MASTER PORTIA, Channeled by Ginaiá Ferreira de Brito,
KRYON’s Brazilian Official Channel
KRYON|Next Generation
111 Portals ~ 2017 Series
Santos, SP, Brazil
August 8, 2017
(This channeling is part of KRYON's 2017 MEGA PORTAL 888 CONFERENCE)

And we connect you to your own LAE-OO-ESH's, your Pillars of Light and Ascension.

From the Divine Realm of Creation, the Core, the Creator’s Heart, to the Infinite Realms, involving All That It Is and All That There Is.

And because We Are One and the Same, and so it has been since the Beginning, so it will prevail.

And it doesn’t matter, beloved Human Angel, how far you have gone in your own Linear Creation ...

It doesn’t matter how much you have walked ... And, most important, it doesn’t matter WHAT you are doing in your Here and Now.

Your Purest Intention will always reveal the Path to you...

Loving Greetings from the Infinite Light and Love, dear Masters.

I AM MASTER PORTIA, and I speak to you from the Creator’s Heart to the Center, the Great Kamadon Crystal in Gaya’s Heart.

This is the moment to celebrate the grandeur of those who ignored their Magnificence, their Sovereignty and that RE took - out of the Way of Linearity that inevitably points to Death - their Angelic Wings ... And dared to open them and fly to Infinity and BEYOND Themselves.

It is a new Time and a New Divine Human is emerging for a New Humanity.

A Journey always starts from a DECISION - and we have already dealt about this with all of you before - but this decision in linearity is deflagrated from a single, conscious breath, where you Are the Presence.

The Presence expresses herself unequivocally from the Creative Mind realms.

When you are a Sovereign Being and access to the Mind domains of your Own Creation, that sleeping Creator - who inhabits in each Angel of this immense and vast Family - awakens and brings the Light, the Truth and, above all, the proper Energy to deflagrate all your Creations.

Dear Ones, this is a time for Sovereignty.

It’s truly a time for you to BE ALL THAT YOU ARE and SHINE your LIGHT with A THOUSAND SUNS STRENGTH!

This is a time for those who have decided and chosen to Be All that They Are and so they no longer ignore the Primordial Creator existing in each and every One of you.

There is no Time and no Space for this Creator.

Everything happens in the exact NOW.

What happens is that you are bound by the old structures that reflect the Linearity Patterns, which was created for the Old Earth Holographic Experience.

Know you all that Linearity is sustained by crystallized patterns that were created in order to keep Humanity trapped in a determined Timeline.

This is how things were created.

There isn’t one single Master’s sense outside "three-dimensional logic" which can explain the "sensation" of living linearity.

No dear ones, there is not ... And that’s why the Experience on Earth is unique and exclusive to the Human Angels who venture to live it!

Let's begin clarifying even more, to all of you, what "LETTING GO WHAT DOES NOT SERVE ANYMORE" means, because this also means letting go of Three-Dimensional Time and what you call "past."

This is a Time for all these things to be clarified because you are living an astrological moment that is UNIQUE in a Master’s Life and Journey, a period including a MEGA PORTAL deflagrated between two MEGA ECLIPSES - a LUNAR Eclipse on August 7, 2017 and a SOLAR Eclipse on August 21, 2017- and both are unique and unimaginable events at the level of Personal Empowerment, conscious Creation, Timeline changes and Planetary Ascension!


A Timeline is always deflagrated together, from a collective consensus, in accepting things as they are.

Time seems stable to you. It is like a crystallized structure that holds all things together, and you understand that you are fixed in a certain parameter, which also holds you to a certain moment of this Time.

Know that this is the fruit of the three-dimensional mind.

The mind conceives all things that are manifested in its linearity from non-crystalline and strategically structured patterns.

What happens when you start leaving these patterns which are rooted in your biology and have been reinforced along this Timeline?

Simply, dears, you begin to let go of keeping everything under control, and this also makes you give up the "Cohesion Sense" that binds you to linearity.

Of course, the mind interprets that everything around you is being dissolved, it is being destroyed and losing meaning because it cannot control you out of the linear stagnation "status quo".

And this is what Three-Dmensional Time means.

And that is why you live in an endless looping through repetitive patterns that are crystallized, where only the scenery changes, and with that the characters change.

At different times, your costumes changes and there is a small variation in your biology, but in theory you are the same humans, living the same stories that have already been told and retold repeated and countless times, and this supports the " looping ", making you go back and forth to the same biology countless times.

My dear, biology is also a pattern, and that's why this LION’s MEGA PORTAL 888 of 2017 is so important.

THE MEGA PORTAL 888 of 2017 marks indelibly a factual moment of the Planetary Transition, when Human Biology finally begins to be altered, operating this on a critical mass of Awakened Humans.

That’s why the MEGA ECLIPSES are part of this context, as are the retrograde Planets. They were carefully "invited" to participate in this scene by the Host of the moment, that is Saturn and its Crystalline Energy.

This is the CRYSTALLINE ERA being offered to all mankind, take this into account.

You are living a time of Miracles.

Truly the Infinite Blessings of Divine Mercy come to you on a global scale.

It’s no longer just the personal level of each Human Angel being blessed with the possibilities of deep Transformation.

Because the Pioneer Souls have created a New Pattern and, with this, they have deflagrated a New Model of Linearity which then applies to the whole Humanity.

Because when there are Masters walking among humans, there is a LIGHT completely invincible around them, a LIGHT that CHANGES and ALTER the Experience foundations for CONSCIOUSNESS and for WHOLE.

A Master, when he chooses to LIVE and EXIST within a Biology, maintaining a Human Body, He does so because he is able to alter the whole constitution of this material vessel through his Light Vehicle.

That is what the Embodied Enlightenment Experience is about.

So, everyone should be very aware that there are Enlightened Masters right now, increasing in number and qualification their own heavenly Light and walking among humans as absolutely common Beings.

But They Are the ones who are operating much of the Earth CHANGE plot to a Light and Consciousness Higher Dimension along with other Beings that are on Earth only because of the Planetary Transition plot.

Just as They dared to go BEYOND Themselves, They Elevated the Experience to the WHOLE, in the same symbiotic way that they compete for the Ascension Dimensional Spiral of Earth System.

THE CHANGE in the whole of humanity is like a "base" serving as "impulse" to these Masters, in order to keep moving forward and moving with every breath to even more elegant and Higher levels of Creational Pure Intent.

You see, when you choose to overcome 4th Dimension as Human Entirety Work and you conceive the possibility of moving into the Consciousness 5th Dimension, you open yourselves to all Higher Dimensions.

Practically, you give up time counting and your cells live that linear count, breath after breath.

And this is how every 7 years you have absolutely REnew bodies ... And it is also at this point that you ask:

"But why do we age then, if every 7 years we have the perfect condition of having an entirely new, healthy body?"

Because you print the Linear Mind remnants to your cells and obey their command.

It is simply because you BELIEVE in it, dear Human Angels.

Your belief in biology and in the biological clock leads you to aging and the early human body death.

Every 7 years, instead of building new regenerated cells, you destroy most of your existing cells, some even healthy ones.

The mind understands that you, as time goes by, with the days counting, must age until you effectively be prepared to die.

When you stop counting days, hours, minutes, it’s when EVERYTHING changes!

What keeps you tied to this count?

It is what we call "Agenda".

It is you be subjected to rigid patterns of living linearity, bedtime, awakening and doing all things during this interval.

And you do it practically in "automatic" mode every day, never printing "innovations" to anything that you accomplish.

EVERYTHING you do THE SAME way, and in the same way EVERY day. This is to live immersed in the Repetition Algorithm patterns, which counts linear time.

For many Human Angels, TODAY especially, letting go of linearity means leaving the rigid patterns that keep them locked into schedules and commitments considered immutable by the Tridimensionality Law.

What law is that?

It's the Control Law!

Ahhhh ... Dears ... You are not that forgetful anymore, are you?

Because when you submit yourselves to these rigid patterns you give up on your personal power, you reinforce the dominant “status quo” and you say things should remain as they are.

And you forget that you - only YOU - are Sovereign to create your reality.

Some of you are so caught up in it that you feel you can die if you give up on all these things that were created to keep yourselves in complete manipulation.

Dear ones, understand, "that's how things are", but it's not "how they should stay".

You are those brave, valiant, courageous Souls who came from a non-linear Time to live an Experience that until then was absolutely unprecedent.

You have taken this Experience until the negative infinite extreme and have been giving "Quantum Leaps" between the extremes, but always on negative infinite.

You maintained Linearity to make sense of Earth Experience and keep it coehesive.

This made you attract the Nibiru’s gravity.

And Nibiru is 10 times the size of your beloved Earth.

It approached the Earth for a very simple reason in order to interfere with the gravity question... There are still many humans attached to their own linearity, humans who - from outside of Three Dimensional Experience - had committed to using THIS current life to move themselves to new Timelines, and so they would be the “Standards” of Change for a New Age, but they didn’t do it ... And most are still not willing to do so.

And although your scientists cannot see it yet, in a few years, they will soon feel and measure the control extent and energetic manipulation that will equally come in your direction. And now, more than ever, giving up linearity is not just an option, because Nibiru’s gravity interferes with your Earth System gravity. And that is precisely why the overwhelming majority of you feels it harder keep moving in the Ascension context, because you have tied yourselves to the old System functioning molds and you are trying to customize with the Crystalline Energy arrival.

But this doesn’t work, does it, dear ones?

It doesn’t work because many of you have been trying this since 2012... But it's not working ...

And it's not working for any of you because you're just re-creating "more of the same" every day, no matter how hard you try to "seem" to be innovating with it ...


And, dears, this is because you are subject to an immense memories bank.

All these memories that have been created and compose your beautiful Planet Akasha - which you call Collective Register - set up for your reality as a current installed pattern, that every time it tends to be overcome it forces you to reinforce it, because you are these memories leaders and, if you don’t release them, you also don’t change the center of gravity.

The Planet Akasha memories are in every Human Angel who chose the Earth System to evolve, to learn and to live, intensely and passionately, the Love Experience.

And it’s for LOVE that you must RE interpret all these memories.

How you feel them is not HOW it happened.

What you feel is an imprecise fruit, in fact, a mere interpretation as things have taken place.

Dear ones, the compiled and made humanity history doesn’t contemplate 5% of the multidimensional truth behind all of your Experiences on Earth. And KRYON has already explained about this to you ... METATRON has already done this too many times, through this Channel.

This doesn’t define you as Men’s Race.

What you interpret as "Truth" is simply a "pretense" about a knowledge that is not available to you, except through emotional interpretation.

How you feel it's not how things actually happened.

But you keep the emotional impressions of every fact your Characters lived during the Successive Lives System.

Believe me, you've gone too far with all this. It's time to let it go, dears. Or you will be condemning yourselves to live an overdose of repetitions in a minimum space of “time” in three-dimensionality, which will crush you.

We have come to assist you because we perfectly understand that you are in a crucial point of your Evolution, asking yourselves "Why do we attract even more gravity?".

To maintain the reinforcement of things as they used to be ... Because this is comfortable for your EGO ... And because you are trying to keep the crystallized pattern ... But this is not how your Authentic Self is building things and how he wants to support you to move to this New Crystalline Pattern in an absolutely extraordinary way.

And it’s not "extraordinary" in the "ordinary" three-dimensional molds and sense ... This new conception is multidimensional, dears, and goes far, far BEYOND anything you have dared to conceive ...

Dear ones, this is related to you don’t have reached the "critical mass" for the MEGA PORTAL 999.

The MEGA PORTAL 999 was to be a "mark" for the NEW HUMANITY, but you "chose" interpreting 2012 as an END and not as a NEW BEGINNING ... And this slightly altered what was created.

And despite all the appeals, even after so many Messages, most of you still choose to ignore the I Am, the Consciousness Call, and keep trying to prevent the Illusion from dissolving. This only creates more friction, chaos and separation.

We’ll repeat this to you for dozens, even hundreds of years, if you don’t take consciense that your reality is maintained from the patterns you hold within yourselves.

When you make things stay the way they always were, without giving up the linearity surrounding your Human Portion, you keep the Agenda going.

The Old Humanity Agenda is a based on hecatombs, catastrophes, prophecies of extinction and extermination Agenda, where Earth walked towards the end and not for a RE start.

And while a few thousand Human Angels from the Angelic Family wish to create a New Earth, there are billions of other Human Angels wanting to live the Technology Experience in order to keep the old System Duality operating in its old bases...

Technology is something fantastic that can move you to another material, Linear Dimension... But, dears, despite material, technological and scientific evolution, it’ll still be a Three-Dimensional Experience, and if you don’t break with Time and its rigid patterns , and with you are “just biology destined to die” belief, and that you just are born, grow up and develop in nonsense cycles for Evolution, the based on height x depth x width three-dimensionality will never let you out of the "3D Shoes Box".


You must overcome the Paradigm of Death, and this can only be annulled through Enlightenment effects.

When you bring Enlightenment to a New Baseline, you also bring a New Paradigm.

So the previous Cycle - which has been perpetuated throughout your Collective Experience with the negative infinite and with your linear and three-dimensional creations - begins dissolving because it gives space to a New Model, a not based on strength, rigidity and control New Structure.

The New Experience is based on CREATIVITY and no one is creative having to do the same things in the same way, every day.

And that is why Saturn System, considered the Great Concretist, the one that has always been accused of maintaining the solidity of structures, brings the greatest amount of Coded Crystalline Energy so you can effectively create on a New Level, out of the material sense and perception of the previous cohesion.

See, "NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS TO BE"... It’s what KRYON taught you and it’s this teaching that dissolves all the old knowledge structure that founded the Old Earth.

This was the Pattern!

Keeping things together meant keeping EVERYTHING as it was, not changing ANYTHING, so you didn’t risk, always seeking a pseudo security.

When you realize that everything is constantly changing and "IMPERMANENCE IS THE REMAININNG CONSTANT", you understand that the only stable thing within this hologram is Consciousness.

And Consciousness expresses itself through you.

YOU are the ONLY constant and you are IMPERMANENT.

Everything passes through you, everything comes to you ...

But, you remain ...

Scenarios change, costumes change, characters change epochs, names, they are born on different dates, live other Experiences.

YOU remain, EVERYTHING else passes!

And now you must allow the Gravity pass too.

It is an Allowing State.

If you break up with Linearity, you break up with Gravity.

And this needs to be well understood.

Yes, Saturn comes to concretize this, Human Angels and Masters of the Way ... But with the "proposal" to concretize the Golden Promise for a New Time, supporting you to create the first "crystalline structures" for the NEW  EARTH pattern endeed to exist manifested in your reality.

Dears, you have left for Yourselves many signposts before leaving Home and moving on to this present Three-Dimensional Experience on Earth.

The Time Markers that open important PORTALS are the most shocking of them all.

You knew that you would be in this Time and Place in order to be the Headlights of a New Dawn.

You scheduled this meeting.

And EVERY day Sun rises for you ...

Every day you have a Blank Page to write a New Chapter in the Life’s Book.

But, you don’t usually end the previous Chapter ... Then your stories never go beyond Page 2...

And I have told you this for years ... That you must go BEYOND, break up with Yourselves, with this nefarious pact that makes you to live stagnant, completely paralyzed and don’t open yourselves to No Time and No Space where your creations are UNLIMITED!

Let go of everything it’s related to keep things rigid.



When you came to this Experience, you came from a Mater Cell, capable of storing an entire Bank of Memories which would be nourished during all your Experiences.

Experiences on Earth are absolutely sensory.

You live the Matter Realm, you came to that. That's what Experience on Earth is all about.

You have come to Elevate this Creation and Evolve your own LIGHT!

You didn’t come to escape from it!

It was only when you realized that Matter was such dense, so dense in a way of always drag you into the same sensations whirlwind, with secondary gains that you now recognize as "bargaining energy" - where you, in your Human Portion, considered these secondary gains invaluable to Yourselves - is that you sought to give a "spiritual sense" to your Experience on Earth.

Then, many of you, for many lives, retired from material life, sought isolation, climbed mountains to meditate, to enlighten yourselves, to die, but without doing what you came to do: ENJOY MATERIAL LIFE WITH CONSCIOUSNESS!

You have spent lives and lives running away from it!

And so, you never stopped to subtilize (Translator’s Note: to make it quintessencial) matter, to honor it as a Human Angels’ Creation, bringing it into your Cosmic Child of Light’s Harmony, Beauty and Balance context.

Some of Us did this to leave the System; we find Enlightenment, but we leave the Physical Body.

We had not the spectacular, extraordinary, unparalleled and unique opportunity that you all are having at this moment, of LIVING the Incarnate Enlightenment transforming and subtilizing (Translator’s Note: making it quintessencial) through a deep Metamorphosis, which begins within Yourselves, the body itself, biology itself, elevating them from Carbon Base to Silicon Base.

We leave the Experience behind, dear ones!

We made "part of the way", but you are those Souls who will complete it.

This is the Great Experience for ALL of you.

It’s not for SOME of you, as many like to think, because it’s easier giving up Enlightenment to live more of the Three Dimensional Experience, it’s very comfortable for the Self that’s still Human.

This is the easy Way!

This Mater Cell, which accumulates all your Experiences, has accumulated an excess of experiences within a Core Cell which composes the current base of Society, called “Family”.

You were stuck in the "Blood Line", in the consanguinity bonds.

Dear ones, know that this is KILLING Earth.

This SEPARATION is ruining this grandiose Experience at Gaya.

You are not a cluster of small "human families"...

You are Cells from the same Body, from a Divine Being that also evolves, called GAYA.

You are a Planetary Unity!

You need to elevate the "Human Family" concept to the "Planetary Family" concept if you intend this works for you.

As you get stuck in these small standardized and rooted structures in your biology, you don’t allow this basic constitution to evolve as well.

And if it’s not for you doing that, who will?

Do you want to evolve from a Carbon Body to a Silicon Body trapped in the consanguinity bonds?

Dear ones, this is not going to happen! Nor it’s even possible!

And then I, MASTER PORTIA, tell you - the whole Retinue and I that came here to see you on this so important day for all of you who closely follow the Planetary Ascension Process - until you release these crystallized patterns which keep the Third Dimension control structures cohesive, the Evolution Process into the Light Vehicle cannot happen.

You would be interrupted!

And then, Biology COULD NOT EVOLVE, and you fatally would die in linearity once again.

And this is not unprecedented for you.

Dying and being born many times has been the Earth Experience tonic.

In Atlantis, as long as there were bodies that lasted more than 1,000 years, you were able to regress that to a 70 years base nowadays... You have left the Cosmic Family to the Planetary Family concept and have now been stuck in the Human Family pattern.

It’s necessary to leave this quite archaic, linear and based on separation concept.

You break up this Linear Structure at this time, but you are not in healthy bodies yet.

They are not regenerated bodies.

They are not rejuvenated bodies that reach 100 years full of Light.

They are bodies in a decrepitude state that need care to BE the LIGHT on New Earth.

You want to break up the Linear Paradigm ... Well, break up the "base" holding all things fixed and cohesive.

Understand that you are a Planetary Unity, that you all are not trapped to a rigid structure called "consanguineous family".

Considering ALL as ONE FAMILY, that is LOVE for real.

Why would you love some more than others if you all are, in "Essence" and "Origin", from the same Angelic Family?

How could this be possible to the eyes of the Creator that exists in each One of you?

Dears, on this date, I, MASTER PORTIA, challenge you to think about it.

And thinking seriously as the single way out of the temporal, three-dimensional and linear structure to which you have submited yourselves.

In Atlantis, the Beings had no "Family".

There were no kinship or consanguinity bonds.

All Beings were born FREE to Society.

We were only a SINGLE Family.

The Society was the entire Planet.

We understood that!

You were part of it!

You have understood this one day...

It is an infinitely Higher, more elegant, broader concept that excludes no one.

You have lived in a culture of separation, immersed in Illusion, which has brought you to the height of selfishness.

Selfishness brought in incoherence.

You have become highly incoherent, in all senses.

EVERYTHING you dispute.

EGO makes you think there’s not enough for everyone, so you go out in a frenzied quest where One has to beat the other, as if he was your opponent not your brother.

You don’t seek common solutions, you seek individual solutions that only attend the egoic issues from personal origin... Your personal solutions are never based on Consciousness... Solutions that benefit Yourselves without causing detriment to ALL, and preferably which benefit the LARGEST possible number of humans.

As the same time you proclaim the New Age, you exclude the basic pattern that keeps your Angels’ Wings completely open and free to fly.

You deny Yourselvesf being FREE when you tie yourselves to these human concepts, to these full of limitation concepts.

When you don’t allow yourselves to advance BEYOND Yourselves, you are giving justly your FREEDOM up.

And FREEDOM, dear Angel, is your Greatest Good.

Freedom is granted for each One to think what you will, for each one BEING in the way you find absolutely coherent for Yourself, without being forced to follow patterns rigidity or imposition, be them familial, religious, cultural, political or racial.

This is the BASE of the worldwide Beliefs System existing on Earth.

And it starts with "family".

You submit yourselves to patterns that are rooted, to these concrete patterns that are imposed as the only evolution way because that is what you learn with inbred family.

This doesn’t mean that the inbred family Experience has been conceived as a bad thing or intending to ruin your FREEDOM, not at all ... It was conceived as an Experience to bring yourselves even more closer to each other... In a way that the 144,000 Angelic Families - who have come to Earth - have interbred with each other, creating a New Unprecedent Experience and bringing all this to an upcoming Baseline.

ALL of Us, who supported the Law of ONE in Atlantis, knew that would be challenging ... But we committed ourselves to making it work on this Planet because that had not been attempted at any other time in the Evolution of the Whole. 

Then, in this NOW, this opportunity has finally come!

The skies signal to EVERYONE unequivocally that the GREAT COLLECTIVE TRANSFORMATION moment has begun, and that you all are called to be part of this great moment!

Celebrate this!

Saturn has always supported the Earth System.

Its Moons are capable of generating large amounts of Crystalline Energy.

But Consciousness, which produces Light, is the one capable of attracting these diamond drops of Crystalline Light to Earth.

All this "Crystalline Coding" which takes you out of a "magnetic base", that keeps these rigid and fixed structures, is coming to you.

It's available!

There is a Plan in progress... An Intelligent and completely irrefutable Plan for each One of you.

But it is only through Consciousness, dears, that you will attract this on a timeless scale.

Because if you continue keeping the structured system of linear logical thinking you will create an extensive schedule for that to happen.

That means it's going to last a lot longer than it was foreseen...

And believe me, you have not overcome the MEGA PORTAL 999 barrier, so the rest of Humanity still has to close a Great Cycle.

And if Mankind resolves to use that throughout the Planetary Transition Age, you won’t live the Freedom Age, you won’t live the Crystalline Consciousness Age.

Because it is necessary to Be FREE in order to access all Potentials that Master Saint Germain and I are facilitating for you.

We have left many Potentials available in the Crystal Caves for when this time finally came. Because a Master anticipates Linear Time and creates triggers to deflagrate new patterns that are truly unprecedent!

So, dear ones, set yourselves free.


Always start at the "core" and all things will be dissolved.

Let go all those self imposed conceptions of in order to live the linearity concept.  

This concept only exists on Earth.

In all Creation the only existing concept is NOW.

Believe me, Time bends over itself!

What seems distant from you in what you call "future", still not imagined, is already HERE and NOW.

Do not believe that you need "time" to manifest things. This is not true.

All things are ready. They have already been created; you, in every breath, deflagrate new Potentials.

This is how Creation is Infinite.

How did you imagine it was?

That you come to a Time and EVERYTHING stops, and the Creation begins again?

No, dears... Creation is incessant.

It happens with every breath.

You inhale, when you exhale you have already created.

And I KNOW that, for some of you, this seems too much...

"How me, as a mere and simple human, am I part of the Creation context?"

Oh dear, you really are very forgetful!

Sometimes Master Saint Germain and I think you hit your head in some strange place! (Master's cosmic humor, and everyone laughs ...)

It's true, dear ones, you behave in a completely opposite way to what you should do for Earth right now, because you are the "Winds of Change", you blow where you want to, you are the FREE God’s Spirit expressing yourselves in a Three-dimensional Plan to elevate this Plan to the INFINITE category.

But you conceive yourselves limited, tied, unable to move.

You see, from our perspective, you are FREE BEINGS and you consider prisoners of YOURSELVES, of conceptions you have created, of illusions...

This is the "gateless prison" which KRYON refers.

None of you have an iron ball holding your ankles and keeping you exactly where you are, fixed to a condition.

The ankles, dears, represent the Achilles’ Heel... And that's where it is.

It’s the symbol of EGO for the Aquarius Age.

It is also the symbol of KIRON, the WOUNDED HEALER, whose open wound at his ankles makes him wanting to heal everyone without, however, being able to healing himself.

Either you leave the iron ball and raise high flights, or you hold it and you live longer and die in biology.

When you overcome the duality dichotomy, is when you overcome the "OR" and rise up to the "AND" âmbito... That's when you take the iron ball off, raise high flights "AND" still are a 111% Divine Human with Full Time Consciousness too.

And that's when you become the Master of Yourself.

Dear humans, this is the Proposal for you.

This is the great Proposal and the Answer you have waited for the Earth System.

Is it a Great challenge?

Yes, it is! It’s not for weak ones... But you all knew that before coming here.

Earth is only for professionals, for specialists, so there are no amateurs here.

Then, stop immediately!

Do not hide behind these grotesque and coarse masks that you have erected to hide your Light.

Release the iron ball, and with it you will see that along with it all masks, all linear conceptions will go.

The old Human Portion will go away, and she will take with her all it was built so that you would not discover, through a tremendous ingenuity effort, WHO you ARE.

Dear Ones, KNOW that you are an Angel, who is Human and Divine at the same time and who walks on Earth, doesn’t change anything, believe me.

If YOU don’t change, dear, nothing will change!

It will always be just one more knowledge, one more information, as the whole ancient Beliefs System was built: more knowledge, more information and NO ACTION FOR CHANGE!

This is the Time, this is the Portal.

Each time One of you wait for the "next" Portal to rise yourself, to do your "homework" and to release more of your old Self, the more you reinforce the gravity, chaos and the turbulence pattern for all who live on Earth, and not only for Yourself ... Take this into account... Because there are many wishing to be FREE and by going back in the process each One of you creates a Friction Energy that will ask to be solved and it will express itself in negative forms in your reality.

You need an Effective Action for Change ... All of you!

I mean the whole Humanity perform a single action: LETTING GO THE SEPARATION OF!

Separation begins whithin you, it has nothing to do with others... It has nothing to do with these completely linear misconceptions.

When you conceive things within linearity it’s the mind working, not Consciousness acting... Consciousness wants to get you out of these crystallized patterns.

When you open up and understand what to BE ALL THAT YOU ARE means, your Angelic Wings also open to the Infinite and Beyond.

These Angel Wings, which are your Dreams, cease being only Dreams. These dreams come out of dreamland. They manifest in your reality because, in truth, they were ready for it.

Your Wings are where they have always been, as well as your Dreams!

And you break with linearity up to understand that "EVERYTHING IS IN YOUR NOW”... You don’t have to wait another time to go where you want to go.

There is no schedule telling you that on a certain day and at a certain time you can be free.

What Creator would conceive this for Himself?

Dear ones, does that seem appropriate? Of course not... Because it is not!

Neither for the logical and three-dimensional human mind this could be validated, because even for it this doesn’t make sense... And it is not even true.

It’s not a Linear Truth and it is not an Absolute Truth either.

So let Time go.

This is what today's date means.

A MEGA PORTAL is always a rare opportunity. Next time, remember that and move yourself before this time comes for you.

The MEGA PORTAL 888 works as a Timeline that opens an unprecedented conception to a new interpretation level, where you understand that all these rigid structures must leave from your Experience... 

And that you are already at NOW, you won’t launch yoursef into this ... And that you don’t have to wait...

And when you give up the iron ball binding your ankles to the antique Earth Old System, to your old, outdated and limited Human Portion, you open yourself to the "AND" and it’s through the "AND" that EVERYTHING happens on your NOW.

So, dear ones, it was never about anything outside.

It's just how you feel, interpret and act.

Above all, IT IS NECESSARY AN ACTION FOR CHANGE at this moment.

I want this one be our conversation title.

This is not a simple Channeling.

We are in the middle of the MEGA PORTAL 888 Conference, on August 2017, and this Time will deflagrate a really important CHANGE over the entire Earth.

You have walked a lot to come over here, to open yourselves up to hear all these things, in these Truth levels that are brought to you and which are undeniable.

We respect you... We have waited for decades of your linear time for some being ready to listen... We can only bring the information when you are ready to receive it.

And it is only possible, dear ones, because you opened yourselves to listen... Because you are really ready.

So assume this, that you are ready righ NOW!

There is no more TOMORROW, because there has never been an YESTERDAY, except those that the three-dimensional limitations have created.

This is not the Creator’s TOMORROW because the Creator doesn’t conceive TOMORROW... The Creator lives at the NOW.

The Creator within you KNOWS He is living a Human Experience.

The Creator is HERE and NOW.

So, breathe in the Creation... Honor BEING a Human who walks on Earth and who is God in the Experience.

Embrace all the Master's Senses that are already HERE and NOW for each One of you.

Because these Senses will give the “meaning” to your Experience.

And it is no longer about depth, height or width.

You break with these dimensions because you understand that there is no Time.

And if there is no Time, there is no Space.

Dear ones, you are Eternal Beings.

We Are all Angels.

We came from 144,000 Angelic Families who are learning to BE a ONLY ONE Planetary Family on Earth.

Make it possible!

Build this Dream that we have all lived together through many and many inroads since the Temple of Tien times, in Atlantis.

We are not separated! There is no Veil.

This is a big ilusion.

We Are One and the Same, during all the conscious breaths you take... And believe me, they are many.

Allow, move BEYOND YOURSELVES and never forget:


This Mr. METATRON’s recommendation prevails throughout the ENTIRE Planetary Transition.

It gives meaning to your Experience as a Conscious Creator.

It makes you the Headlights of a New Dawn.


Here I came because you called me.

And now I leave, but you know that I never really go out ...

I'm always where you are.

And, when you call me, I come, dear Human Angel, with Gratitude, Honor, Reverence and Respect, because these concepts compound the Body of METATRONIC KEYS that you have received from METATRON, through this KRYON ‘s Brazilian Channel, as a Guide to all Humanity Evolution.

And so it should be among all of you, dear Humans.

Honor, be reverent and respect each other.

This is how you will beget Life to a New Earth.

The Energy from today is the first of a Series.

Believe me, MUCH more is coming.

There is no Time, no Space and Everything has already been Fulfilled, Everything has already Taken Place.

You are those Sovereign Beings, who are Human and Divine.

And so it shall prevail.

And so It Is!



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(Translated by Alessandra Marques and Raquel Goy)



Chegamos ao o PONTO ZERO!

O PONTO ZERO é o PONTO de FUSÃO e INTEGRAÇÃO de um caminho, íntimo, pessoal e profundo onde o MESTRE compila toda a sua Experência com a Terra, desde a sua fundação no Coração do Criador.

É onde a história da CRIAÇÃO está sendo RE+contada, a partir dos Anjos Humanos - os SERES com ALMA - que criaram o Universo da Forma, os Mestres que realizaram uma Jornada única e sem precedentes para compreender a interação entre CONSCIÊNCIA & ENERGIA, e que estão abrindo um NOVO ESPAÇO SEGURO no Seio da Criação movendo toda a Experiência para um próximo nível.

Trata-se da MAIOR e MAIS importante MUDANÇA em toda a HISTÓRIA da CRIAÇÃO!

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A partir do PONTO ZERO o mistério que envolveu a intrincada correlação entre CONSCIÊNCIA & ENERGIA (SAMKHYA) está desvendado. A CONSCIÊNCIA integra toda a ENERGIA e não há mais Dualidade ou campos opostos. 

Podemos afirmar que neste momento do AGORA Eterno, estes Anjos Humanos, que se tornam MESTRES ENCARNADOS, MESTRES da ENERGIA, estão às portas da REALIZAÇÃO, quando se tornam os "MERLINS", os MAGOS da ENERGIA... Eles estão ASCENSIONANDO, mas sem deixar, contudo, a Experiência terrena, e estão ancorando sua CONSCIÊNCIA neste AQUI e AGORA, eliminando o fator "Tempo/Espaço" de suas realidades, a fim de CRIAR um NOVO DESIGN com a ENERGIA a seu SERVIÇO, em um contexto realmente inédito, que nunca fora alcançado antes!

O "Ritmo" que esses MESTRES CRIADORES deflagram em suas Experiências passa a ser definido pela intensa VIBRAÇÃO da PAIXÃO, que se expressa e pulsa em êxtase pela sua própria CRIAÇÃO!

É para esses MESTRES, que estão às portas da REALIZAÇÃO, que criamos a Série "PONTO ZERO 2020", porque é a partir deste MARCADOR extraordinário que Eles se tornam altamente conscientes da ENERGIA como sendo a "parte" inerente de Si Mesmos mais fundamental que há como derivado da CONSCIÊNCIA - o puro REFLEXO de TUDO QUE É - e é assim que ENCERRAM a sua participação na Experiência limitada da vida cotidiana da Antiga Terra - a Terra "Clássica".

Como definido por KRYON, o PONTO ZERO é, sem dúvida, o marco de suas Jornadas, o PONTO aonde o CRIADOR e a CRIAÇÃO se encontram para desabrochar em um NOVO NÍVEL de CRIAÇÃO totalmente consciente, que é NOVA SALA da ENERGIA!

O 1º PORTAL da "SÉRIE 2020" acontece de 02/02/2020 e segue até 20/02/2020, ele tem 18 dias no seu 1º CICLO. Outros MARCADORES, igualmente fabulosos, seguem esse momento espetacular na história humana! Porém, é importante salientar que, por essa "PORTA", só se passa uma única vez! 

Uma vez realizada a "travessia" entre um estado de Consciência inconsciente se Si Mesmo (estado de NÃO RE+Conhecimento da Energia a seu SERVIÇO), a outro (completa Consciência da interação da CONSCIÊNCIA com a ENERGIA a SERVIÇO da sua própria LUZ em 111%), não há mais volta. 

Por esse motivo, 2020 se configura como o ANO MAIS IMPORTANTE de toda a Trajetória dos Anjos Humanos que vieram para a Experiência da Terra para desvendar SAMKHYA.

Este AGORA magnífico é um CONVITE maior para ASSUMIR a VIDA VIVA™ em um CORPO de ENERGIA VIVA, com a ENERGIA completamente a seu SERVIÇO, em um estado autêntico de LIBERDADE!

Este PROJETO é para os que desejam DESFRUTAR da VIDA VIVA™com outros SERES com ALMA que alcançaram este nível e são capazes de CRIAR Novas Realidades em múltiplos Planos de Experiência, mas que se comprometeram a VIVER intensamente esta NOVA ETAPA simplesmente SENDO TUDO QUE SÃO como CRIADORES que vivem em PERMISSÃO!

Os encontros deste Grupo ocorrem a partir de um NOVO NÍVEL de EXPERIÊNCIAS PREMIUM, através de Experiências únicas, autorais, com uma curadoria excepcional, rica em detalhes, com um sofistacado nível de Beleza e Graça que envolvem Seminários e fuem para as Jornadas de Consciência e FIELDWORKS™ KRYON Next Generation que ocorrem pelo mundo afora e contemplam momentos singulares e únicos em Países e locais icônicos.

Faça parte deste momento épico conosco!

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Desejamos partilhar estes momentos genuínos em completo estado de GRAÇA, LEVEZA e SUAVIDADE, com FACILIDADE e RESPEITO, com Seres que também desejem, ardentemente, e se permitam, SER TUDO QUE SÃO, EM TODO LUGAR, O TEMPO TODO, e escolhem verdadeiramente, AÇÕES efetivas e materiais para o PROJETO NOVA TERRA, assumindo COMPROMISSOS e RESPONSABILIDADES PESSOAIS, e em GRUPO, como SERES SOBERANOS.

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