, garantindo as práticas amorosas e os resultados consagrados de KRYON no BRASIL™ em 12 ANOS de Trabalhos de Luz dedicados à Criação Consciente de uma NOVA TERRA e à ILUMINAÇÃO ENCARNADA.

Somos SERES LIVRES e SOBERANOS, Mestres Iluminados, Facilitadores de Energia Cristalina, Anjos Humanos e Mestres do Caminho que fuem ÚNICA e EXCLUSIVAMENTE através da Consciência. Somos SERES AUTÊNTICOS que - como Mestres - DESPERTARAM para o COMPROMISSO SAGRADO de MANIFESTAR uma NOVA TERRA sem deixar o Veículo Físico e, desse modo, ASSUMIRAM sua LUZ e seu AMOR pela humanidade em Si Mesmos.

Desejamos partilhar estes momentos genuínos em completo estado de GRAÇA, LEVEZA e SUAVIDADE, com FACILIDADE e RESPEITO, com Seres que também desejem, ardentemente, e se permitam, SER TUDO QUE SÃO, EM TODO LUGAR, O TEMPO TODO, e escolhem verdadeiramente, AÇÕES efetivas e materiais para o PROJETO NOVA TERRA, assumindo COMPROMISSOS e RESPONSABILIDADES PESSOAIS, e em GRUPO, como SERES SOBERANOS.

Este é um Trabalho de Luz verdadeiro, sério, exclusivo, primoroso, sem precedentes e completamente RE+inovador, exclusivamente voltado para o "MESTRE" que existe em cada Anjo Humano. Certifique-se de que sua INTENÇÃO é PURA antes de nos acessar e desejar caminhar ao nosso lado.

Nossos encontros visam, UNICAMENTE, a LIBERDADE e a CONSCIÊNCIA para desfrutar e VIVER uma VIDA VIVA™, onde nos permitimos SER TUDO QUE SOMOS como CRIADORES PRIMORDIAIS de nossas próprias Experiências. Não usamos as Máscaras dos Personagens, ou subimos no palco da 3D - de onde já descemos - e exatamente por isso Somos altamente qualificados para executar este Trabalho de forma absolutamente competente, transparente e eficaz.

Não admitimos em nossos Eventos pessoas que tenham outro intuito que não sejam os Propósitos de SERVIR e COMPARTILHAR sua LUZ e seu AMOR, e se Elevar, cada vez mais, para níveis mais amorosos e sutis de Consciência Expandida, para CRIAR e MANIFESTAR uma nova realidade iluminada no Planeta, SEM DEIXAR O VEÍCULO FÍSICO.


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